Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin Needs To Smile

The paparazzi caught Hailey Baldwin arriving at LAX Airport and she was wearing a style that seemed to remind us of  Lady Gaga… but she looked like something’s wrong.

The paparazzi couldn’t have been any nicer, telling her how gorgeous she was, but aside from allowing them to take photos, she wasn’t having any of it.

Hailey, is something wrong? Let us know if it is. We’re happy to lend an ear (and report what’s up).


Hailey Baldwin Gets Checked Out On Red Carpet

Hailey Baldwin appeared on the red carpet at the De Grisogono Party at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc n Cap d’Antibes, France, and appeared to be getting checked out by someone on the red carpet as seen in the clip above.

While Hailey looks model-esque, with her hair and makeup done and posing flawlessly for photos, it seems a gentleman on the red carpet took notice and can’t help staring in her direction.

Hopefully Hailey doesn’t mind him checking her out, as if she tried to hide from him after her photos were taken, we doubt she’d be successful.

Our advice to the dude in the clip: rather than stare, wait for Hailey to finish having her photo taken/appearing on the red carpet, and then approach her. It would probably be a lot more successful method of starting a conversation as opposed to just staring at her. That’s free advice. You’re welcome.


Hailey Baldwin Has Major RBF

While we’ve previously said Hailey Baldwin is a failure at hiding, it’s clear she’s not the best at picking out her outfits, either.

Baldwin rocked a bizarre outfit at the Met Gala, that is part strapless top, followed by what appear to look like multiple tutus hooked to a lengthy end piece. We’re not a fan.

Add to that her major RBF (resting b***h face) that she’s giving out in the photo, and this gets a big thumbs down from us.

We’re not a fan of picking favorites, but if we were, Baldwin definitely wouldn’t make the list.


Hailey Baldwin Is A Failure At Hiding

Hailey Baldwin was recently spotted by the paparazzi out with Cameron Dallas in New York City, and she clearly does not want to be seen.

The second she’s spotted, Baldwin covers herself with a hoodie and continues to do so in the entire clip.

While we understand possibly not wanting to be photographed by the paparazzi, this avoidance technique is dumb. It doesn’t work, and now the press just has tons of photos of Baldwin embarrassingly trying to hide herself.

If we were a teacher and giving you a grade on this, you’d receive a big F. It’s that much of a flop.

Better luck next time, Hailey.


Hailey Baldwin And Cameron Dallas Are Not A Couple, Just Friends

Don’t get your hopes up … Hailey Baldwin and Cameron Dallas went to dinner at Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood. But this wasn’t a dinner date.

According to our influencer source, “Ew. They are just friends. Hailey [Baldwin] would never”. She continued, “probably just a desperate attempt for Cameron [Dallas] to excite his followers”.

Moral of the story: Verified followers are your real friends.


Hailey Baldwin – Running The Family Brand

I don’t care what anyone says – Hailey Baldwin is BY FAR the best looking model on the market right now. Her ITG (Inner Thigh Gap) is much stronger than the Hadid’s or the Jenner’s. Plus her jawline is divine.

The Dirty is team Baldwin in 2017. I decided.