Napanee Drama

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tanya. If u are feeling bad just look at her Facebook page and you will quickly realize thinks could be worse. Welfare queen, trailer trash drama 24/7, and always got a new man in bed before her ex Brian can sneak out the back door lol

Nice closet?- nik

Unstoppable Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all I dont even know where to began with this slore. Let’s see, girls look out she will be best friends with you than sleep with your man, she slept with 12+ men in under a year while being married to Matt mark her baby daddy. She even slept with her own cousins husband! So watch out ladies. Secondly, she has 4 kids but gave one to his dad’s because he looks too much like him than one to her mother because she couldn’t deal with her. No one knows where the other two are. She’s a horrible mother. The kids always have headlice and she won’t do their hair. She’s on welfair because she’s too lazy to work. She rather f”k men than look after her won kids! When she was dating Jimmy aka porky , she was soo drugged out she beat him up in the heights in front of 100s of kids. And didn’t even care. Poor f*cker! Her and her mother hangs out at timmies all the time , her mother is no better!! Her mother is another story!. I don’t know why this girl hasn’t been on here yet nik. Shes full of drd’s, drd’s and God knows what else. So guys just be careful if this is your last Resort!

Wanted to be Heidi Fleiss but Settled

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this heathen.. To all the good people of Amherstview Ontario you need to be made aware of the undercover monster .  Her name is Kaila Alexandra Peets and she is bar none the biggest most disgusting whore the world has ever encountered.  I present to you the back page….. Errr back story (forgive me) of the one and only,  Amherstviews very own, pedophile slore,  Kaila A Peets.. So there was this girl who came from a very good family,  hard working and  some of the nicest people you would ever meet,.  This 31 year old waste of skin has only one loyalty and that is to the drug m***phetamines,  she is so loyal to this drug that one of the dirtiest,  sleeziest wannabe drug dealers in Napanee,  we will call him exhibit A,  or John boy for short,  was heard  saying how he could f’k her  for a half gram of road salt,  he wasn’t lying,  .  the fact that she is a mother of two of which she has lost parental rights to and isn’t even allowed to reside in the very home her children do because the childrens Aid Society has deemed her to be an unfit mother and a threat to her children that she was forced to move out of her parents house for fear of harm coming to her children. . The irony of this is that it was one of the fathers of her first born that brought allegations to the CAS that inevitably lead to this ruling made by the society but in the process this retard got himself deemed to be an unfit parent aswell. .She is the type of whore that while her bf is dealing with the loss of a brother she would f”k guys for m”h in their bed but not limited to just their bed she would also f”k her ex,  the very same one that got her deemed unfit to be a PARENT,  in the bfs mother’s home while everyone lay sleeping all because he would also wave a bag of m”h (or road salt,  how would you know?) in her face and like a good slut would obey every order given to her by these creeps.   Now the fact that she has 2 children and does not know who either of the bio daddies are you would think she would learn to wrap it up but she hasn’t and this thing will continue to be a strain on the system as she doesn’t plan on getting  a job because, as she has  said having children pays well and sucking and f’ing for  her next fix is a full time job and one she doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon..  Just to show you how ťrue this is,  she once took off for 5 days and never said a word to her family and when they got worried enough to call in a missing persons report on her the police when speaking with her family described her as beging and I quote: “a street Walker,  and their concerns are without merit as she is doing what she does…  so attached is a recording of her admitting to her bf how she was f’king his underage nephew,  bare in mind that she is 31 (looks more like 41) and the boy was only 17 when she started up an innappropriate sexual relationship with,  someone that she had to buy his alcohol and smokes for as he couldn’t do it himself,  come to find out that she has carried on this disgusting relationship up to present day even though she is being investigated by the authorities for interference of a minor or more simply put child molestation or even better yet for being a f’king diddler…

Steroids and Sex

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this broad used me for roids connections lol.. which is another dirty secret of hers. I was seeing her for awhile until buddy sent me a pic ture of their chat…she loves the attention apparently…and got what she needed from me. This girl takes more shit than I do, and she has the mushroom cl*t to prove it. She claims to be all natural and not to take anything because she wants to advocate as some hard working fitness professional but it’s based on lies for attention Lol. Watch out bros! She’ll eat Your chicken, rice and snag ur pin.

Fluid Practically named after him

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, met Chris 2 years ago and mannn is he one f’ed up son of a b”.. hes been dating this girl for 9 years, cheating on her the whole time spreading drdS all over ktown!!!! half of the hub has probably f’ed him! he works at the door of fluid and says he works his “magic” on them at the end of the night when they come out of the club all f’ked up!! brings them upstairs or back to a buddies where he feeds them lines all night until he f”ks them, permission or not! HES A SICKO that takes advantage of messed up wasted chicks to cheat on his gf with… warning to any girls out there to watch your back with security like him at clubs, you think they want to help you but a dark alley is never too far away!!!!!

Chris Zeiger is Total Scum

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been datin his girlfriend katie for 8 years… literally since they were in high school!!! and the f’ers been cheating the ENTIRE time, meanwhile shes working making money for the two of them to live. buying his smokes, weed booze and shit while he can barely keep a security job. how do i know this? the scumbag told me they had broken up and i believed him, i was stupid and didn’t listen to the warnings by my friends (little had i known that they all had f’ed him too WHILE HE WAS DATING HER) and we started sleeping together… he sponged off me the entire time, saying hed pay me back but the motherf’er barely even can keep a job, and when he was done with me cast me to the side. f’ing got out better than most tho!! after a few months had gone by i got talking to one of my girls and she let me know shed fallen for the same trap!! except she didnt get out so easy. she slept with him for a few months, left her bf for him and GOT PREGNANT. he made her abort it saying that katie would kill him, and made the appointment for her the next day. Hes a lying piece of shit, been doing this for 8 years with this year and no plans to stop any time soon…. last id heard his numbers were in double digits, but who knows how many we dont know about, kate doenst get the memo and choses to stay with him no matter what he does… and meanwhile the SCUM is working at fluid, hittin on girls all night fucking them in the bathrooms and afterparties and then crawling back in bed with his gf! hes a sick man. id like to warn any girls reading this to STAY AWAY from him for your own good.

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