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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty ass is janette. she is a dirty, lying sleezy whore. she is known to be a thief. she will steel anything of yours for her m*th, c*caine, and pills. she is also a known beligerant drunk. she will do anything for her drinks as well as drugs. she is a fat disgusting drama queen, and has slept with all of yuma! she works at maverik bar, as well as brown bag burger, as well as stilettos. her main guy (tony from maverik) gives her hundreds of dollars because she tells him this poor sob story of how she needs to pay the bills or feed her child. when in all reality she just dumps her kid off at a baby sitters or leaves her at home by herself. she also beats her child, poor girl has bruises everywhere and has gotten taken away from janette. janette has admited to having drd as well. her past fcks have admited that they got the drd a derp from sleeping with her. not to mention the nasty funk from her vagina and roast beef curtains has scarred them for life. so there you have it. watch out for this yuma drd infested beast! btw my name is brianna and i live in yuma. come find me bitch!

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