THE DIRTY ARMY: i didn’t know jeremey and ela stopped talking and he is already dating fatty cakes? i thought she just left boston from her boyfriends both of those two rebound quick I feel bad for the poor kid he don’t know what hes getin himself into with that white trash smelly coochie she dresses like a slut at work and gives her number out to any guy that looks like he will wife her these two won’t last long look at that whale

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Poppin Molly

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Chicago nightclub goers, Please beware of Tony Adreani, so called “owner” of Addictive Entertainment, whatever that means. I am assuming he had a bad time (some might say a “shitty” time) while he was out at Soundbar the Saturday before Cinco de Mayo.. Reason being, he was using the bathroom in the red room, and seemed to be taking an exceptionally long time. No big deal, I hung out by the bar while I waited. I thought to myself, man I hope the person in there isn’t taking a shit but i decided no way, who would do that at a club….. figured it was a girl fixing her makeup or something. Nothing could have prepared me for what I walked into when he FINALLY came out. Obviously I was surprised to see it wasnt a chick, but nothing would surprise me more than what I would see next. I stepped into the biggest shit stain disaster my eyes have ever seen and my brain could have ever imagined. I know this sounds like a joke but I could only wish that I was kidding. Shit was floating around in huge chunks in the toliet, and the smell was completely overpowering. There were weird wet spots all over the floor and seat….not sure whats up with that. I was only in there for a few seconds but I def noticed the one thing missing from the whole massacre- toilet paper! Yuck, who potty trained this man?! I solemely swear this is nothing but the unadulterated truth. I only retell my experience for the good of the people. You have been warned. Tony, deny this all you want but you know what you did!!! You know in your heart that this wasn’t okay and you also know you need to eat more fiber. Things like this can’t be happening in public man…shape up or give it up.

The Truth

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thank you for sharing my post. I just want to make it clear that Sam is not only a great friend but an amazing mother. She is hard working, caring, kind and honest. The previous post about her “not being with her son on Easter” is a lie. Furthermore, she’s not like these other Chicago whores that date guys for money & drugs. She works her ass off to support herself & her child. People can’t handle the fact that she’s beautiful on the outside & personality wise so they get an ego boost making a post trash-talking her. I feel bad for some of these people that have nothing better to do than just post about others. Most of them need serious help, maybe therapy…some of the girls pictures on here seem to show that they also need to be medicated and off the streets/clubs! Never the less, I want it to be known that Sami is an amazing friend & mother. I hope people on this site learn the difference between a whore &/or bad mom && a classy , good-hearted, hardworking mother.

Namon “cj” Jones

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cj is completely incapable of being in a committed relationship. After continuosly cheating on his childs mother, he cant comprehend why she hates him and doesnt want her son to grow up with him. I “dated” cj shortly in 2010, while he was still with his childs mother. He even had sex in her house while she was upstairs pregnant sleep. He put his hands on her and his other ex casey, who for some reason cant let him go. He will cheat with your friends and not even care how it makes you feel. He uses his looks to get by in life. Doesnt have a real job because he thinks he is above them. Hes a “rapper/producer” from illinois even tho he pretends to be U. City. Hes been living off of women and pretendin to care about them so they will take care of him. Cj is scum.

Paula Warda Thinks Every Girl Wants To Be Her

bababb 10.35.06 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Paula Warda was Miss Assyria 2013 in Chicago. She is 23 yrs old and thinks she’s the best thing in Chicago. This girl got caught for possession of marijuana and still brags about her pothead ways, while she was holding her title. She is also known for being a complete psycho. She thinks every girl wants to be her. What do you think Nik?

I like her eyebrows.- nik

Mr. Backstabber Update

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this cat can go fck himself! Me and my boy minion we may have girls trying to get in our pants but we turn them down and focus on our goals. Im all about attention VIA. Web not hoes trying to hump my leg so you can sit down with your ignorance. Ladies love us because we are true genleman and you people cant get a decent broad that has more 3 teeth because they smoke mth. Druggies and guys that masturbate in a corner every night in their parents basement posts illiterate text and misspells everything. Lmao get a life then maybe you can be on our level with girls. ) minion we are proud of you and your accomplishments. Make that money, as for me i have auditions like #therealworld and #mtv so back off unless you know things are real. Thats right you guys rather sit back amd play with your barbie dolls and live in fantasy world. Well repunzel bitch! Wash your hair before you let anyone climb up. That means for your non creative ass who wrote this “think before you talk shit and get your facts straight bitch”!!

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