The Transformation of Carli Babel the Contouring Clown

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess we should start with the nose. She claims that she never had a nose job, but that she achieves the appearance of a smaller nose through the magic of contouring. More like the magic of rhinoplasty. Her gullible fans also believe she achieves a fuller lip with lip liner. I guess Carli and Kylie Jenner buy the same lip liner. What else can I add to the fake list? Her hair – extensions. Her eyes – contacts. Her +2’s – padded bras. Everything about her is fake except for her pointy ears. I suggest the next time she sees her plastic surgeon for her Botox maintenance that she asks them to fix her elf ears. I wonder if her moronic and naive fans will ever realize that this Kim K wannabe puts on a Miss Goody Two Shoes routine just so she can buy expensive purses and red bottoms? Probably not. Maybe after seeing these photos they’ll realize just what money, multiple plastic surgeries, make-up, photoshop, etc. can do to one’s appearance. On another note, I’m all for Carli using these photos for #TransformationTuesday.

**Yes, that is the same person in the all the pictures. – JV

Adderall is one hell of a drug.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Jennifer Ettie Barr


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this sleazy dame likes to hang out in local Jersey bars and throws herself at guys. She courts various men providing them sexual favors. She likes to play the field and hand out her number for one nighters. Always cheats on the guy shes with. Jennifer has no loyalty and denies shes in a relationship. Uses men to get what she wants.

Thinks she Owns the Area


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Dirty DRD thinks she owns NJ! Dear Nik, this here is Jessica Christine (Tominovich.) This prostitution hoe thinks she is God’s gift to all men. She will try and play innocent, but don’t be fooled by her baby blues and pecker nose. She tries to fck ️married men who have and are currently expecting children with their wives, and smiles in the wife’s face. She will do anything to try and ride free dick that she doesn’t have to pay for, so she will interfere with the marriage and tell them the kid is not his (after drugging the man of course.) Not only did this bird beak intervine into a happy marriage by showing her alleged lady parts (I say alleged because I think she’s a man) but she also cause the man’s wife to become so depressed she killed herself. Is this trick worthy of any dick? She was a rejected stripper at The Players Club in Camden NJ. She will fuck your man and dad at the same time. Her and her Pumpkinhead hebitch Ana think it’s ok to parade around North Nj homewrecking. They will blow your men and kiss your kids goodnight! Jessica will fuck for weed, shit, she just wants some taste of dick. I can hear her flaps whistling when the wind blows. I seen her nudes, under her fupa laying smack dab on her genital area was a cluster of warts that resembles a honeycomb. Five Words: Roast Beef and Bat Wings. She is not worthy of the D.

Jerzey Shore Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this South Jerzey Dirty Shore Skank Erica J. Linares should be put on blast for who she really is! Nothing but a lying, manipulative, deceiving fake-ass piece of trash! She acts one way around family and friends and then another way when both family & friends are not around to know what she really is doing with married men. She is lucky I don’t post her messages. You would think since she has kids that she would be considerate and understanding of other families, but I guess since her marriage didn’t workout cause she is a cheater, she feels it is only right to make other families suffer mental and emotional pain. How a person acts when they are single tells and shows a lot about their character, You can probably gather an explanation or two as to why she is the way she is. Everyone knows a marriage and or relationship is not without some ups & downs, however no matter how much they know better, there is always an insecure degenerate claiming to be a women yet really is only a pathetic disrespectful girl waiting for your man to complain about his relationship and then she slithers like the snake she is in between your relationship at any expense! Spring/Summer will be here soon guys so while your down the shore don’t forget to look for the “Vacancy” sign on this bit*h! Wrap it up even if it just for a BJ and rinse after kissing her! Buckle up guys cause it’s a costly ride! Good Luck!

Crusty Christine

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know this looks like a straight up drag queen but this is female. It’s definitely easy to mistake this thing for a man with the terrible wigs and giant gorilla hands. Christine Anne Della Rocca likes to troll the internet seeking attention from any desperate dick that’ll give her what she wants. This thing is nearly 50 and tries so hard to be sexy, it’s so funny!!!! Really lady you could be a grandmother, no one wants to see that. Seriously people are laughing at your old ass, just stop it and act your age. Or continue being a old hag clown. Very entertaining. 

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Akim John-Lewis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please beware! This guy is nothing but a liar. Don’t let his shy and quiet demeanor full you. He drives a bmw but lives at home with both parents! He has a crazy girlfriend too who won’t hesitate to call you. Fyi I contracted herpes from him. I know it’s my fault, but lesson learned!

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