EXCLUSIVE: Afrojack – Statement From Lauren Meditz

EXCLUSIVE: Afrojack – Statement From Lauren Meditz
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UPDATE 02/10/2017 – Statement by Lauren Meditz:

“I regret filing a lawsuit against Afrojack and I have withdrawn the suit’s allegations and I wish I had never made them, and I have dropped my lawsuit.”


So Radar Online broke the story of Lauren Meditz seeking $25 million in damages from her boyfriend from hell – DJ Afrojack, whose real name is Nick Van de Wall. Meditz claims her employment with a popular Los Angeles nightclub became strained because of her constant traveling with the DJ.

When The Dirty reached for comment, Lauren Meditz’s attorney stated that they looked forward to righting all of the substantial wrongs that Afrojack perpetrated against her, “You can’t pluck someone out of their pleasant life, promise them the world, use them for your pleasure and then drop them like a sack of potatoes. As the complaint alleges, Van de Wall was successful in excising Lauren from her country, her home and her family … he promised her the moon and delivered nothing. He broke every promise he ever made to her, and that will not be tolerated.”

According to Radar, Meditz claims Afrojack made her change her hair, receive botox and facial fillers. But the relationship turned even more toxic when Meditz turned down a trip to watch Van de Wall compete in Gumball 3000. On the day of the competition, he allegedly threatened to “kill himself by crashing his $550,000 car into a wall” if she didn’t answer her phone.

Their relationship finally came to an end in May 15, 2016 when Meditz invited her girlfriends to one of his shows in Las Vegas. When she remained with her friends following his performance, he had hotel security escort her off the property.

Lauren is seeking $25 million in damages, their dog Dory and a 2015 White Range Rover Sport gifted to her by Van de Wall.

EXCLUSIVE: DJ IRiE On Good Morning America With Michael Strahan

EXCLUSIVE: DJ IRiE On Good Morning America With Michael Strahan
Omar Vega/IRiE Music Corp.

DJ IRiE was on Good Morning America to help celebrate the OSCARS’ nominations being announced.

The Dirty spoke exclusively with IRiE to see if he had any insider (off camera) conversations with Michael Strahan. He told us, “Hell yeah we did!!” IRiE and Strahan spoke about the upcoming Super Bowl and gave us his ‘lock’ for the game.

“I got ATL aka ANY TEAM in the world except the Pats!!! Kraft is my guy but his team is [expletive emoji].”

So if you’re a gambling man … put your money on DJ IRiE.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: BPM Festival Mass Shooting – 4 Dead 12 Hospitalized

Update: The Dirty has confirmed with one of the owners of BPM that three of four fatalities were security staff.

As The Dirty reported earlier – another mass shooting took place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. BPM – A popular resort festival which happens every year with some of the biggest DJ’s in the world. Here’s exclusive video from our source who was frantic and full of tears during the terror.

BPM has grown over the past five years as one of the top festivals to attend, drawing a number of international and American tourists. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost their loved ones.
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