City Housing Stank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this thing lies so much you can’t believe a single word it says.  She has two kids from two different dad’s and just had an abortion with a third one. She copies people and tries to give out a pretend name when really her name is amanda the skank. She gave up her first kid because she hates her and she also neglects her first kid…. she doesn’t hold the bottle in its mouth and the hoe just let’s the kid scream while f’ing random buddies in her ugly city housing place and she lives off welfare while all the gurl does is talk mad sh’t about everyone including her own daughter who she doesn’t even want. She’s fat her cunt smells and all she does is eat from the food bank because she can’t afford anything. She f’ks her brother and than acts like that’s OK. This thing is beyond gross fat and mostly steals from everyone. She stole my laptop my TV everything I had even my money and than calls police when she steals to make herself look good. This broad hates herself because she so ugly and fat. She scams city housing letting people live there someone needs to call on her. It’s amanda ross

The Harkers generation of CAS

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Connie and Sarah harker, they Hamilton MOST unfit parents. Every generation of their family has had there kids taken away, Connie has sex for money at the budget inn downtown Hamilton and got pregnant with Sarah. Then just following in her moms footsteps lost her kid in the first 2 weeks of having him. They are complete hoarders with 9 people living in a 2 bedroom housing project with cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, mice and cockaroaches. It’s fucking filthy just like they’re mouths. They sit at home and talk sh’t on Social media all day waiting for her welfare check to show up. Btw those kids in the photo have been taken away from her. Thank god for children’s aid. Sarah has also spread the cl’ to at least 4 people I know she is pure cust. STAY AWAY From the Harkers at all cost if you don’t want your dick to fall off.

Deals to Kids

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 400 pound Amazon halfman/beast .is living I. Govt housing takn government money while being lazy dealing pills and letting known drug users shot dope in front of her daughter..some mother this b**ch gets her own kid to steal from stores so she can sell the stuff to feed her kids .she’s jealous because good honest ppl work and prosper well she declines in her sh’t world..on dating sites and pays men to fuk her …sad piece of sh’ lucky she don’t get her teeth knocked out soon .

Cheating Thieving Goofs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is what happened to me Melanie Anderson aka bunny dark cheated on me with samuel urquhart I found the proof on Facebook I asked Sammy if she was making passes at him and he lied right to my face saying he is not like that the night I left from emerald that is where they live on emerald BTW and they have a pedophile living there to that goes after young girls on Facebook and the Internet his name is Dave dale so when I went back to get my stuff she stole half of my stuff won’t give it back so to me they did me all kinds of wrongs the main 3 being cheated, ratted me out and got me kicked out so samuel urquhart is a home wrecker. she tryed to sleep with me the night I left she got all naked and tryed to fuck me she was always on Facebook trying to get money and being a hoe and I just had enough I only wanted my stuff back and she was not even willing to do that so you 3 this is your dirty post and you did me so wrong that I will never forgive any of you I’m lucky I did not end up in jail or hurt badly she really stinks does not bath and when she did I had to buy the soap and sometimes tell her to take a bath her and put the soap in the bath with her. there place is dirty and she has way to many animals to take care of let alone herself or anybody for that matter. Hey you 3 and go ahead and post stuff about me because I have more photos and videos I will post that all over the Internet and everyone is going to know why else would I post this and talk about it why.? it’s because it was dirty, cheating, thieving goofs that did this to me good title for them to peace dirty and thanks for reading my post hope you like the dirt on these 3.


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has a habit of seeking out guys with girlfriends just to sleep with them. Then messages the girl apologizing and swearing it was a mistake and she’ll never do it again. Except a month or so after she says all that to you she messages him just to try again then has a tantrum when he says no because it actually was a mistake on his part. To make it worse her boyfriend is sitting at home with their kid completely oblivious. He never finds out either because she’s constantly deleting the messages he’s being sent telling him about it. So if you see this girl messaging your boyfriend I’d recommend you shut it down immediately

Meet Ashley Lee Marvin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this manly looking dirt big needs to keep her nasty legs closed. It’s about time someone lets the world know about this slut. In less then 2 months she slepted with at least 7 different guys unprotected while dating my brother. This slob kicked her retarded boyfriend of 4 years out and within a day had a new guy there in her bed. When she was sick of him she called my brother over and f’ed him and got pregnant. Which by the way she already has 3 kids all by different fathers and is only 25. When she got sick of my brother almost every night would find and f’ a different dude. Her house is disgusting and smells like piss. This ugly ass slob needs to keep her legs closed. And to the retards who actually f’ed this thing (Devon, Kyle, Justin, a different Justin, and who ever else there was, including my brother) like EWWW there is NO shame in your game either. This girl is a lying disgusting ugly as hell slob. Oh and the boyfriend she kicked out is back. Like lmao his just as much of a idiot as the rest. My brother told u everything why she sits and lies right in your face and like the loser retard you are you stay and continue to believe her lies. She was fucking my brother you idiot and she most def was pregnant by him. You must be as desperate as the rest. What’s she good for anyways? From what I hear isn’t much. Her kids are dirty as well as her house, I could only imagine way her pussy smells like. If you don’t keep your kids clean but you keep yourself clean there is a serious problem there. ASHLEY your a nasty ugly fucking whore and you will pay for what you did to my brother. Brush your teeth and get some class even when you try you still look like a washed up scumbag from Hamilton.

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