Trina Anger of Hamilton, Ontario

Trina Anger of Hamilton, Ontario

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this cross eyed loser, Trina Anger is another one who deserves more then to be posted on this site. She just had MORE kids with another guy to lock him down…she’s an insecure clown. Meanwhile she was just riding my boys Greg last week. She’s also obsessed with her OTHER baby dad and his wife ..pretty sad you had to try and lock him down, too.

Now she’s saying its not his kid….. shouldn’t you mind your own business then and carry on with your own life? Shes a stalking creep. Worry about your children and your new man and what he’s doing behind your back lol ….. rather then worry about your ex man and his girl.

Trina’s nothing but jealous because her ex mans new girl is 100X better looking then Trina will ever be and he’s always loved her. Now that they’re actually together, and hes finally happy, Trina hasn’t left them alone. That’s all she ever talks about..It’s actually creepy how jealous she is.

When I used to hang out with her that’s ALLL she ever talked about, it’s insane…Maybe if you kept your stinky legs closed, men wouldn’t treat you like a joke. Stop having kids to try and make these men love you… sooner or later they will be done with your pathetic ass.

Do yourself a favor, stop being a jealous little loser. Stop ditching your kids every weekend to go drink and put Pepsi up your nose and sucking Greg in public washrooms. That’s why i dont talk to this little floozy anymore, she’s full of drama…and an embarrassing clown, not to mention she gives the people around her a bad name. She tries so hard to be a bad tough b*tch, too…She also thinks she’s black lmao….

She’s the whitest thing I’ve ever seen, with orange hair..pretty far from black if you ask me…… all she’s ever done is hide behind a phone or computer screen, the only time she pipes up is if she has her mutt looking side kick with her. Grow up Trina, and act like a woman. Theres nothing more unattractive then a big mouth floozy that talks like a man. And by the way, stop telling everyone that Will doesnt want anything to do with his kid.

You’re just an immature joke and you don’t want your son around his new wife. Your son will find the truth out about you one day. How sad, insecure and pathetic you are. They don’t stay young and oblivious forever.


Steve Davis of Hamilton

Steve Davis of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Steve Davis, who is the scum of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. First off, he got charged with indecent exposure and trespassing in 2015 for fondling himself at Montabello Park in St.Catharines on a bench by the swings where the kids were. He abuses crystal meth and heroin and got charged in 2015 as well for punching out a P4P after ripping her off.

He has a history of violence towards kids and there was a publication ban on an incident he had with a minor in 2016. He likes hiring young P4Ps as young as 13 and has been in and out of rehab for this. He has gone around the Niagara Region with his small posse ripping off drug dealers and has so many enemies that he tries to hid,e but he can’t any longer. His location has been found, which is on Maple st in St.Catharines. He drives a beat up beige van with a taped on bumper and his boss has a black dually diesel and a black dump trailer in the driveway. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until someone hurts him, but he has it coming for all the kids and families he has hurt.


Sydney Dupuis(Candymay) of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this welland gem Sydney Dupuis escorts herself out of her family home and sells party favors to strange men on the internet. She goes by Candy, her “online persona.” When she’s not doing that, she’s hotboxing the kids with cigs or weed in her car and home. She has everybody trained to believe a different story about her, she’s a pathological liar that cant even keep track of her stories, but she is really an alcoholic who acts as if she were on Teen Mom.

This woman has NEVER held a job and lavishes herself with her government money. It must be the air in Welland. No job, yet she drinks like a fish, you do the math. Many men message her all hours of the day to hookup and sext with her, so if your husband or boyfriend knows her, you might want to check what they’re talking about.

Sydney is a pathological liar and a professional victim, so if she has a sob story for you, its probably 90% fictional. Everybody needs to know theyre being duped. She will run through a circle of friends like nobodys business. Even her best friends, she has no loyalty or respect. She’s cheated on EVERY boyfriend she’s ever had and uses the fact that she owns a house (from inheritance) to look like a normal non succubus woman. This post is on behalf of everyone who thinks she’s genuine. See the light my friends.


Watch your credit card around Keri Coles

Watch your credit card around Keri Coles

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, beware of Keri Coles. She has been syphoning money from 3M Canada for 12+ years!! She recently got caught by a colleague but convinced her to join in. People around her keep having their credit cards compromised unbeknownst to them that she’s the culprit. She was charged with credit card fraud and had to pay huge fine for it. She got out of jail time but it is only a matter of time before it all catches up with her. Hopefully people will protect their money now. Watch your wallet around her folks!

Does she take American Express?- nik


Andrew Branded On Her Body

Andrew Branded On Her Body

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Okay so Nik this chick has been dating this guy for less than a month maybe 2 weeks, but she decided to tattoo his name on her lower half. The guy cheats lies, she also cheats and lies and steals… she stole a bottle of wine from me and money and she also used to be an escort on Backpage.

Brittany Demiille used to sell her pictures of her nude for money. But there must be something very wrong with this chick she’s always in and out of relationships every single month or two. No wonder she can’t keep a relationship for less than a month or two. She’s always telling guys that she loves them even if they only been together for a week or so.

How soon until she uses LaserAway to remove LO and replaces with HA? They will be HAVE for a hot second (until payday fix to ‘TE’).- nik