Jen’ed Out Dirtbag


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jenny Reed aka Jenny Jenn on facebook. Gave her kids away to suck on the glass bulb pipe and suck on the dicks of every man (whether they are attached or not) who offers her attention and/or drugs. Jenny-May is THE DEFINTION of Hamilton White Trash. 4 kids, 3 different dads, but the second youngest’s father was tricked into thinking the youngest is his but everybody knows he isn’t. It is good she gave them away, because even when she had them, she just sat on her phone all day worrying about the cock(s) in her life. She will f’ anyone or anything that even bats an eyelash at her! My buddy is currently regretting tapping this dirtbag’s borderline personality disorder ass now that he has drd! The epitome of low is what this cuntscab truly is! Milking the system, living off her kids. Now that she gave her kids up, she puts out for anyone in the meth scene who will get her high and enable her need for constant praise!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Eric Lhomme is Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Eric Lhomme,,,this guy is still walking around hamilton streets f’ing girls and spreading drd..if you have come in contact with him by blood please get cheaked,,, because I cought it….and he has spread it to 4 of my friends he doesn’t care who he spreads it to…at all….the police won’t do nothing because it is his right I gess to not be posted and pretectded well then,,,all tell you….he has drd and CRUNIC ”’..C in the liver… He has a half brown stand 4 inch dick from f’ing girls he dated in the butt….feer hours high on crack and never showering it off after ether he smokes C”CK dose NEEDLES hydro’s sniffs every pill on the street.. Ewww even cristal meth….and even smokes it,,,he shares needles with people how have hep c….making his more crunic and giving people he’s sharing with drdS…..he f’s girls on the street in exchange for sex….all the time or will ask or force you to try some drugs to get. You in bed to give you what he has…..he yousta be 260 pounds now he is like 110 maybe 94 Pounds hes DIEING,, people stay away… can see every bone in his face….ewww well just so you no he fucks hookers”whores” sluts and inicent bystander’s be carefull he even will suck dick or let guys f’ him in exchange for cr’ck or pills…even have sex with gay people,,,in the streets or on the web…for drugs and money….hamilton WARNING,

Pepsi Head Princess


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Victoria lexya winters she is addicted to coke and yet she thinks she’s better than everyone!!! She collects a welfare cheque and still works under the table as a escort and waitress at hamilton strip she is famous for stealing people’s men because she thinks she’s gods gift to earth just ask her…flat but no boobs but still acts like that shame on you Victoria!!!!! The Pepsi is making her dillusional she goes around telling everyone that she knows the singer the weekend and has even slept with him, can some one please tell her to fix her eyebrows… Victoria stay away from drugs and close those legs!!

Ditch Pig of the Year Crystal Keddy

Crystal Kelly slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wasn’t sure to put the post title that I did (Ditch Pig of the Year) OR if I should have used Worst Mother of the Year. Sadly Nik, this uber scag does not care how many ppl she spreads her drd’s to all over Hamilton. Watch your junk guys, just because she is ugly & you didnt care about her face does not mean that her coo*ie didnt give you a social disease (she has 2, one is not curable)Worse yet she uses her kids like pawns against all their different daddies. She is a Welfare deadbeat who only cares about herself, uses men like she uses condoms (ALOT) to get what she wants. She likes to put nasty pictures of herself online & leaves the computer up in front of her kids – great job mom! This sl*t is a serial cheater who is happy to take you for anything & everything you got, even if that’s only a buck, she will do you. Sad for her kids, grow up woman, stop posting nasty pics of yourself online, get a job, try to be a good example as the mother even though you are already too late with 2 of your poor kids. Beware Hamilton, I wouldnt let my kids play even near her house

Does she sleep on an ironing board?? how small is that bed..- nik

Two Timers


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet kyle and Amanda Martin, no they’re not married but share the same last name. They have 4 kids together, and Amanda is currently pregnant with someone else’s baby (Brad Scott) They made themselves look really dumb to children’s aid when they’re kids got taken for kyle assaulting Amanda among other reasons… some of which are extremely disturbing. Kyle went to jail a few times while Amanda was jumping from greg to greg and got herself knocked up. She told children’s aid kyle was her abuser and her new baby daddy would take care of her and her kids. Clearly that never happened cause she’s back with her abuser, be complaining on Facebook how Cas says terrible things about her parenting. She tells people it’s Kyle baby but it’s not and even has kyle on free Facebook groups begging for baby girl clothes to clothe trinity the new baby who isn’t even his. This baby will be taken at birth cause there’s no way after it all you will get to keep it!

Pepsi Princess Victoria


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please post this trick Victoria lexya winters. Victoria thinks she Is better then everyone she thinks she’s gods gift to earth just ask her she will tell you! I don’t know who lied to her but her barley there ass and tittys are not Sh’t she constantly is bragging about how much money she has on Facebook but she don’t tell people how she gets it!!! Backpage and working at the dirty hamilton strip as a shooter girl and it’s gotten to her head she is always on Pepsi constantly you are not Sit Victoria your a skinny bone rack because of all the drugs that you do! Take a seat bi”h oh and we know your on welfare to you little scamming whore

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