Lauren Makk is a homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: BLauren Makk contacted me under an alias to let me know my husband was cheating on my with her. Comes to find out, they have been seeing each other for over a year, she’s also been asking him to convince me to have an abortion. He broke it off, I guess she got sour and decided to contact me. Apparently she likes going on Craigslist and posting sex solicitation ads, which is how she met my husband.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Honolulu’s Favorite Cherry Lei


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Cherry Lei is the biggest slut in Hawaii. She’s old as f*ck yet tries way too hard to act like she’s young. Cherry’s got this nasty underbite, you’d think with all the go go events she got, she would have enough money to afford dental care. A few years ago, she got caught up trying to f*ck around with some dude from LA who had a lady at the time. She’s the biggest fluke on the planet with TONS of cellulite on her flat ass and fat stomach. She even looks like she’s having a damn seizure when she dances! WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO HIRE THAT TYPE OF ENTERTAINMENT AT ALL?! Would you even want to touch or get near this skank, let alone hire her at your events?!

Sloot Here


THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, love ur site DIRTY ARMY STRONG! help me but this bitch on a blast! she is the biggest slut ive ever met, she like`s to pretend to be your friend but actually tryies to fck ur boyfriend behind ur back, She thinks she is so hot and can get any guy she wants. The sad thing is, she usually ends up going home with a new guy every night she has f*cked of 150 guys. most of them are in the military or a tourist. she will not hastate to take your mom when you are not looking. She is always down to f*ck and will tell you anything if you want a good time give Whitney a call but don’t wear a condom its a waste of time, what she has will melt it. She hangouts out at the country bar on pearl harbor a lot if you are looking for her.

Please Pull Your Heads Out Of Your Asses


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Heather Begnell has been called out on this site a few times for the indisputable evidence that she was whoring herself out. Long story short, a link was shared from humaniplex that showed her profile describing in detail what she will do for what amount of money. But she disappeared shortly after the information became really public knowledge. She got knocked up by a drug dealer she went to high school with, Kyle Kledzick. They moved to Hawaii and everyone forgot about them until they got divorced and went back to their old ways. Except this time they’re old, warn out and getting caught. Kyle was arrested for selling BATH SALTS! Apparently he was working with a Chinese guy and got caught for bringing in chemicals. Common sense would say that’s probably what they were doing in Hawaii while raising their baby.

Now they’re back in OC and Heather is back to what she does best. She claims she works for a Dr. Poon at UCI but post picture of herself of street corners on her phone with captions like “working”. It’s the same sh*t as before; posting pictures of shopping trips, tagging herself at resorts and chain smoking. So to everyone who knows this couple. Please pull your head out of your ass and help these two.

I’m guessing they are Clipper fans.- nik


That Refund Gap Is Nothing To Be Proud Of

Dead Beat Dad

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Darryl J Akee left Arkansas to run from child support and court ordered test. Ladies beware he is a scammer. He is staying in the Honolulu area.

Tari Hale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Teresa “Tari” Hale. This low life, infestation scum of a person has every known drd including the DRD. Be warned. No sense in using a condom, as her diseases will eat away the condom. She has four kids, saggy tits, and is still running around trying to spread the DRD. People like her need to be banished to an isolated island and disappear forever. She will probably be dead in a few years from all the diseases she carries. DA Consider yourself warned. She is a waitress at some restaurant in Waikiki. If you see her or if she tries to serve you, immediately request another waitress. She is the most despicable and disgusting human being I have ever met and I’ve met a lot.

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