Whining Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scum of the earth will smooth talk you into doing whatever he asks. He’s as smooth as a babies ass. Give you everything you want while he lives a double life. Can’t be satisfied with one woman. He will manipulate you so bad he’ll make you believe that whatever he does wrong, it’ll be your fault. He lives a double life and his kids are totally disgusted with him. And he blames them for being ungrateful. He likes to dress up in woman’s clothes….says it turns him on. Drives a nice big black truck that everyone seems to recognize and you’ll find him at your local Frasers Pro HomeCentre in Berwick. Feelings are unimportant to him, all he wants is sex 24/7. He has metal issues. Don’t dare stop and tell him he has a nice truck…..you maybe his next victim.

Richard Toth the Snake


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Richard toth is around the deseronto area …this snake will do anything to make a quick buck even if its stealing from his mother,friends,neighbours or breaking into peoples property…recently charged with stealing copper from the reserve and the childrens activites centres …he will try to grind on peoples girlfriends making it seem like he is a nice guy and all that but the guy is a perverted pig and has really poor hygiene and nobody likes the guy…he steals from his friends family and anybody. Preys on young girls around 15 years old to girls his own age which he cant get and will do anything to get close to someone to rip them off and snake then out of whatever…hea a real goof and needs a reality check Richard Goof Toth

Anything for a bump


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this filthy t**t waffel is nothing more then a stealing pepsi whore who is a pathological liar. She blows some dirty drug head for a place to escort out of when she’s not sniffing pepsi up her nose while she’s with her three yr old daughter. If you offer her a baggy she will let you ride it bare back too! She acts like this innocent little thing but she’s actually toxic waste. Just another one of Belleville and areas finest ladies and gents. Girl will spread her legs for just about anything and does. I feel sorry for her kid and no wonder her own family has disowned her. Sister took her kid and has custody and her own Mom hates her. Let’s not for get this b**ch works for the Trenton/Bay side school board. This dirty slut is trust in schools with your children!! Like wtf is wrong with this town?!

Amherstview Druggie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This piece of garbage works at an old age home as a “nurse” where she and her slut friends steal the medication to get high, leaving patients in agony! This chick needs to get fired and lose her nursing license! She has a boyfriend but will BANG any and every guy behind his back including her ex boyfriends brother while his kids listen! She threatens police involvement whenever guys say no to her. Looking for an easy piece of ass, drugged out, drunk and crusaded up with V*, this is the frog faced slut for you!

Casino Pervert


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this creep Wayne is my boss and he is the biggest perv at work. He’s always making rude comments to me and he knows I can’t do anything about it. He’s even said to me that he’s the guy in charge and he can do whatever he wants at work. I can’t afford to lose my job because I have a 5 year old and I don’t know what to do. I know a couple other girls he’s done this to and I’m hoping by putting this out there they will investigate him and fire him. Wayne you’re an ugly creep so stop hitting on us. You’re abusing your power at work and you deserve to get your butt kicked out. You’re disgusting and If you keep it up I’ll go to the police.

Fort Glass can’t be trusted

Fort Glass

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I had some glass work done at my home. I hired Fort Glass. I was displeased with the quality of the work, and I wasn’t very pleased with how their employees acted and behaved in my home and on my property. I believe the employees names were Doug and Will. Doug was one of the most rude and ignorant individuals I have ever encountered and I didn’t trust him from the moment he walked in. They took frequent cigarette breaks, got my floor dirty, performed shotty worked and left cigarette butts all over on my property. I am a non-smoker, and did not appreciate their unpleasantries. When they were carrying materials and tools into my home I heard something bang and scrape up against the wall. Later when I looked at one of my walls it had a smudge mark, and the paint was chipped and peeled off in a few spots. I would describe them as careless, irresponsible and I felt they were overpriced. Their glass came with imperfections, minor chips in some areas, scratches, and some pieces were slightly hazy. I was not impressed. To top it all off I had a $50 bill sitting on my microwave in the kitchen. After they left, it was gone. I had no intention of giving them a tip. I thought to myself, “did Fort Glass steal my money?” I spoke with the owner of the company Rob Welsh on the phone and Rob was very rude with me. It was a big headache and my wife was pretty upset about the whole thing. Some of the glass they installed looked terrible and I decided it had to go. Fort Glass refused to replace the scratched and chipped glass, and refused to come back to install it for free, and I refused to invite their staff into my home again. So, I needed some glass work done to fix the glass work that Fort Glass had initially installed. I hired Oomen’s Glass and I was happy with their professionalism and the quality of work received. Don’t trust Fort Glass. If you get Fort Glass to install anything, you will regret the experience and you may be left feeling like a victim rather than a satisfied customer.

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