Clueless Mother Ashley Schmidt pt 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Didn’t her mother ever tell her once you put a pic on the internet it’s gone forever n you never know where it will end up? You talk all this sh’t bout Kevin but you got a matchin tattoo not even a month after you starting dating him the first time. You talk all this s’it but u got back with him twice lol Weren’t u in love within a week with your soulmate n your life was complete and perfect? You knew he has all these kids yet you bring it up now that you ain’t together. That doesn’t say much about you now does it? The next time you think about getting a matching tattoo with a new boyfriend because we all know that’s coming soon make sure he doesn’t leave your ass a few weeks later lol If you got the ink within a month dating him there’s no way you were over it n didn’t care a hour later while posting your passive aggressive I don’t give a shit about him anymore n independent women memes lmao What’s the real reason Kevin left you Ashley come on don’t be shy don’t lie because some of us know the real story liar STOP WITH THE LIES SWEETIE

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NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Kevin Spencer Update: He Needs Our Help

Kevin Spencer at the Drive In Watching Minions

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since he was last posted on the Dirty (for the fourth time)(also see), Kevin has announced: – a return to the music biz where he would promote and produce “huge” artists (didn’t happen) – turn two young ladies into a music star and a modeling sensation (didn’t happen) – release a calendar filled with sexy models (didn’t happen) – open his own office/studios where he would run his various businesses (didn’t happen) – produce and star in weekly YouTube segments where he uses his comedy to promote Hollywood blockbusters, which they asked him to do (posted a couple, had to delete, re-post and block comments because the few viewers he got hated them) – move to a big, fancy new house (didn’t happen) – run a bikini/beauty contest at a local bar with huge cash prizes and modeling opportunities for girls who participated (didn’t happen, also got banned from the bar for using their name without permission) – huge comedy shows with the biggest comics in Canada (didn’t happen) – bragged repeatedly about dating “perfect ten” models (didn’t happen, no pictures of him exist with even a 7) – produce and star in his own movie (didn’t happen) So as you can see, HE IS DUE FOR A WIN!  Oh and if you visit his Facebook page he’s also looking for a lucky lady or two to be his Halloween date. (Seems weird for such a successful big time ladies man, but whatever. I’m probably just a “jelly hater.”)

Loose Lavelles


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two girls here are brooklynn lavelle and angel lavelle/ lets start with angel shes a dead beat mother who has two kids that are not in her care because she is so careless and hooked on drugs and boozing to care for them she walks around like her sh’t don’t stink but she hops from dick to dick like a frog taking after mommy there aren’t ya angel. Shes a lost cause, starts pure drama and sleep/hangout with kids younger than you grow up hunnie your in your 30s. Brooklynn on the other hand is yet another lavelle that shouldn’t be so proud of herself having a baby at 15 because both her sisters already had kids. brooks a hood rat that pawns her kid to go clubbing with her sister angel all the time watch out brooke you will loose your kid two if you keep acting like your sister clubbing every friday well your baby dads drughead mother watches your child. brook still has a lot of growing up to do , she now hops d’ck from d’ck to and bashes her gross ass baby dad for it then blames him for smashing up her house well her kids there.. these girl need a warning sign put on them , we don’t want anymore lavelle’s running through our city you people are the reason hamilton has a bad name in the first place. brook and angel are both dead beat sisters who love to party at hess nothing but club rats and their not afraid to show it .

Don’t fall for the gap trap.- nik

Brainless Brooke


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet brooke wiley. This girl is pure nasty she bangs guys for bottles weed and money she calls them her sugar daddys she meets random guys so they can buy her daughter new things cuz her baby dads locked up and wont support his own kid even when he is out. Brooke pawns her kid off to go party at hess all the time with people that are her so called friends but when she’s not with them she talks mad shi’. shes such a deadbeat mall rat who takes her daughter downtown and stands outside with her in the freezing cold with her well she hits up the next men’s and smokes her dope. Brooke brings her kid to randoms peoples houses with loud music blaring and pot smoke filling the room and she says its fine her daughters use to it. Tell me why hasn’t child protective services taken her child yet she doesn’t deserve the life brooke is living and needs a stable home witch brooke cant provide seeing how she house hops with her kid well she’s sleeping with these men. Brookes an 18 year old hoodrat that does drugs around her child and none says shit about it well here it is brookey you just got blasted for once you nasty whore! by the way nice crusty thong on your sugar daddy’s floor !

Is that her crack or her back?- nik

Lying Worm


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sean Kelley…one of the biggest con artists out there. This guy will mooch, LIE, CON AND STEEL FROM ANYONE. ..HE THINKS HE’S HOT STUFF ORIGINALLY FROM THE BAHAMAS..HE’S A PARTY PIG AND A COMPLETE MORON…TELLS EVERYONE that he’s a lawyer or a pilot. ..girls he collects disability and he’s a lazy bum…run run run

Portia is a dip stick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik she needs blasting again, because obviously she hasn’t stopped her nasty ass sh*t. It hasn’t even been a year since her so called “love of her life” got smashed up and k’lled by a truck. She was bouncing on any dick she could, not even a week after her died. Oh yes, you loved him so much lol that before the guys body was in the ground, you were shoving coke up your nose and f*ing whomever would give you the time of day. Got so much money from whomever she could, churches, the community etc, to “help” because of what happened and what did the little cu*t do, spent it on herself, drugs, beer etc. She’s a disgusting walking drd. Drops her kids off to whomever will watch th em, including ppl she’s only met once!! Kids still dressed like their homeless! Do us all a favour, and get the hell outta this city, no one wants you here. Now with this nasty ass troll lol. They both look as if they just climbed outta the sewers.

They should make a matte black sharpie.- nik

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