Humpty Dumpty Wilson


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik we just wanted everyone to know about this unit Lisa Wilson she’s not only nasty as hell but a complete phyco she goes after young guys that use her for money n whatever else but she gets obsessed I mean sitting outside there homes msgn their girlfriends,friends,family hacks their face books I mean this girl well thing is completely off her rocker so much she gets a cheque for it monthly she’s kingstons nastiest fat pig ever she should be in a mental instatution the sad thing is she thinks she’s beautiful and classy and these young guys actually want her hahaha well sorry Lisa no one wants you your gross and really u should be ashamed of urself u could be these Guy’s mother u sick twisted pig so I suggest leave the boys alone and worry about getting ur son back or can u manage to keep the dick out of ur mouth that long n needle out of ur arm for that to happen u Humpty Dumpy looking retard!!!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Lying Old Witch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is a low life liar , I known her 4 years she works at my club my bad use to work at r club …we dancers but she takes it to the next level , she fcks all & says she only been with 5 guys my ass.. she f’s 4 pepsi , told cops my buddy rapped her in the day light in the Parkin lot with his friend at r club .she a hoe ass b’tch , she has her 19!year old kid in the club with her boyfriend to watch her want to b feature show . She is drunk whore and think she’s a pretty good looking girl but she’s not ….she a old ass trot , needed to hang up your dancing shoes 10 years ago she old & crazy . Whoever sees this picture and you’re in our town f’ng run moron run Ooo there was a party in the summer & she wanted attention as she usually does and started doing a show at a regular party on the wet grass dumb ass old women , we all laughed for weeks, still laughing at u dummy… Has no problem stilling from her so-called friends money right out of their noses. Her daughters f’ing her ex-boyfriend mike ..She needs help badly needs help no one likes her she’s a liar don’t come dirtier then lucky this town is bad for a whores and she’s the worst

Still the Biggest Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just a little update on the biggest whore in ktown. This is, once again tamarah hughes. Where to start well since last post she has got a new drug addict boyfriend got pregnant so yes people this is her 4th kid by a third dad she herself is doing drugs while pregnant and even before her and her little nasty p”sy posy betsy vankonett. This troll is honestly the ugliest piece of sht I have ever laid my eyes onn. She claims other b’tches are nasty and disgusting but in all reality sweetheart its YOU. you think every single man wants u but they don’t just like cory he used you to get at his baby mom just like every guy does because they know how f’ing easy you are name one guy that hasn’t used you to piss of another female? Her posts on fb are all about “haters gonna hate” “Bi’ches talk sh’t” “B”ch is mad cuz her boyfriend wants me” Just REMEMBER slut they are only looking at ya because THEY KNOW YOULL PUT OUT now stop hoe , just stop . . we don’t need the rest of the world infected with the drd ya have f’king dirty homie hopper . HAVE FUN SMARTS KEEP UR LEGS CLOSED AND STOP TRYIN TO F’ W PEOPLES MEN

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Chris Can’t Hide the Facts


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Chris Robinson deserves the highlight reel. what dreams are not made of Vol. 2. This guy is kind of the rapist type. In 2010 He was convicted of forcible confinement, as well as two counts of assault. Here is a link outlining some basic components of the conviction: (article here) – or feel free to google “Chris Robinson forcible confinement Kingston” IT WAS A GIRL Chris assaulted, and restrained with duct tape against her own will. Chris hit a girl in his apartment and duct taped her hands and feet together, not allowing her to leave for several hours. He put duct tape on her mouth when he felt she was getting too loud to avoid being overheard. She was frightened, weeping hysterically and just wanted to call her mother. Finally she was released and called the police. Shortly after the authorities arrived and apprehended Chris. EVERYONE KNOWS ITS TRUE!!! even Chrissy Poo’s family. Once upon a time Chris Robinson was at a house party in a room holding a girl’s arms down to the bed, on top of her, feeling her up and kissing her neck while she was resisting and crying. A big guy came in the room, roughed Chris up a little bit and took the car keys for his dad’s blue Volkswagan Rabbit. Chris frantically ran away from the party goer’s and away from the party. Some partygoer’s then took Chris’ dad’s car joyriding it around the block. Fun fact: He used to hide a camera in his room to videotape girls who came over to swim, to see them naked changing in or out of their swimsuits before or after swimming in his parents pool. The girls didn’t know they were being videotaped. Chris Robinson (Kingston) beats up girls and duct tapes them like a true sociopath / psychopath. He is not honourable with the ladies and I am posting this because this guy should probably be on a sexual predator list. Be careful ladies, watch out for this local douchebag!!!!!

Tom the cheating player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of shit is tom bak. he is a coke head and a lier. this past weekend he was at home coming and was f’ed out of his mind and tried to get with a friend of mine while very drunk and on drugs. when she asked if he had a girlfriend he claimed that he didnt. We later were to find out that he does have one. he thinks he is hot shit and a real “boss” but in fact he is a sad little boy who needs to grow up and get his shit together. ladies dont be fooled by this little boys lies and i can only hope that his girlfriend finds out that he is a complete slime ball before its too late.

Ashley Bucket Bartraw


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this whore’s name is Ashley Dawn Bartraw. She is in Kingston. Her favourite thing to do is collect men. She enjoys using men for money, cigarettes, attention and their dick. She dated my buddy from the time she was 13 to 29. She cheated on him numerous times, he even walked in on her f’ing his friend!! For whatever reason, he took her back and they got engaged. She said she didn’t want to have kids with him because it hurt her to have sex. Yah, okay, only with your fiancee!! Because she had no problem going upstairs and f’ing their friend Kyle Fletcher who is a HUGE grimeball! Guy lived with his mommy, no job, does drugs all day and night long, and has had several drd’s. She even tried hooking this guy up with her best friend, failed to tell her he was a dirty skidball!! They’re dating now. She even still sends our buddy naked pictures and tries to get him to buy her cigarettes for a f!!! She has no tits and her vagina looks like an old man’s ball sack!! She’s a dirty cigarette whore who everyone in Kingston needs to be warned about!! Same with her new boy toy Kyle who she’s cheated on and who’s got her addicted to drugs now too!!  Can’t even break up with her fiancee properly, flips on everyone who is friends with her for no reason, just a vulgar, selfish witch.

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