Wiggin Diddler

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Goof needs to get bashed!!!. This Wigger is Paul Watkins!!!. AKA – DevilsChild Smokestack!. This guy is A well known women beater with numerous counts of charges of it. He beat the sh’t out of his Baby Mom’s, she is now left to walk around with scars all over her body for the rest of her life!!!… Even that Stacey Robins the “Cousin IT” that he is currently with, he has already is starting to get violent with “IT” whipping thing’s at her head, screaming, hands on contact!!! Stacey has already went & cried to family members about it!. He also has charges for Diddling/Molesting his 3 younger sisters. Paul also is Bisexual (Ex Bf’s Brian Yardley/Andrew Stokes etc..) He loves to wear female thong’s,panties,bra’s etc & pose & take selfies!!! This guy think’s his shit don’t stink & he’s A big tough badass!.  This guy will play the pitty game & borrow money from anyone he can & say’s he will pay it back, never does! Even ask’s old people, were talking 60yrs old +. He isIn huge debt, collections & all!!!. He frauds the goverment!. He think’s he’s the world’s best rapper, but lost & embarrassed himself in multipal events.  Him & his man/women he-she thing he is with do it behind closed doors with friends in there house on Wilson/Ferguson. And he has access to his child, how sickening when he has be caught taking photo’s of his six yr old daughter!

Welfare Babymama


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trashy welfare Hamilton babymama thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. She’s “serious” with a different guy every month and nothing but a career babymama. She lives off the system and child support. She had a kid with a guy to trap him and wowwww that back fired when he left her the same year the baby was born… I’m pretty sure he moved out of town because of her Hahahahah!! This girl has had easily 7 abortions and thank God cuz she pawns her poor kid off on her parents on a regular basis to go out with her friend and bang guys in public washrooms! (CLASSY!!!) her and her friends have been in the club sucking dick many many times..beware!!!!! This girl will be friends with you and f*** your man behind your back!!! Probably has a drd! She posts statuses on Facebook claiming to be the mother of the year and doing it all by herself when she’s been on welfare for almost a decade living in her parents house. Lookout for her ladies because she especially LOVES men who are in relationships!!!!! Keep it classy babymama

Barbie On Drugs Brittany Gordon


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this disgusting infested slut, Tori Lanez, should seriously stop posting her wack, no class, I don’t own a hair brush, pictures on backpage. Like seriously what is wrong with you?  You have know idea what is to be a women let alone act like one. You have 2 beautiful boys that you abandoned for the escort life, your baby father went to jail, and instead of holding it down and doing what you gotta do for your kids you f’ off all his friends and take off to become a escort.  Even if CAS gets called do you know how bad of a parent you have to be to have your children takin away?! She had the cl** for so long that it literally attacked her Fall*pian tubes so bad that she had to have them removed. How nasty does a girl have to be to let it get that far?! You have absolutely zero class. This girl has literally banged probably every single black man in Hamilton and the surrounding area. This girl is so pathetic that she had her own condo and it got taken from her from her old pimp, leaving her living in motels once again. . She has been a escort for over 7 years and has nothing to show for it. Most people that are going to do something so terrible as selling themselves, do it for a reason. U know, a education, a home, a car.

Manslore Travis Tasker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he will mess with your heart and mind big time…. he likes to play childish mind games all the time. He will sleep with anyone and everyone who has two legs….. he sleeps with different people all the time.. all he wants is to f’ and chuck…. he will try to make yu do things tht yu dnt want to do! Hes so dirty that he is always trying to get someone to sleep with him, he constantly messages girls asking if they wanna have sex! Hes a ghetto ass low life, he doesn’t have a job he just does dumb runs once in awhile… hes on Ontario works and thinks hes better then anyone. he doesn’t even have his own place, so he will try to f’ you in his truck! He calls it truck and chill! Or he will make yu do it at your house! He just want to fuck anyone or anything that has two legs just so he can get his dick wet! He sleeps with many different woman woman at the same time and they dont even know about one another, they think hes only sleeping with them but hes actually sleeping with more then one person at a time… hes the dirtiest person I know!

Big Headed Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this has to be the best photo I’ve ever came across. I’m sure everyone always loves when the two hoe ex best friends are fighting because then all their dirty laundry is posted everywhere!!! This right here is Kassy “Kassandra” neves, former dirty.comer but will forever be one. This girl is Kitchener skum and she is damn proud of it. What a good mom sniffing pepsi every night right in front of her kid. She lives off welfare and uses her baby bonus to get lip injections so she can look like a damn puffer fish cant even hold a job because she’s such a loser the only job she’s had in the past 10 years has been stripping. leaves her kid with her family so she can get f**ked up. On a positive note we should be thankful her recent boyfriend Cody made her get an abortion after blasting it all over Facebook and Instagram she was pregnant, at least she won’t be poisoning the earth with more of her blood. For some reason this c**ck head thinks she’s a makeup artist when really she’s just a cake face. She throws on a pound of makeup and bam she thinks she’s gods gift to earth. Someone plz dump water on her face so she can melt. No matter how much makeup you cake on you’re still ugly. This hoe has slept with every Spanish baby daddy in the city and continues to hoe her way around town when claiming she’s so in love with her boyfriend. Beware !! She’s spreading around the c**p and has no shame in it. Know this for a fact because my own baby dad was a victim of her nasty infected trap

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Protect your Drinks


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he has been having unprotected sex without disclosing his “status” he enjoys sex with both men and women. He will G you out and [] you, with no condom, he will take videos of him having sex with you, as well as let other people have sex with you while you are G’d out. He does needles and does not do them safely, he will leave dirty used uncapped needles laying every where. He is abusive towards all women. And scared if all men, unless they are sexually pleasing him. He is a hardcore meth addict. And the girl beside him is his gf. And she knows all this about him. Including names of innocent people he has had unprotected sex with , while not disclosing his status, as far as im concerned, she is just as bad. Theres much more about him that should be aired out, but for now… this is enough said! Gene Funderburg, stop infecting innocent people!!!

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