How Jordan Earl Makes Her Money

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I wish Jordan Earl would stop denying she’s an escort and sells her body for money. We went to school together and everyone always suspected she was some kind of a h*e because she got a boob job out of nowhere and started buying designer things (that she brags on IG about) with her minimum wage job couldn’t allow. Click here to see how she makes her money!!!

I clicked and it says 2011. I really hope Jordan Earl has changed her occupation since then.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Perfect for Each Other


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, These are Landon Foster (pic 1) and Tracey Osborne-Beekman-Foster (pic 2 and 3), both from Kokomo Indiana. Landon was the best friend of one of my good friends, Stacey (pic 4) for over a year and 6 months; He talked to her about everything and even went to her for comfort during his breakups, He and Evan (the zumba instructor) 4 months of her not wanting to be with him and then Tracey’s 1 total month relationship (June 14th-July 4th) didn’t work out, due to Tracey being the whore she is and going back and forth between her husband Rob B. (separated and now divorced as of Dec. 2014). She would text one and go see him while physically staying with the other. Landon started dating his now ex best friend Stacey Aug. 19, 2014. He moved in with her and her son; and she took care of all the finances while they were together, including paying for his things to be moved to her place over an hour away. Anyway to cut the story short, Landon broke up with Stacey via text Feb. 4, 2015 and moved out of their apartment the same night (leaving a lot of his stuff behind and taking the apartment keys with him, which is still presently the same case). He told her he loved her but not in the same way she loved him and he had been faking their relationship the entire time because he was “Dead inside”. He had been emotionally cheating on Stacey the entire time they were dating and had physically cheated on her at least once (Sunday, February 1, 2015) when he was supposed to be spending time with his 3 children. He was able to remove Stace from his life completely not even 48 hours later, yet couldn’t remove Tracey from his life for more than 2 weeks. He and Tracey filed for a marriage license Feb 19, 2015 (after 2 total months physically together). Yet Tracey is still talking to her ex-husband and telling him she’s miserable and not really married or planning on getting married. Both of these people are Lying Manipulative Cheaters and they DESERVE each other and for everyone in the world to know about them… THEY ARE NOT VICTIMS!!!

Terre Haute Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to one of Terre Haute Indianas town bicycles….Kathryn Preston. This slut was with a friend of mine for 7 years, living together in his home, engaged to be married. She begged him for a baby less than 2 years ago. This whore was fcking 2 different men (a married man and some other douche) withen 7 months of having my buddys baby! He never saw what was goin on because he worked too much to give her and ther new baby a good life. She got caught up in her slutty actions, and walked away without any emotion. He said she told him “it’s your fault, u been worken too much”! Slut, that’s why u had no bills! Lol. There’s No shame in her game, she thinks she’s hot stuff. I think u can guess which one of these pics shows her “natural beauty” without the clown face applied….barf! Nik, what is wrong with gals these days?

Mike Jackson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to even start with this guy. User, liar, cheater, child abuser, woman abuser, likes lil boys….NARCISSIST ever heard of it? If you look it up you will find Mike Lee Jackson picture there. He is the true definition of it. I have known him for years and I have not only been victim to his text book behavior but I have seen how he has treated others. He has told be stories that are simply sick and disturbing. Im sure I am not the only person who knows some of this sick sick mans secrets. Just because you where hurt as a kids doesnt mean you should hurt others…

Beware Of Rolls-Royce Project Manager Scott Lee Diamond

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do not trust Rolls-Royce Project Manager Scott Lee Diamond. He targets women on dating sites such as and Craig’s List in the Indianapolis, Indiana area as well as soliciting men and men/women couples for regular hook ups for sex. He is a closet bi-sexual. When he gets you in a relationship he will claim he is madly in love with you – move you away from your friends, family and puts a wedge between you and your children. All the time he is with you – he is talking to multiple women through text and email exchanging porn photos and explicit sex videos. He will send photos of your child to ex-girlfriends claiming that your child is the next door neighbor that he is watching the child while the neighbor is at work. He also proclaims that he has started a new business and is able to purchase expensive items such as new vehicles/a home, etc. All of which was purchased by the person he is in fact in a relationship with. He is an experienced con artist who convinces women to be a signatory on their business account. He is a professional at what he does because he uses sex and promises as a weapon. He loves to mentally abuse women and completely destroy them. He tries to win them over with false promises which he cannot fully follow through with. He has been married 5 times in which he claims 3 were only so he didn’t have to live on base while he was in the military. RUN LIKE HELL from this man! He will destroy your life, take your money and leave you a shell!

What a bad look for Rolls-Royce.- nik

Dating Half His Age

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This 32 year old man was having a 9 month relationship with a 16 year old girl. He is old enough to be her father!!! I went to high school with him and I think everyone needs to know to keep their children, especially teenagers, away from him. He umpires co-ed softball games which just happens to be where he met his young lover. She was there watching her parents softball game…

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