A Fun one For You


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, havve I got a fun one 4 uu…. Her Name is shona ryan. This bitch rite here is the most disgusting broad from St Kitts to Fort erie. Not only is she a hooker bitch charges 190 for a hr and does it while preggo. She’s got more drds then she can even count, notice the outbreak on her face. She’s been charged over 25 times and gets off scot free. She lost custody of her oldest to its father who never even seen her before he got her and even lost custody to her psyco mom of her middle child. Every guy she dates she calls abuse on even thou we all know she’s the one who abuses them. This bitch needs to be put on blast she’s the most disgusting thing to ever walk this planet

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Pepee La Pue


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, listen to this these guys are so disgusting and dirty you know when the name ofamy constandinedes and Josh Colson This is a story that I got to tell you not only is amy on here with andrew ribson who i might add is waaaay cleaner then this sess pool of cu** water . not only did amy not waist anytime she f’ed and sucked andrew goodbye after doinga smash and robbing a cripple for money to beable to be just in time to lay a Big dirty on the new guy ….still with cu’ up inside her she begs this josh character to stick it deep inside….fully knowing shes drd possitive she tells her new man the good new and he replys atleast we will die together they both have nothing going for them and have no life she bangs H and sucked off any H dealer within a100 mile radious this guys on the dirty so much that he had to leave town because there’s so many f****** berries growing off his little tree . a new patole from quebec hes hoping to contract some new kind of super dirty cuz hes has yet to me someone thats bin with it’s not the same amount maybe more partners then hes bin with . So be careful and be where these guys might be right behind you and if they are don’t let them f******fool u there sweetness is far from pure they contain enough dirt to take out this website singal handly

Hides Behind his Sac


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t believe this guy hasn’t been posted already multiple times … this is Chriss “diesel” Waterman .. he is the biggest piece of sht in this city thinks he’s some big shot drug dealer but really he’s just a cr”khead junkie hooked on any and every kind of drugs he can get. He owes everyone in this city money and when anyone confronts him he crys and runs away like a little b’tch because he’s too p’ssy to stand up for himself. He was living downtown with his girlfriend amy who I think finally left his crack head self but she was almost as bad as him. Their house was a complete crack house who was just filled with people with glass pipes sticking out of their mouths constantly that noone even say a word till the dope was gone and they were trying to figure out ways to get more. He’s never worked in the 2 years since I’ve known this guy yet somehow he always has a pipe in his mouth…rips everyone off and I’m pretty sure now is homeless living out of hotels because he would rather spend his rent money on dope. This guy should be put on blast so everyone this is your warning DO NOT TRUST HIM OR LEND HIM MONEY BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK……..

Trash Not Class


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Melisa Legacy. One of Hamiltons many dirty “tricks’. This lil hoe thinks she is soo up class, meanwhile she’s a low life POS that is nothing more than a Prostitute/drug addict welfare case skank. She hides her “habits” or at least tries to.. Lol not fooling anyone sweety! Stop blaming it on other things or problems. Especially when you look worse than a cr”k slore. She bangs old men for pills/money. But whenever she gets money, it goes to pills instead of bills! This girl has no idea what priorities mean. All about herself, selfish lil dirt squirl living off mommy. Too bad Mommys too stupid to realize what’s going on in her house! She only f*cks a certain type of ppl, but it makes sence, since they are the most desperate ones! Lmao cuz who else would touch this cust bag!? No one. She’s getting used more than a village bicycle by these old men that have abit of money an nice houses. Is it worth trading your self respect an dignity away to get high? Lesten up girl, this is for your own good! Go get clean an stop what your doing. Your soo young an it’s all going to waste. Do somthing with yourself! Instead of sucking old wrinkly d*ck for a pill here an there an pretending your leading a classy life. Thats trash not class!

You can’t powder away age.- nik


Happy Hours Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is more for a whole place rather than separate people due to the fact that everyone is trash. We will start with Vanessa Marcos. Walks around like she is queen and her sh*t don’t stink. Nobody likes you Vanessa, you’re ugly and your hair is so disgusting- ASIANS SHOULD NOT BE BLONDE -you do nothing but who*re around the whole bar and whine and complain when you don’t get things your way. You’re a f*ing joke to society. Next we have two of happy hours finest bar tenders, Brittany, and Alana. While you two keep running back and forth to the bathroom taking turns snorting coke. You have to be really stupid if you don’t think people see you in and out of the bathroom 20 times within a half hour. You then have wonderful security. WHAT A JOKE! You have one(Arthur) who critizes when people are doing drugs in the bar yet walks around wearing a shirt that says DOPE, little hypocritical don’t you think?? Bringing your pregnant girlfriend to the bar; you will be great parents I can see it already HA! Then you have security number 2 Ken. Thinks he is the toughest guy in the city and that everyone is afraid of him RIGHT bud. And than we have Lisa, probably couldn’t run and secure anything if her life depended on it! The long list of “MC’s” I won’t even get into 90% of them are so f’ing fat and disgusting.

Tasha Dosky aint Loyal


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, im not even sure where to start with this one. she loves shooting up m”h and any pill she can get her hands on im surprised shes even alive because rumour has it she has over dosed many many times because she just cant get enough, her poor child is so much better without her around. she tries to make up not being in her childs life by buying her anything she wants with her dirty drug money.  she lured innocent girls that looked up to her into thinking she was there “friend” then get them hooked on drugs and pimped them out because no one will ever pay for her fat used up body and took all the money to send her other babys father( that poor baby is dead because she cant even be a mother properly) she is obessed with him to the point where she dont give a sh*** about her daughter that isn’t his and would do anything this man tells her to (including getting his name tattood all over her nasty body) she cheated on him with a much younger boy while he was locked up then didn’t keep his baby because she didn’t want to hurt her precious boyfriend. shouldn’t you have thought about that before you cheated tho ? her so called “bestfriend” is locked up right now for a crime she committed that tasha will never fess up about because shes to scared to go to jail and lose her precious drugs and so called boyfriend!! a friend of mine even witnessed her stab the same “bestfriend” over a 80 $ drug debt she couldnt pay because again, she needed money to send to him , she also robs everyone and laughs about how no one will “run up” on her cause they are apparently so scared of her but really its just no one wants drd !!!

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