Todd douchebag Buckland


THE DIRTY ARMY: BTodd the douche bag buckland is the biggest liar, convining whore in halifax, been wit the whole hrm has dieases that u keep for life? Now hes moved on to a valley sloot and using his last name oh sweetheart u cant turn a whore into a husband hes been wit girls u know and probaly ur friends when ur done doing ur drugs and drinking. He loves the white stuff and also like to put his hands on woman u aint his # 1 ur just like a motel. Ask him how many of those tattoos r womens names covered up or how many kids he really has? I bet hes been wit more then 1000 woman so u arent nothing to him just another flavor. Hes has 2 woman he his life real relation ships and he cheated and beat them too been in jail for abuse so good luck wit him, keep smiling and taking pictures on fb cuz soon thats all u will have.. ladies how many woman have slept or be won over by armdales finest dirt bag.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Nadine Richard is nice to look at


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik heard about your site recently from buddies. Heard it was a good place to compare hot chicks. You have quite a few nice looking chicks on your “would you list” How about one more? I go to school with this girl, her name is Nadine Richard and she is a smoke show and knock out. One of the hottest chicks in Canada and elsewhere. I am from California originally and she puts most of the women there to shame. Not much in California can get down like this. She has a cute butt crack and cute face, Really in shape and knows about lots of things. Super popular too, everyone wants to be her friend. She is a feminist and a bit of a ball buster sometimes but it is all good. She can party with the best of them and chug beers like a pro.Shes wild and a party animal for sure, she will just go crazy. Just a great person who is the life of the party and any get together. She is always a big part of the SJ social scene and one of SJ’s biggest partiers. A real socialite, she is my little french cappuccino. Other guys can look but they can’t touch, ya dig.

Jeremy MacLaughlin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik so this guy is the dirtiest of dirty ! He is a pathological liar to start… Makes up any story to make himself sound cool but it’s all bullshit ! He manipulates younger girls and then leaves them with drds. Someone I know contracted H** and chl***ia from him recently, and when confronted about it he denied it and refused to go to the hospital to be checked and treated ! The cops finally picked him up and after running his name found that over the span of a year many girl reported getting these drds after being with him, and each time he refused to go. Thankfully the police took him right to hospital to be treated, but he is probably back at it again. He also keeps having children and then neglecting them, leaves them with the mother for months at a time without paying child support, then when he feels like he wants to see them he gets mad at the mom for saying no. He is lazy as fuck aswell never worked an honest day in his life and thinks he will make it as a rock star. Time to grow up jeremy and take care of your children and your body. Girls every beware of this psycho he jumps from town to town.

Heather Whynoy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girls names Heather Whynot, she works at Victoria secret in Hfx … This 250 pound monster will eat you out of house n home. She loves going out for “dinner and drinks” but you better have deep pockets as this girl can sure shove it down…. Kind of embarrassing actually to be eating across from her. Just picture the Tasmanian Devil shoving food down his face…. All you gotta do is feed her before you actually “feed”her if you know what I mean… She try’s to be like the fat n ugly kardashian girl. Does anyone even know her name…. If you see her on pof her pics are misleading from 5 years ago when she was skinny…. Not the case now

Lisa Anne Davies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey this girls name is Lisa anne Davies, and on facebook as Lisa Davies, she’s a almost 40 something crazy bitch, she loves the young dirty cock, dates guys 10 plus years younger she has two kids, her oldest one was molested by her own live in boyfriend jamal alexande morris, Lisa knew he was diddling her kid she turned.thr other cheek, she is known around saint john as a retard, look at her retarded face she stayed with jamal knowing he was fucking all these young girls and she has Herpes thanks to Mr jamal and she’s probably spreading it around she’s a stupid whore who neglects her children Please post this fat ugly retarded slut

Jim Coish


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy jim coish is the sleeziest man I have ever met, I was introduced to him by a friend of mine and everything was going great until his ex carrie Ann got in the picture. While he was with me he was with carrie Anne. He couldn’t man upand tell me the truth. He is a piece of shit, he claims to be different from other men but he is worse. Do not trust this guy he will only fck u around!!!!!

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