King Bach

Andrew Bachelor Directing Show With Kevin Hart

We love when celebrities spill news items to the paparazzi and, recently, social media superstar Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach dished that he is directing a show with Kevin Hart.

When asked about what new projects he has, Bachelor dished that, “I’m directing a show with Kevin Hart.”

“It’s a zombie show,” he detailed of what people can expect from it.

Bachelor went on to talk more about his new show, revealing that, “It’s like… The Real World meets Zombie Apocalypse. It’s on Kevin Hart’s new network.” 

A reality-esque show with a zombie theme? We can dig it.

King Bach – Are Social Media Influencers Real Celebrities

This is crazy. Today our staff is having an internal fight over whether we should display video of King Bach from last night at Staples Center. I say yes, because he confirms that he’s never made sweet love to Amanda Cerny. They are just filming buddies for likes and followers … nothing more!

But that’s not what the argument is about. My staff is trying to tell me Social Media stars are not real celebrities. “Nobody knows who they are”.  Well I feel like it’s my job to display them. King Bach and Amanda Cerny have combined base of 50 million followers. That’s more than Metallica.

This is new wave celebrity. Being Instagram famous … means you are famous. And congrats to Bach on his new house, that 1600 Vine complex feels like an orgy dome.