Danis Wei — an expert on using men

Danis Wei — an expert on using men

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, At 22 Danis Wei has become an expert on using men. Cut from the same cloth as Devi Yani Mariyana. Both girls do the exact same things to guys. Swaped stories with a guy she dated and was the same story as how Devi Mariyana is with men. She will dry your wallet and still ask for more. She is as narcissistic as they come. Using men is her game and she is good at it. Once she has you in she will bleed you dry, telling you “I love you” is all she needs. Again this would be another 3 month binge and thrown to the gutter without a goodbye.


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  1. No wayAugust 12, 2018 at 4:52 PM

    If she tells me she loves me she can have my money!

  2. NobodyAugust 12, 2018 at 12:16 AM

    I guess to her that’s what men are for. Take all you can get, until they can give no more,,,Next.

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