Devi Yani Mariyana — Black Widow

Devi Yani Mariyana — Black Widow

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Devi seeks her next victim out while in her current relationship. She is the master of sucking you in and drying your wallet out. She will lie and cheat, while you thinking everything is ok. She will always deny everything, making everything your fault and making you think you’re crazy. She gives you about a 3 month life line or until she has used you all up. She has travelled all around the world using guys. The master off acts, she is highly narcissistic and will do anything to get her way. She can become highly aggressive and racist. She has stolen money from one of her ex’s and still won’t return any back. Once done with you, she will throw you out to the garbage without a reason then block you on all social media and end all communication. She has being doing this for many years, so she is a master. Be very careful and Stay away

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  1. Hendey101574August 10, 2018 at 4:09 PM

    If I did go out with this twat it would be interesting to see who threw who away first and who was craziest

    Also it would be fun to see who is more narcissistic. When I say ‘fun’ I mean that in the theoretical sense. I have not felt any emotions for years.

    If I dated this twat, i could see us both cheating on each other, with each other. Allow me to explain. She finds someone on line who is willing to pay her to do interesting and exotic things to her butt. At the same time, and unbeknownst to me, I am looking online to pay a women to let me explore the realm of abnormal with her butt. We arrive to the hotel room only to find each other. It could happen. Not with me, since I don’t keep any women past the expiration date of a banana. Which, needs be, makes a pretty decent sex toy.

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