Don’t Let Her Fool You

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has a bad habit & will use whoever it takes to get it! She cannot hold down a job & actually goes on dates with old men for money $$$! #gross DHS took her kids bc of her habit! She claims to hate cops and raps a good game but this chcik IS the enemy!! Please know that !!

Romeo n Juliet

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, MATT BORDEN is dating APRIL TORY. APRIL claimed that MATT raped her with a pvc pipe,beat her and locked her up for two weeks. She escaped to her daddy JOSEPH DOYLE in Parsons TN. APRIL calls MATT to pick her up , he is chased and ran off the road by her JOSEPH DOYLE and his 3 buddies. (I will list links to all news stories. ) They drag him into the woods and beat him . DOYLE then rapes him with a tree branch . He is left for dead . Makes it out of the woods sometime later and finds a house where they call 911… He is now back home in IUKA MS. His m**h head parents are turning him into a freak show all over Facebook seeking donations and prayers. APRIL IS NOT CHARGED my personal assumption is that ROMEO and JULIET are still together after her father raped him She also openly admitted to lying about MATT raping her with a pvc pipe. All parties involved in this soap opera are disgusting junkies and the whole thing is just disgusting . junkie parents are Joey and Melissa Borden of iuka.

Homewrecker On The Prowl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a warning to all the ladies in Jack Town and surrounding areas. If you love your man and you love the life that you share with him, please look out for this trashy, nasty, trifling home wreaking piece of sh*% mother. She will lie and con her way right into your life before you even know it she is already got her eye on your man. Ive seen her ruien many of peoples lives. Tear apart family’s w/o any kind of give a fu*#. She will stoop to the lowest to get anything that she wants. I guess you may call her a sack chaser or a crumb snatcher. She seems to follow the (MAN) who has the dope. She has only one friend in this world and that’s dope. She will steal anything that she can to sell to get a dollar so she can get high. So put up your valuables if you see her anywhere within your sight. She claims she loves her children so much, ya I can’t tell. She throws throws them off on other people to take care of. Only when it’s a convienance to her thats when her babies are lucky enough to see their momma. But that’s not often bc her number one priority is getting high and running the streets of Jack Town. But I guess you can’t expect much better out of this girl when you consider who raised her……and what she had to look up to as a child…. Great Role models…..

Ridiculous mess

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chic, where to start. She thinks she’s a biker, she has bought a bike, attempting to take on the mentality but that’s so far from the truth. She has a teen daughter she smokes dope with, an elderly father that she doesn’t give a sh’t about. Lost her husband cause she couldn’t keep her pants on. She has sucked her elderly father for every penny he gets monthly to buy dope and party. She bar hops and owes every bar money for tabs. She begs people for money for dope. She turns her back on her friends. She is a horrible person and piece of sh’t.

Megan Thrash is STILL trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty skank is now working at Reed Pierces out in Byram and banging the manager there Tryce Smith. How is this Appropriate in a business ??? To allow management to sleep with the wait staff ?!?! Does the owner know or even care ? Hell, she is probably on his greg too. I do not think she can hold any type of job without sleeping with the staff/managers. I am just waiting for her to pop up pregnant again with baby number.. 6? 7? (Do the miscarriages, lies about being pregnant, kids that someone else has custody of and abortions count also ?) She is a leech and will leave you for the next hard di** she can find that is stupid and hasn’t heard of how nasty she is. This is her 3rd or 4th post on here. *** TO ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE: THE POSTS ARE TRUE, BUT THE TRUTH TELLING COMMENTS ARE SO MUCH BETTER. YOU DON’T GET POSTED 4 TIMES ON HERE FOR MAKING COOKIES AND BEING ON TIME FOR CHURCH*****She only posts pictures of one of the kids she has because the others were taken away and are in another state(s).  Hey megan,  it’s time to start being a MOTHER.

You can’t un-smudge a smudge, but you can ‘undo’.- nik

Victoria Turner Ruined My Life

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this little girl and her family bought cars from my husband and I guess she decided to take the relationship to the next level. She knew he was married with 2 kids yet sent him naked pictures and videos of herself anyways, with no shame. She slept with him willingly. These young girls need a wake up call! He has a picture of me and his kids at his desk at work! He has a tattoo of our wedding date on his ring finger! Meeting a married man at a hotel or sleeping with him in the backseat of his company car is disgusting and wrong! Victoria Turner, you are a beautiful girl but your actions make you an ugly, disgusting person.

I blame Victoria’s cheap boob job on the demise of your marriage.- nik

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