Lawrence Conrad and his house
lawrence & shawn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, recently in the news we all heard about the parking enforcement scandal and Lawrence Conrad running to the camera’s crying poor us. Well here’s the real scoop on Mr. Conrad and his little B”ch Shawn Drysdale. Lawrence Conrad has unfortunately been in business since the late 90’s and over the years has developed a keen sense of how to talk to people and how to lie his way through pretty much everything. I’m sure that’s part of the reason his old business partner wanted to cut ties… Lawrence then repays him by trying to steal $40,000 from his brother. The judge should of charged him right then and there! Over the years Lawrence has made is money slaving his workers, mistreating them, underpaying them, sueing them, and stealing from him. I can’t believe the number of “deducts” I had when I worked there, uniforms equiptment, even training!! I did the math!! Lawrence steals anywhere from $30,000-$45,000 a year from his employees! Most of us didn’t even get any “training” if that’s what you want to call it. Shawn Drysdale is Lawrence’s clone, he basically does whatever Lawrence wants and is more like a house ni”’r not a Manager. He likes to fly off the handle at everyone makes idle threats to fire you whenever you question the way things are being done. Lawrence not only stole from his staff but he also overcharged clients!! We overbilled regularly not by much, an hour or half hour here and there so the client wouldn’t notice!!! Lawrence posts to his Facebook all the time the toys he buys for himself and his family, yet his employees are going to the food bank because he pays them minimum wage and then “taxes them” with his bullshit deductions! or employees come crawling asking for advances because they can’t make ends meet! I saw pay sheets of my co-workers who worked well over 120 hours… on yeah and another thing… NO OVERTIME!!!! When your hired (and I wish I knew better) Lawrence makes you a close friend of mine worked in parking enforcement and can tell you THERE WAS A QUOTA!! We we were shit on everytime we had more then a 5 min gap in between tickets and the city of Halifax didn’t f’ing help either! We were accused all the time of not doing our jobs and some of us would lose money off our pay if the gap was more than 15 min, no mater what the reason was!!!

Lesbian With An Appetite For Trouble

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ratchet from the east coast knows how to play the system, abuses and cheats employment insurance, benefit programs, uses child support money to get high on drugs, and spend time at gay bars, loves to get drunk, tattoo herself rather than spend the money on bills, food, rent and toward her children like the money is intended for. She rents places and lives there for a short period of time then gets evicted leaves the place a mess and moves into another house and once again the new owners that she rents from becomes a victim of midnight move outs leaving the owners with the mess and non payment of rent.  She’s very manipulative and knows how to play people to get what she wants. She loves to go on dating sites and find women especially younger one ages 20-25 to party with and get high and have orgies, threesomes, and fuel her drug/sex needs. She’s 37 years old she can’t hold a job down or maintain a relationship. Beware of Chrissy LeBlanc she will play the sad case story that will make you feel bad for her and befriend you, stab you in the back, steal anything she can from you. Instead of putting food in the fridge and paying rent she would rather take the money and buy some meth and put on a strap on dildo and put that inside of her next victim.

Running Pedophile

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sick twisted pedophile is Shawn James Hatfield. I’m making this post because this pile of shit runs away from his problems. He doesnt have social media to hide from all the people hes f’ed over. I know what you’re thinking, why havent I gone to the authorities?? But we will get to that. He’s from Nova Scotia but has ruined lives in Alberta, Eastern Passage and Ontario. Many years ago when he was younger he “allegedly” raped my daughter in Cole harbour. The charges got dropped and he was never convicted due to lack of evidence. I know first hand as a parent what that feels like and I want everyone to feel my pain before others hurt like I do every day of my life. The authorities didn’t want to feel it and I think it’s time I spoke up because I know for a fact their are other cases. I found out a few days ago that the didler is married to a cow with a son and walking the streets!! People seriously need to grab their heads and put this loser away.

Old Unfaithful

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here’s s man a man for you… What a mistake I made for getting with this nasty disgusting pedophile. He truly is a pedohpile. Everybody thinks he’s so great because he’s a drug dealer and it probably the only reason why they associate with him… At first I thought he was a great guy he knows how to play the game…. And tak sweet…. He’s a 41 year old, emotionally stunted piece of sh’t lol… The amount of younger girls he was talking to behind my back is disgusting ! Only because I thought I was the only one. But nope I wasn’t . he has a wife and kids and grandkids and I guess he likes dating people his daughters age. I have a beautiful daughter now and I’ll be damned if I let her with a nasty freak like this man when she gets older…. this man needs to rot in hell. He is a jokerrrrr.

Dartmouth Junk Box

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Siobhan Horne , aka junk box . This disgusting no good for nothing dirty old pig sits around all day bangs needles and pops pills til the point she passes out druels and burns herself in the forehead . This dirty ten pound make up whore will open her legs to anyone that will take a look at her . She is drd positive as you can tell by the photos . Like anyone is surprised . She had one child that was takin away from her . The ratchet low life all feened out as u can tell gets pregnant and kept it knowing it was taken away from birth . A real winner here !! Shibon goes on like she is a big gangster like she’s somethin . Meanwhile she will suck any dick just to get to the Me**odone clinic everyday . Everyone needs to be aware of this disgusting low life goof shamu that nick name Sio . Feen . Clean yourself off and wash your f’ing face nobody wants to look at that triple bagger. As one man quoted : “I would not f’ her with a dogs cock.”

Perfect Forgy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cody Duncanson has to be one of the biggest liars I’ve ever seen in my life. At first he makes out to be a really awesome guy who likes to hold up a conversation, but once you get to know him he’s pure evil. To make a long story short I’ve talked to this piece of sh’t ass hole for almost three months before he got back with his ex, making me look like a completely ass hole and wasting my time. I’m not the jealous type but when someone plays games with my feelings it tends to piss me the f-k off. His ex still cheats on him and tries to play it off like everything is going to be perfect and happily ever but in reality he’s just going to end up getting some drd. I just want everyone to know when his ex does see through his bullshit not to take him seriously and just move on with your lives, he will play games with you emotions and leave you to hang out to dry.

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