Exclusive Images: The ‘Bitch Boy’ Revealed — Amazon Exposes Sydney Leathers’ Political Sex Sponsor




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, according to the NY Post Sydney Leathers — the woman who finished off Anthony Weiner’s political career with a sexting scandal — has struck again. This time she’s exposed the kinky fetishes of a Democratic state legislator in the Midwest who responded as “Bitch Boy” when she advertised for a submissive she could “financially dominate.”

Leathers, who lives in Evansville, Ind., said Bitch Boy was careful to never give her his name — he sent money to her through a prepaid PayPal card — but didn’t realize his name was on the shoes and lingerie he sent her through Amazon.

“I’m a little speechless, I Googled him and found out he’s a lawmaker. Apparently only politicians can pick up on my pheromones.”

First Carlos Danger and now Bitch Boy! Here are exclusive images via TheDirty.com of Bitch Boy’s conversation with Sydney Leathers — I also included an Amazon receipt with one of her many gifts. Story developing…- nik

leathers amazon reciept


Another Weiner? Anthony’s Mistress Sydney Leathers Names Another Kinky Politico — His X-Rated Texts Revealed

Dating Half His Age


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This 32 year old man was having a 9 month relationship with a 16 year old girl. He is old enough to be her father!!! I went to high school with him and I think everyone needs to know to keep their children, especially teenagers, away from him. He umpires co-ed softball games which just happens to be where he met his young lover. She was there watching her parents softball game…

Jay Jones sick molester raped his own kid


THE DIRTY ARMY: jay jones a sick molester who raped own daughter and little cousins he should die in jail but wont because his wife did not press charges wat a sick person not to press charges on someone who raped ur kid lucky the other ones pressed charges as a mother im sick to my stomach learning about this jay jones you sick nasty perv god will take care of you

Indiana U To The Rescue



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I saw the submission from OSU. Chicka was beatso. I give you a real Indy favorite. Jordan Clapp crushes Topanga. Blonde right Nik.

Legs are still too thick and zero definition in her arms. OSU wins.- nik

Brandi Thompson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Mizz Brandi likes to talk shit behind everyone’s back but doesn’t realize everyone knows who she screws! She strongly prefers married or otherwise engaged men with children. She won’t date you if you’re single! She will break up a happy family just to feel a bit of attention. She thinks she’s hot because she has big tits but doesn’t realize it’s because she’s fat! She’s in the middle of drama now because she’s throwing herself at a man that just don’t want her! He wants his baby momma bitch! But, Nik, look at her. Would you even keep her as your dirty little secret? These pictures are from Halloween Trick or Treating with her daughter. Good role model.

Manipulating Women Abuser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this man right here is josh Rieger. Two weeks ago he put me in the er because we got into an argument. He is a controlling manipulative ass. I lost all my friends because of hinge controlled everything I did he even had a tracking device on my phone so he knew where I was at all times. He is abusive mentally emotionally and physically. I haven’t gotten any sleep my head is fckedup because of this man. My chest hurts every night and day it doesn’t stop. He has tried to get me back by telling me he’s going to get me a new car and a place to live . I suggest staying away from him he’s a dangerous man on the inside he will talk his way out of everything and amything

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