Youngstown’s Dirtiest Sloot- Part 2

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, its Cristina Olivera aka theblackwidowvixen (if you want to look her up on fb) is a skank and i thought i should dish out some New New on this chicken head! 1st i wanted to tell you that her body has been hit up from being a baby maker for all those years that she permanently looks 6 months pregnant(pic underneath shows the nasty gut) and her face has the UGLIEST scar i have ever seen right on her D*ck sucking my opinion she was never a victim of domestic violence she got everything she deserved for being the skummy worthless hoe that she is!!!!She has fcked plenty of family members not just the cousin she had a baby with..she has been a home wrecker since 95 and has fcked several of her aunts and cousins boyfriends/husbands! recently she has been seen with this 60 year old man that looks like her dad more than her BOYFRIEND. She uses him for all his social security and is waiting for him to fall over and have a heart attack with his fat ass. Just so she can collect the little money he got left! She is a user and abuser and in no way is she a good human being!! The only reason she does for others is caz she is trying to get something out of them. Whether it be drugs, cash, or something she can pawn for more drugs. Her new thing is smoking weed with crck rolled in it and she drinks about a 24pk of budlight lime a day!! The worst part is she smokes and drinks right in front of her 12 year old daughter. She even teaches her daughter how to be just like her…. which should be a crime in itself!!! And don’t let her lie to you she only has custody of 2 of her kids because the 1st baby daddy was tired of her being a drug addict and using crck and X in front of them. Her oldest is now 22 year old and just had a kid!! so that makes this 35 year old skum bucket a grandma!!! The sad part is her daughter wont let her be around her grandson because of the drugs,drama,and disease! I uploaded a new pic of her and the best friend that beat up Cristina’s Mother!The other pic is Cristina and one of her down low fuck buddy which is her cousins husband but yeah she fucked him too!! funny thing is they are all in the pic together and the wife don’t even know!! Scandalous I say!!

Her gut is bigger then her boobs.  I’m assuming she’s pregnant.- nik

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