What Do You Think of Facebook THOT Katie George

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik., this is Katie George from Jackson, MS “The Real Dirty” LMAO!!! She is married and her guy just recently got mad because guys message her on Facebook trying to hook up with her. He made a Facebook post all pissed of about this. Yet he lets his wife post these half naked pictures all the time. I got to admit though the girl has a really nice body. You wouldn’t believe it but she weighed well over 200 pounds a couple years back. She did a hell of a job getting her body in this kind of shape I must say. Anyawys I just wanted to see what you think about this girl? What do you think about a married woman putting herself out there like this? Also would you and what rating would you give her?

Her gut is spectacular.- nik

Beware turnaround men


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my husband cheated on me Friday night with a rode hard m*th whore. He’s a complete idiot. She knew he was married didn’t care. She sleeps wirh the turnaround men because she needs a paycheck. Tried tobtrap thrm by getting pregnant or black mails thrm by threatening to tell their wives . I got her number off the phone bill and pint blank asked her. She denied it then unleashed on me , then had all her friends text me. I blocked them all. She works at a vape store , deals drugs out of their and yes I know this . My husband told me . Women beware of this horse face woman. She’s only looking for a paycheck. Now I have to decide whether or not to try and work this out or to cut my losses .

It’s kruz Again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it looks like he’s found another victim. I gotta admit she’s cuter than the other ones but does she know what she’s getting herself into? Not only has he set somebody’s house on fire but he’s a multi convicted felon. She posts pictures of kids on Facebook which I assume are hers but how can you sleep at night knowing you’re inviting monsters into your home where your kids are? Mother of the year right there! He has a great personality so you wouldn’t think he’d be capable of doing something to you or your belongings but what person in their right mind does the things he has done? If doing 10 years in prison hasn’t taught him something, a female definitely isn’t gonna be able to. She is ruining her life and her kids lives. And she doesn’t even know it. I wish somebody would tell her. Before she ends up losing her kids and other things.

Lower Than Low


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this crappy sh’t is running around false claiming to be the King of the simon city royals. lol.. laughable.. then he’ said if anything happend to him my fam would be in trouble with the royals. as if he’s worth anything they not comeing to help him. they don’t know you YOU DOUCHE!! False claiming #2 he said he’s the prince of 74.. he’s not no prince. he dropped all passwords to verify; he’s dumb and don’t know sh’t. -a failure- this been with everything. except maybe some kids. dunno since what ever he said is a lie anyway. but i beleve him when he said he f’ed kruz. lolz anyway. he’s sleeping around with everything. he’s back in jackson,,,, back from stealing from a lover in louisiana. he’ll suk ya dic for a pill! worthless trash. -ilum-

Stop the Spiral


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to stay annomous but I think this young girl needs serious help! She is a mother and a wife and she snorts the blow and lots of pot. She comes from a small town and a decent family but somehow she has turned ghetto??? She sleeps with women her and her man but she also cheats on him with other men and he don’t believe it. She also thinks shes a queen and hot as sh’t. She constantly starts s’it with all people and has no remorse. She thinks she’s some sort of celebrity when she is nobody. The way she acts tho.., makes u wanna vomit!!! Get a life girl!!! This girl is going nowhere but down!!! She needs to get a grip on reality and stop trying to show out and get attention and be something she’s not. I’m sure she has something good to contribute to this world but not the way she is going now!

Crystal Terrell Is Horrible

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Crystal Terrell is the nastiest hoe I ever met. My husband and me were going threw some problems and she slept with him anywYs. He recently passed away because of her and all she does is talk shit about me being his so called wife. She is truely a godless person and doesn’t care who she hurts. She lets a 50 y/o man tske half naked pictures of her and calls herself a model. I’m not the only relationship she’s tried to ruin by sleeping with the man she’s done it many times.

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