Salmon Arm Shauna Ranahan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shauna Ranahan who lives in Salmon Arm. Shauna is all types of nasty! First, her mission in life is to keep having more babies with any man who works in the oil industry, or has a high paying job. She’ll try and get pregnant the first time sleeping with the guy, claiming to be on birth control, although that’s complete bullshit. Once she runs out of men who will actually sleep with her in one town, she moves to another looking for new men to latch on to, while giving them a whole new set of lies about how “hard” her life is. Not only will she try to get pregnant with your baby for the money, she’ll try and make you pay for her three kids she already has with various other men. Shauna looks NOTHING like she does with make-up and clothing on, trust me she’s fugly underneath it all! She has stretch marks all over her stomach and legs, pretty much a man’s chest, a lazy eye, and the worst of all of it…the ugliest personality in a women you’ll ever meet. Regularly tries to pick up men, single or married where she waitresses at a restaurant/sport bar. Nothing about this girl is okay, she’s terrible and disgusting in the bedroom, the worst lay I’ve ever had, not to mention the ugliest site I’ve seen, unless you like mash potatoes n gravy . She’s a huge loser going no where in her life, so trying to latch onto men is all she has. Too bad she doesn’t have the looks or personality to make that happen either. Take my advice, men double wrap yourself with this nasty skank…if you’re even desperate enough for that shitty of a f**k!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Attention Slore


THE DIRTY ARM: Nik meet Brianna stephanson she’s one of the trashiest attention whores in Kamloops.. She shows off her boobs & takes half naked pictures of herself on fb . if you want a easy lay here is her fb Brianna Leigh Stephenson . She has all these old men on Facebook she adds anyone . She asked my friend if she could suck his greg if he bought her lingrie LOLOLOL gees can you get more trashy! She hugged me at the duchess where she works , and she smelt like b.o me and my girl were like f’ keep your stink ass away like she doesn’t shower or stick any deodorant on eww . She gets random guys to give her a ride home for money! She will do anything for pepsi too .. Like she will bag you to sleep with her .. Nik please but this chase/Kamloops attention whore on blast!

Time to play: Guess, That, Face!!! (insert cheers).- nik

Mooch of Kamloops

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this low life is gary beckley and he needs to be publicly outed. He was staying with me and living off of what I had for a while until I realized that this is what he does to survive. Moves from girl to girl just being a mooch. Piece of sht loser thinks he is gods gift to women. This guy has who knows how many kids with lots of different women and doesnt take care of any of them. He doesnt even have a home or job. Dont fall victim to his charm ladies. He will make you feel like a useless waste of skin and will convince you to share everything you have. Get a life and maybe a job and maybe your own couch to sleep on. Stop using women like they owe you something. Gross pigs like you should be castrated. This is what a male slut on drugs looks like people. Watch those nasty rashes gary.

Gnarley old lady


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Carla Kluss from Kamloops, she pays guys for sex and sluts around on her boyfriend, she is a bit confused of her age clearly your pussys beat goof and your disgusting so stop f’ing everyones boyfriends you dirty c’*t why dont you go look after your kids for once instead of trying to be a young party girl doing pepsi all the time slandering your ex husbands girl online GROW UP you need a reality check and watch whos boyfriends your f’ing because there will be reprecussions BEAT IT HOE YOUR USED RIGHT UP LIKE PAYING MEN FOR SEX YOUR SICK

Cougs never know which button to push.- nik

Stalking Escort Amanda Lynn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Amanda Lynn. Shes a stalker who will go as far as hacking her ex boyfriends email account to message his wife. Unfortunately shes so huge that he moved on from girl with her own area code to someone prettier that has respect for herself instead of being like Amanda selling herself. on top of that the other woman def doesnt stalk him because he’s with her everyday the more time he spends with her hes going to forget amanda’s silly tricks!!!!!! She can’t accept the truth that he doesn’t want her after numerous attempts to block her from his life. He’s in a different province and she still every day continues to message his wife after yelling that he doesn’t want her, that she can stay where she is at an do what she’s best at which is selling her ass on BP for 80$ for 15 mins (low blowing price not sure who would pay for a big dirty girl) her max is 200 an hour she must drug her clients so they’re not aware their dealing with a fan of whale watchers… so sad her daughter has a low blowin mother who is probably sucking to get bye, for the time being she needs to wave bye because he doesn’t want her….

Melissa Iadarola the Italian Babe


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has had this coming for a loonng time. She is the dirtiest, sluttiest, homewrecking slore around town. She has one type- taken. She lures guys in relationships by continuously facebook/ text messaging them asking if they’re still with their girlfriends, Nik can you say DESPERATE?! Even when the men do not show any interest this b**ch just keeps coming back. She has ruined countless relationships and has no shame. Melissa thinks she is top sh*t, but in reality she is a ugly Italian with a BIG ASS NOSE. Give this girl a couple shots at Sharks Club or CJ’s( where she basically lives) and she will go home with literally anything/anyone. Newsflash, Melissa, NOBODY wants a relationship with you.. If you’re as confident as you claim you are, find a man who’s actually single, and not because you make him that way.

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