How Much Space Do Howard Stern And His Trophy Wife Need

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Howard Stern’s Hamptons mansion which is a three-level oceanfront mansion with more than 16,000 square feet, with eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. He also has home in Palm Beach, FL, worth a reported $52 million that he paid an additonal $10 million to expand Beth’s closet. He also has a two story penthouse in New York City. He and Beth live alone with their 324 cats and a housekeeper who snaps Beth’s selfies on instagram. Howard’s children are grown and cant stand Beth so they dont live with them. My question is, how many large homes does one washed up, wig wearing shock jock with feminine hips who barely eats and has just a few thousand listeners really need?

I can’t hate on this… Howard’s Hampton pad looks dope.- nik

New Dash Doll, Durrani Popal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the new Dash Doll, Durrani Popal, she was on Kourtney and Khloe’s show.  Who claims to be a ‘HO’ on national TV?  I mean, can this girl be any more honest?  And why the hell is it so acceptable now?

Bojana Djukic Found Her Millionaire

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, illegal immigrant Bojana Djukic is still in our country, now New York, and has latched her claws onto Oren Alexander, founder of ‘The Alexander Team” of Douglas Elliman Real Estate. The Guy is a millionaire many times over. I hate bitches like this, they come from all over, and take our money and men. I don’t know where you spent your Independence Day weekend but she spent it in the Hampton’s with other members of the ‘A-Team’. Basically a bunch of rich douchebags. This bitch needs to go back to her sh*t country and wake up cuz all she’s ever going to be is a pay for play whore.

Which one is she?- nik

Who Is This Beauty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I found the one. The one for me. I need to know who she is, and when I find out I will whisk her away to a life of luxury with nothing but saks 5th avenue and chanel. I’m BEGGING thedirty army for help! If anyone has any info on this perfect goddess, please let me know.

Proud Stoner Loser Kelli Scott

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this is Kelli Scott. I think she is a very pretty 20 year old but she really needs to get her sh*t together. Who posts this much weed on IG? Clearly she loves the attention because if she didn’t she wouldn’t need to take pictures. Every other picture is of her smoking weed or a video of her smoking weed…yeah you are pretty girl we all get it but one day you will not be. What will you do with that hooters job when you turn 30? Will she still be trying to work at hooters and smoke weed daily or get her shit together before then because looks fade.

I find it hard to believe that a medical marijuana store sells that much weed in a bag to one person.- nik

What The Hell Happened To Howard Stern
Howard-Stern copy

Howard-Stern copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s like he has morphed into a 6′ 5 version of Rhea Perlman from Cheers. The guy starves himself by eating only fish and steamed vegetables and worries about how his “wide birthing hips” look in his John Varvatos skinny jeans. I mean the guy has lost so much weight he has a wider inner thigh gap than most 21 year old sexy women. How does a billionaire leave his 3 estates complete with homeless chic, oversized hefty trash bag looking leather jacket that is flared at the waist to emphasize his newly feminine hips. Then he goes on the air and is bragging how he recently lost 20 pounds, how his trophy wife Beth says he has a “six pack” for abs, yet refuses to admit that he has gotten plastic surgery on his face including a chin implant!

His show is no longer fun or funny. He has made up with all the people he ragged on for years including Rosie O’Donnel, Chevy Chase, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres and Kathie Lee Gifford. Mr. Shock Jock even travels with a full time hair dresser named Toni who curls his hair! What 60 yr old man uses a curling iron on his wig, I mean, hair and brags about he is now taking calligraphy classes!  Please oh wise one Nik, give me insight on what has happened to this guy! Is it the money? The 2nd wife? Please tell me you will not turn into this as you continue to have success.

Nothing happened. Howard should of exited as a King ten years ago. Some guys just can’t let go… ego, attention and greed can kill a man.- nik

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