Loser mother & wasted family members


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where should i begin, Brittney rochelle white, A now dead to me sister has not only accused me of posting her to your lovely site but retaliated on her accusations. NOW…. As for the first 3 posting of this down town c’m bucket little puke, That wasn’t to my doing and even stuck up for her mutiple times on this page…. Seeing as i’ve been accused of doing it. I might as well be my ruthless self and really roast this b’tch. Lets Start off by acknowledging the fact that this dead beat welfair cock thirsty mother of 4 ( 4 separate fathers ) is known to have mutiple men in her life all while one of her desperate baby fathers sits at home wondering what he did so wrong to deserve this. Jared. You’ve done nothing wrong nor can you fix my broken little sister ,You’ve simply got hooked onto a bitch whos fucked mutiples while fucking you im sorry you don’t feel like you deserve better becuse you and those kids deserve someone whos get her priorities straight. I admmit. Alot of individuals call me a slut for having slept with a few men, But lets be serious for a moment and refelct on the part where most young girl, have meaningless sex at least once or twice not to mention 90 percent of yjose individuals dont even know, But lets not loose sight of the worthless subject of this post. Ahhh Brittney. Nothing but a lazy bird who’s so caught up in the drama she creates that she allows her 4 children …. Oh wait 3. ( we’ll come back to this) to go uncared for. They are not well kept, well fed or even well loved for. She screams and yells even physically abuses her children. Shes one of those. ” ill sit on welfare” and pretend on doing something with my time other than seeing mutiple men behind my mans back kinda women. Not only her mother failed as a mom and had one child DIE of malnutrition way back when, She showed britt EXACTLY HOW to follow in her own foot steps with her own kids. Its actually sad to know that cycles like that go on for ever. Shes able to work and doesn’t. Shes back into the drugs which explains why shes gone off the rails once more. I feel so greatful and blessed to have had a loving caring family who never gave up on me. And yes Brittney was my sister. So britt. While you’re reading… THIS is what a pissed of sister sounds like ….

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Allyssa Waldropt Burlington Home Wrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am madder than I have ever been in my life and have had enough of woman with no conscience!! My husband is just as guilty but we have kids so I can’t post his name. This isn’t the first time he has cheated and he is total prick I know, so I’m doing what I can to get this out so I am not sitting silent anymore!! I usually take the high road and don’t like confrontation. He made me promise I wouldn’t confront this f’ing bi”h and as a Mother I have to keep myself out of jail by not ripping this b’tches face off, but I didn’t promise not to tell The Dirty. I found messages and pictures on my husbands phone of this slut Allyssa Waldropt. He met her though Scotiabank in Ancaster, Ontario Canada, I don’t know if she still works there or not, but I hope someone from her bank sees this and fires her ugly ass. He broke down and reluctantly told me everything in hope I would forgive him if he was honest. This whore just got married less than a year ago to someone named Daniel, she gave my husband some sob story about marrying this guy who promised her the world and she left her previous boyfriend for him. But he can’t perform in the bedroom and all his promises for a better life never happened. Not sure why that story seemed appealing to my husband to save her, but Nik men are weak!!! She knew we had kids together, if she wanted to cheat why didn’t she pick a single guy??? I hope by outing this bitch it will make other woman think twice about fucking a married man with kids! Public shaming is needed here!!!

Stay and Steady Abortion


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty little two faked snake doesn’t deserve a baby.  This slore will suck and f’ anybody for some liquor or pepsi!!!! This girl was 3 months pregnant f’ing black dick for some lines, when she found out she was having a baby she thought “hey I’ll give myself my own abortion ” she drank and drank, did Molly and *** , even Pepsi a few times. This girl isn’t loyal to nobody.. She lost all her friends because she either talked sh’t behind their backs, stole their money or clothes, OR F’ THEIR BOYFRIENDS. This Girl can’t be trusted, she full of drd’s , she willing knows she has drd but doesn’t phase JOY SPROUL SHE STILL WILL F’ U RAW NO PROBELM!  Joy works a [removed] in [removed], every pay check goes to her drug n booze addiction and whatever guy she’s tricking for next. Did I mention she’s pregnant ???? 18 knocked up and ready to pop.. Her and her loser boyfriend sell pepsi and weed out their dirty downtown apartment ! Sad part is she has this kid thinking he’s the baby’s father, she was banging 3 different niggas, 2 pacis, and atleast 4 different white guys when she got pregnant . can’t wait Til it’s born to see the truth !!

Joy Dirt Sproul


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Joy sproul if you havent already, this 18 year old mutt whos 8 months pregnant has 4 different possibilities of babydads but only pins it on two has the nerve to go threatening everyone in this city thinking shes big bad and mighty now that shes pregnant LOL. Good defense joy good defense. No one wants your waste boyfriend who you two live in a cockroach infested well know drug building in a tiny bachellor, smoking rock together . while you stress about your insecurities but i dont blame you girl i would to if i looked anything like you! I used to be very good friends with this thing until she snaked me and sucked off my boyfriend and than while she was sloppy drunk she had sex with 5 different guys that night when she was 6 weeks pregnant and wasnt sure if she wanted to keep it so this winner kept cracking jokes about giving herself her own abortion. It never worked since shes now having the alcohol syndrome baby. Joy hooked up with her bestfriends boyfriend of 3 years and hid it froom her, definately dont trust this girl she will do anything for some dick. Did i mention that every guy who even bothers with her uses everything she has, joy has to buy love from guys or else theyd want nothing to do with that ! Cas has been called and will be again as shes the definition of deadbeat hoodrat hamilton mom. I truly feel bad for that baby ! Its not the babys fault that her mom is a lost cause. Ps. Joy …. No one wants your ugly young ch***ia infested boyfriend lol. Did you get your self treated for the cl*p for the 10th time this pregnancy.

Dangerous Mother


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik everybody needs to know about this little druggie whore aerlanena Smith /Crouse she’s 18 has 2 kids 2 different fathers she’s a cronic druggie never spends time with her kids always has a different man in her bed ever week spreading GENERAL W”*S to everyone I just want the world to know she is spreading drds so all these boys stay away or you will catch it like me Daniel reeve and I’m not afraid to tell any one about her I only stayed with her was because of her kids every time I tried to leave she would go to the bathroom room bash her head and cut her self some times she would do it in front of her kids !! This girl needs to be stopped she was the worst mistake of my life and I want everyone to know the real you now don’t say I didn’t warn you .

Nothing new for Mercedes Tifany


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is so nasty shes fat she sleeps with for boyfriend and gets wet off of sucking greg!! Nothing new for her though she’s been doing since she was 14 where she was forced to do it to take care of her man! She will rob you blind and when the $ is done she finds a new target!! Look her up on back page if you want some CHEAP sex or head!! Stay away from drd bitch she makes ur DICK BURN! her and her whole crew! Hamilton next BIG THING well we should say FAT thing when she takes selfies she only puts her head in Dont b fooled guys she is a fat nasty whore who loves pills and pepsi! U guys can do better

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