Shaylene the TT Queen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is a attractive young girl . Although good looks and innocent appeal may. Seem legit, your so wrong… She’s been in a 5 year relationship and has f’ed everyone she can get her hands on while her bf is out to sea , just to get her high , she’ll spread her thick thighs for Any man who will give her a pill some rock some blow even some drinks . She’s even went as low as to F”K her own sisters man while her sister was in jail . Just cause she can’t help herself around the black cock . She’s destroyed her family and her ex’s family she has no one now , but she’s still got her good looks to get her by by sellin dat ass , this girls a train wreck . Boys if u want a good fuck or suck go gran a 24 or two and hit her up . Give ya the time of your life . She’s quite bored out but what the he’ll what slut isn’t .

Drty little girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this drty drty girl here is a back stabbing cheating little c”t who deserves everything that this post says…. She’s cheated on so many men it’s not even funny! She’ll send anyone and everyone “nude” more like stretched out skin. She has so many mental problems the doctors wouldn’t know where to start with her if she went for help, She’s giving multiple people drdS. She’s been with a guy left him went to a ex, Stayed with him for a day just to go cheat on him it’s another person, She f**ks with dirty nasty people such as Cody Seward and “Leho Miller” She’s sent them pictures of her flab so that just goes to show how low life’s she is! She’s anything far from a women. My friend told me she faked being prego with these two guys and told them she didn’t know who the father was! That’s sickening just nasty

Hippo Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is on every dating site you can think of. She smells and is dirty, she has multiple guys going in and out of her house and her boyfriend is so jealous. He often kidnaps her at night against her will at his place because he knows what a player she is and will jump at the first Greg she sees.

Did she remove the butt implants? I’m not understanding the dents.- nik

Kaitlyn Burns Pill Popping Boyfriend Stealer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the definition of CATFISH. You wouldnt notice on her facebook after 10 pounds of makeup and filters have been applied but when you see her in person she is literally a crater face/m**h head. All she is known for is talking to girls boyfriends and blaming the boyfriend for the behavior. She poses half naked and is extremely thirsty for likes on instagram that shes bought her followers (the others are just fellow sackville skivs). This girl is DIRTY!!! So appropriate for this site she even killed someones cat!! Literally the biggest psycho you’ll see, look her up – should be easy but she deletes her facebook literally once a day because she causes so much shit in our city. Go back to sackville crater face, were sick of you in Hali. Take your sister whorgan burns too.


Slag Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this disgusting excuse for what’s apparently supposed to be female is named Crystal Walsh. She can be found most weekends trying to whore it up at the sleazefest we call The Dome. When not attempting (and failing) to rope in some poor fool to violate with her nasty stretched out cooch, she can be found irritating the residents of Herring Cove with her trash ass hillbilly talk. She’s quite possibly the dumbest person you’ll ever meet, which is funny because she actually thinks she’s smart. If you’ve slept with her, I highly suggest getting checked because she has a face like herpes. If only they had used the tape on her wall to cover her face the world would have been done an emmense favour. Be careful guys, she’s thirsty and as dirty as the bottom of the bar in a strip club.

Shady surf GF Stealer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is HAILEY AVIENDO she just came to Halifax a couple of weeks ago and is already going to learn the rules. She sends texts to peoples girlfriends talking about how lonely she is and needs company just looking for friendship when really she is a girlfriend stealing snake. She offered my best friends girlfriend money to sleep with her and that is just the start. You’ll find her walking around downtown Halifax , don’t let her sweet face fool you , she either wants to steal your money or your girlfriend or both. She says shes a make up artist but looking at her you couldn’t tell. Let’s let Halifax know how truly disgusting this newbie is , go back to the other coast where you belong . maybe they like ladies of the night in Vancouver but not in Nova Scotia.

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