A True Human


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I read a post that really bothered me, and so here I will wright to the girl who thought to cyber bully Lindsey that day…. There’s this girl a beautiful one really. She models. And models naked. So what? She has the body and the looks and she wants to flaunt what she’s got what’s wrong with that? So now she’s being called dirty and profound names because one immature person disagrees or is jealous of what she does? Then has to bring up that she has been in and out of rehab! Calls her a dirty junkie pretty much Well let me set you clear. Until you are sitting in a drug addicts shoes who are you to judge. You don’t know the struggle of addiction and feeling like a failure. You try so hard to fight the urge but sometimes you life and the surroundings don’t help your situation much. Just one more time is never just once. At least she had the balls to take a step or multiple steps in the right direction. She shouldn’t be banned with the ridiculous monstourous names you give. But if anything a fighter, a champion. Winner. A hero, to me letting all your pride go and admitting to everyone you have a drug problem is and can’t be the easiest thing to do. But SHE did it. So she failed a couple times. But what great people completed there tasks without failure or practice? Every day is a struggle. Saying good bye to old friends because they don’t change hits people hard to. It’s so much easier to just say Face it and let loose and party the way u wanna. But for her it’s probly a living hell to see people have fun the way her body tells her she could be doing it to. But the restraint. The courage. The strength that Lindsey has got not many people do. Drug addicts are never cured. They are always recovering no matter what stage or how long. It night have been a choice as a child to try these drugs we think we love but soon become a downward spiral of addiction and suicidal tendencies. Before you go pointing your finger at her. Or anyone else for that fact make sure your perfect. And what is perfection? Don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Definitely not in grande prairie. Everyone has there flaws. Everyone does one thing in life that there not proud of. Some are battered and bullied. Cyberbullied. Made to hate themselves more than they ever should. Some people end there lives because of the hurtful things people put on internet web pages. We teach our kids to not bully. And cyber bully as suicide is flowing through our schools and streets. But you. An adult sit there and bully a young woman just trying to do right. Well shame on you. Don’t sit behind your computer and bash her or anyone for that matter. My name is Sarah forsyth. I have been put on here a couple times by a bully. And it tore me in half. But I came out on top. Because when push comes to shove the truth is what you know in your heart. And truth shines through all the ugliness off lies. I’ve been chunky my Hole life wanna bash me for that? I’ve slept with a couple guys wanna bash me for that? I’ve struggled with drugs since the day I moved on my own at 16 I sure he’ll know you’ll bash me for that. Let the hatred bullying roll off your disgusting hurtful tongue. Because in the end I am tough enough to see through the bull shit. And over come the cowards of today’s society. If your what perfect is I don’t want to be perfect. I will stay on my side of social scale. If I have to hurt every other person that has a flaw to go make me look better and hotter and cooler I don’t want it. Why don’t you not be like society and stand up for what you think is right? I hope your proud of your self. And I pray for your sake your able to change. You disgust me to think about. You should be bushing and whining about what’s happening to our government and our country. Not woman who have made a mistake and are correcting. Lindsey you are a true amazing woman don’t let anyone break you down. We’re there is a strong GM person like you there HD one not far behind like me. I look up to you and the success I see every day from you. So you keep doing. I’ll be rooting you on every second of everyday. I have your back. So hater if u wanna message me find me on facebook and do your devils bashing. I can’t wait to read the grime you’ve cooked up …….stay true. Stay you

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Sasha white


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a REAL peice of GP trash. Not only is she a m”h slut and a POF whore but she got her self knocked up to stay out of jail. She lied to the guy who thinks he is the dad… There r at least 3 difrent men who it could belong to… Then while pregnant she goes out and does m”h. She uses her friends and ANY one she can find to drop her kid off to. She abandoned her baby for days at some woman’s house she met like once. She drives around with the baby at brand new driving drunk ppl around at 3 am in -40. Sasha constantly bashes the guy who thinks he is dad when in truth he is a great dad… But I’m told he just can’t stand her!!! Sasha white truly believes she is a victim when all she does is use and abuse every one and every thing. She uses her addictions as a scape goat to make her actions ok.



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has been in and out of rehab for years she’s so f’d up she has so many diseases. She one gave my friend drd with a bj. She sleeps with men to buy more drugs. She thinks she’s rich but lives at home with mommy and daddy. Girl you need to clean your pussy and go back to rehab.

Covered her face but not the tat. – nik

Small Town Hamelin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chicks name is Tristan Hamelin and she has been pretending to be the best girlfriend on this planet, but all in realty shes nothing close to f’in perfect! She has been with her boyfriend Arnold Quintal for these past 2 years n they were sooo soo happy Lmfao NOT! Because during those two years she was with him she cheated on him 4 times!!!! He finally dumped her slutty ass n kicked her out to only after finding out she was STILL talking to one of the guys she cheated on him with..?! Like seriously how f’ed up lol and that’s not all, she currently started dating that guy. His name is braxtin fenner. They just started dating a couple days after she got dumped but lately she’s been going back to her olds ways! They have only been dating for 2 weeks n she already f’ed someone else!! But that’s not the worst part because SHE f’ED HIS BROTHER DAKODA FENNER!! He’s f’ing brother?!?  All I can say is wtf and which brother was better???? Now this is what you call a SMALL TOWN SLUT!!!!

Watch out GP Jim Mackinnon is on the loose


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man has a crazy temper, as some of you have seen on fb. He’s an internet tough guy that blocks people who start telling the truth about him. He likes to play the victim and make it look like he’s done no wrong. Meanwhile, he hides his phone from his gf and then gets mad when she does the same back to him (childish game between them I know), gets mad and bashes her on fb with his side, but once someone starts telling the truth, they’re blocked. He stalks and harasses his (now ex) gf and even stood outside a coffee shop with a baseball bat because he saw her inside with friends, some of whom are male. He has had restraining orders placed on him from his (now ex) wife and several gfs. He thinks it’s ok for him to make dates with women, but gets mad and violent even thinking about his ex’s moving on. Ladies from GP, Ft Mac and all the way to his hometown in Nova Scotia aren’t safe from this one. He may never hit you physically, but he will drag you down with so much verbal, mental and emotional abuse that you will wish you were dead. He is so obsessed with his most recent ex though that I’m worried there will one day be a true crime documentary about her and her beautiful life she once lived before him.

Child Abuse


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Debra Langford is a child abuser !!!!!! She is as fake as they come, people need to watch out! I bet people don’t really know that you enjoyed dragging my child around by her hair, slapping her across the face for eating her soup the wrong way, locking her in her room for hours on end with nothing but a bowl of water and news paper to pee on ( like she was a dog), pushing into a coffee table and cutting her behind her ear, what kind of animal are you!!!!! As a mother I am horrified that these horrible things happened to my daughter at the hands of you. SHAME ON YOU! She was a little girl that did not deserve any of that, NO child does. Ask yourself this one question, did it make you feel big when you were hurting my little girl, did her out cry’s when you were hurting her, make you feel good, how did it make you feel when she was begging you to stop! I as her mother, assured her that she was not at fault of any of this, that you are the SICK one and you need HELP… My only wish is that, I wish that I knew what I know now then, because you would be behind bars for CHILD ABUSE !!! May no other child ever be at the hands of your mercy, you BULLY. Don’t ever forget that you are the person that left my child with these horrible memories. Memories that she will NEVER forget!

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