Ajay Sharma is Using his Wife


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is Ajay Sharma, works for Toyota in India Inc. recently married in 2014, they can be found on LinkedIn. This man is signed in the Government of India as a sexual offender and dangerous offender. His modus operandi is to contact through emails that accounts taken from LinkedIn and Facebook, to sexually harass women. Contata women of all ages whose physical appearance denotes that are going through a breakup of a relationship, treats good few days and then asks them to pose in their underwear and when you already have dominated forces them to make semi full nudity and full web cam. After the extorts to signal their with their husbands and boyfriends, to dominate and make porno scenes and upload them to adult websites. Paíspara also often travel to meet their victims, seduce and videograbarlas. The bottom of this situation … is using his wife to interact even with family members on camera. Facebook appears in the photo you can see how your profile picture on Facebook and also has another facebook account where a profile photo of a close up of his wife in bra appears. IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS USES HIS WIFE AND WOMEN EXTORTS.

Naptown Bagger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here… he is well known in indianapolis… in fact he sells ***** in naptown… if you think that;s bad it gets worse. I met him through a friend about a year ago…. a bunch of my friends went out one night and at the end of the night we all took a taxi back to my house. Once we got to my house we all were so drunk and just passed out pretty much. My friend and I were the last ones awake and sure enough a phone starts ringing…. We thought we would be funny and grabbed the phone. Sure enoughhhhh, the phone rings again and we answered it. Long story short… a “shemale” was on the other line.. Soooo we hung up. Next thing we know there are multiple text saying “why didnt you come over” etc. Apparently he doesn’t like females. He likes SHEmales. This guy thinks he is hard as f’ yet he likes to f’ men. ENJOY NAPTOWN and stay away from him if you knows whats best for you.

Not afraid to sleep with your husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tonia Brady, from Terre Haute, IN. Recently, she started having an affair with one of my friends’ husband’s. She refuses to end things with him, despite all of my friends efforts. It is also his fault, his name is Joseph Bedwell. Joseph abandoned his family to see this female. Despite his wives various efforts to forgive him and work things out, he continues this affair.

Do Not Authenticate Your Items with them


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Do not be RIP OFF Authenticate First is a Company that Scams you for your hard earn Money They do not know what is Real or Fake they have made so many mistakes on authenticating items they do not know what is legit or not These Two Ladies From Indiana And Michigan Started there company on the internet how they do business You send them pictures and they will tell you if its real or not They think they know everything Single brand out there you can see the reviews on how many mistakes they have made and you still give them your hard earn money to tell you if its authenticate or NOT DO NOT USE YOUR HARD EARN MONEY they work other companies to screw you over they need to be stop !!!

Chunky Panties

Snapshot_20150920_23 (2)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is nasty!!!! She slept with my ex boyfriend and left her panties at his house!!! Her panties had a thick white discharge all in them. It was so nasty!!!!!! She also has drd and is proud of it. One time she tried to bang my ex boyfriend and he said she had bumps all over her trap. She pretends that she is a virgin and attends church but little does her dad know when she moved out for college she turned into a big slut!!! Lets not forget she eats her feelings and hides loads of food under her bed. Boy be careful this girl has a ye*st infection every day of the year. You can catch her with summers eve cooling wipes. CHANDLER HULL IS A SLORE WHO GOES TO IUPUI FOR BIOLOGY AND SHE WILL STEAL YOUR BOYFRIEND AND GIVE HIM DRD!!!! SHE ALSO MADE A VIDEO OF HER [removed] AND SENT IT TO SOME GUY WHO THEN POSTED IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET. NASTY AND FAKE.

David Braun the Whiner

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 1.45.00 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, David Braun is 30 and hasn’t grown up yet. He cries and whines about everything in his life to friends and family, especially his mother! David is a mommies boy and gets everything including all his apartment furniture handed to him, as well as cash handouts on a regular basis from mommy! He also gets an allowance for doing menial chores around mommy and daddies house like a child. When he has a problem he just runs home to mother for an immediate coddling and pampering. David sprained his thumb trying to play soccer, and whined and cried about it for two months continuously, no joke. If you get into a relationship with David expect it to be a four way because of his parents. His last relationship, if you can call it that didn’t last long! She ran for the hills like her ass was on fire. David cannot hold a relationship for long, with all his snivelling whining and crying about every little thing that goes wrong in his life, it is no wonder why the ladies are repelled & flee. Time to grow up David, be a man and grow a pair. Rent a pair if you have to! You have n*ts the size of tater tots. I think I hear mommy calling you.

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