Home Wrecker of HRM


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet JESSICA DOWE of Lower Sackville, is the biggest, dirtiest, home-wrecking whore in HRM. This greasy excuse of a woman is most known for her multiple attempts at wrecking relationships in order to get with the male of the relationship she is obsessed with, claiming to be pregnant to try and keep her new boyfriend, and crashing multiple vehicles with her reckless, crazy driving. Chances are if you ask somebody if they know Jessica Dowe (and they know her) they will have their own horrible experience with this psychopathic creature. She creates delusional scenarios in her head and then messages any girl who has a boyfriend (OR HUSBAND) and starts telling them that their partner is cheating on them. She gets caught in her ridiculous stories of lies then stops talking and moves onto the next target. You can spot her from a mile away due to her abnormal horse sized black head infested nose. This girl is 20+ years old and has the body of a 12 year old chubby BOY who can’t climb higher than 2 inches on the rope in gym class. She has had multiple drd’s and claimed to be pregnant many times in order to try and keep her short term boyfriend.

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Foster Care


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is Ashley foster. Lives in lakeside. This girl is beyond crazy! She left her ex almost 3 years ago and still tries to break him and his new girlfriend up. She’s apparently in a “happy” new relationship now but still harasses her ex’s gf telling her that she still sees him and that “last time she seen him he licked her ass” (that’s just gross in its self). Since she left him she has slept with many of his friends and had no shame telling him. And her poor boyfriend now probably doesn’t know she’s telling tthis girl everything she’s been “doing” with her ex. Just a heads up guys this girl is not worth it. She will act like ur everything to her but really she’s still obsessed with her ex. But hey I’ve heard she write report cards about her ex’s so if u want to know ur datable mark give her a go!

Addicted to the Juice


THE DIRTY ARMY: is lovey face right here is definitely a peice of work SPENDS hours lowering as many chick’s in he canto please his sexual needs will f anything from a 15 year old to the fattest thing around to him it don’t matter a hole is a hole Lies about his age to any knew females he meets Will bug you for months till you finally f’ him Has a bad temper and should probably go to sex rehabilitation! He looks good atleast till you find out he’s on steroids Mabey u should go to rehab before it’s to late and you have every god dam drd possible! &before you can’t have sex anymore cuz your dick will no longer go up, I know you’re short doesn’t mean u need to up your looks with your arms! I swear he will talk to any female from fake accounts and you can find this mud f’er on any and all dating sites) social media sites) porn sites he asks for pics of the girls he’s f’ed probably has millions who knows mabey underage girls to cuz I know he has to be atleast 30!

Elbow pads = more lbs to grunt with.- nik

Nasty duo

Anton 20151112_015050

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik..I would like for you to meet Anton Moore and his bitch Tracey Bedford. These two right here are a hot mess…Anton is from Barbados and use to work on the farm program until he was sponsored by his wife, who he from what I know was abusive to her and when they separated after 12 years together he ended up with this piece of work. Tracey.. people may recognize from the Superstore in New Minas where she works and sneaks around behind Anton’s back with the jam jams when they are in the store shopping…she can be seen going out for smokes with jam jams…having coffee with white men and bikers at Tim hortons and at the local club being a dirty slut on a Saturday night while Anton is home in his bed that he use to share with his wife(now what decent woman would sleep in the same bed that the man shared with his wife for 12 years..Nasty) Other than being a dirty slut Tracey also sells drugs out of their place….use to make her son sleep on the couch (at their old place) while her and anton slept in the only bedroom there was ( funny thing is she dont know his wife use to go there in the beginning when they first separated and f’k him…how does she taste??) Lmao People have told him about her but it is like he is under some spell that makes him stupid because he is still there… but then again you do have to be real stupid if you are told about your so called woman having another man in your house and you still there…. Go back to your wife!!! Oh no wait she is my friend and guess what she don’t want you…so stop smoking whatever it is your smoking because it has made you stupid!!! Go back to Barbados and be a father to your child since you no longer have anything to do with the 3 stepdaughters that you have.SMH!!!! Sad excuse for a man and a woman.

Frankie Malone is Back


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he’s Back Frankie Malone The low life loser in Halifax still doesn’t have a job stays in the homeless shelter metro turning points. I Have met this loser and i am shocked nobody put him in a grave for pimping out Little 15 years old girls even feeding them pepsi and other drugs, The Halifax police knows this punk but wont do anything to him and the justice system supports this loser. If this loser was in Alberta he would of been in a grave people in Alberta hate jerks who pimp out Little kids. Frankie Malone get a life and quit selling Little kids

Queen of the valley farm rats


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the Queen of the valley farm rats… Her name is Shawna (Mansfield) Moore. She spends so much time on farms with the jamjams that she might as well live there… But then she would have to pick one and we all know she can’t have just one man. Not that she could keep one… She sleeps with other ppls men on top of the many she already makes her rounds to. She’s also known as “Shawna green-crotch” because she’s so dirty and nasty. No man wants her she’s way too full of drama. Tells men she’s pregnant when she can’t even get pregnant! She takes way too much pleasure in spreading lies about ppl.. Even her own family! And I mean come on who wears a swimsuit to the club? Did you run out of green crotched panties? Maybe instead of farm jumping and clubbing you should stay home and take care of your kids and clean… You know.. Do laundry..

That flags not looking so proud.- nik

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