If you’re white – stay away from the Cracker Barrel in Jackson, Mississippi

If you’re white – stay away from the Cracker Barrel in Jackson, Mississippi

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I traveled to Jackson, MS to visit some friends and encountered racism at the local Cracker Barrel. My friends and I sat down in LeShundra‘s section. Shortly after, an African-American family sat down next to us. LeShundra proceeded to go over and take their drink order. She came back with their drinks and took their food order. Finally, after waiting for about 15 minutes, we called over another waitress hoping she would take our order. Instead, she told us she would send LeShundra over to us.

We waited another 5 minutes and LeShundra shows up to our table. She had to refill the drinks and the coffee for the family next to us. Nice, huh? We could tell we were being ignored. She puts down the coffee pot in front of my friend’s 2 year old son. I immediately grabbed it and moved it to the other side of the table. She takes our drink order and the food order and walks away. We wait another 20 minutes and nothing. No drinks, no food. LeShundra walks by us many times and says nothing. Finally, LeShundra brings food out for the family next to us. We still didn’t have drinks!

We were discriminated against because we are white. At that point, we decided to walk out. Needless to say, if you’re white and traveling through Jackson, MS, don’t eat the local Cracker Barrel!!

How about don’t eat at Cracker Barrel period? Their food is terrible regardless of your skin color.- nik


Andy Horn — All around scumbag

Andy Horn — All around scumbag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a few months ago I bumped into a guy I loosely knew in high school. Well we started hanging out everyday. Well I started to notice he’s got no job. His family doesn’t even seem to like him. Every job he got lasted a few shifts. He treated me like I was so special. He spouted off these long deep speeches. How much I meant. How I saved him. Then he’d disappear. Calls me at 5 a.m. All upset, come get me. I would like a fool.

Slowly things started missing from my house. He guarded his phone with his life. He claimed how much he loved his kids, sh*t I bought them gifts and he returned them for cash. Turns out he’s sleeping with a trans girl, as he bangs dope day in and day out. Even trying to get with some old dealer I’m told. He disappeared for several weeks. I’ve finally cut him off.

Don’t give up… you can still save him and his kids. Love is painful sometimes.- nik