THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, been following your site for the last couple of months and I find your site and the person that you are very interesting, so consider me a fan. I noticed that you mentioned Amber Heard as your #1 and this is pretty significant since you go through thousands of girls on your site. The fact that Amber Heard is your #1 says a lot about you. I think it says that when it comes down to it, you appreciate natural beauty and that +2’s isn’t a requirement. Am I right? I was also wondering have you ever met her in person and if you did, what was your impression? I do agree that she is gorgeous and her acting abilities aren’t so bad either. I want to know more about how you feel about her so please answer my questions. What is your favorite physical part(s) on Amber Heard, does she need +2’s, and given the chance would you cheat on your wife to be with Amber Heard? One more thing, you should definitely invite Amber Heard to your radio show. I think your fans would love watching how you two interact! Keep doing what you do and I can’t wait to read your book!

I wouldn’t change Amber and I promised myself I would never meet her. If we were ever in the same room/place I would leave.- nik