Pencilled in Audrey


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, say hello to Audrey Marie Kenney from Lafayette, Colorado. This girl has done every drug you can name but her favorite, m”h. Her parents support her and have sent her to rehab numerous times but nothing seems to work. Audrey is also known for sleeping around Boulder, as long as you have free drugs or alcohol to offer her, Audrey will spread her legs for just about anyone. She shaved off her eyebrows and dyed her hair fire red…. must be back on the sma**. What do you think, Nik?

Were the clip-ins really necessary? as if the red wasn’t vibrant enough.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Christan Bascle Recruiting Sugar Daddies


THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t believe this sloot. The fact that she’s asking for a “practical” amount ($3,000 a month), astonished me. HAHAHA bitch isnt worth a pack a cheetos, and i hate cheetos !!! She shouldaa put DRD postive on that PRO!! Good luck on your SD hunt biatchhh. “WHY NOT!”- Christan Bascle.

Gabby Is So Proud Of Herself



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gabrielle Dawson, Lafayette’s biggest wh*re! Gabby please tell me how you can afford 2 Vegas trips, a new Mercedes SUV, a boob job, expensive shoes, and tons of shopping trips working at a bar downtown???? Everyone knows what Gabby is doing, we aren’t stupid. A friend of hers even admitted they used to go to New Orleans a few times to “work”. Your nothing but a trashy hoe with no morals and little respect for yourself. She even slept with RiffRaff for goodness sake! She has nudes on the internet even stating in one instagram photo “famous for all the wrong reasons”. Its like she’s proud that half of Louisiana has been her nude. Nice touch with your selfie from prison Gabby! It’s good to know your proud of drinking and driving. Weren’t you going to school to become a teacher? Is this the kind of person you really want teaching your kids? Your response to this will probably be oh you\’re just jealous. Guess what Gabby no one is jealous of you! Go back to school get an education and stop earning money by letting old nasty men pay to have sex with you! If you earned money the right way maybe people would respect you more! Most people see you as nothing but trash and easy. How does it feel to know people talk about you behind your back for all the nasty things you do, instead of talking about you for actually accomplishing things.

Far From A Degree

THE DIRTY ARMY: One word: DISGUSTING. One of Lafayette Louisiana’s biggest whores, this chick’s name is Molly Redfern, a “nursing” student at the University of Lafayette. I’ve seen this big forehead bitch falling over and throwing up in clubs. Some nurse… Can we say drinking problem? She’s already been charged for a Minor in Possession once, and searched by police on marijuana suspicions. Two shots of cheap gas station liquor and you will have this fat bellied pig in your bed and ready to give out all those college drds she’s acquired. Close your legs! Her facebook selfies will make you want to claw your eyes out, mostly showing off that huge forehead and flat chest of hers. Do you really think you look that good? Nah… She has an extremely misguided image of herself – telling people how intelligent she is, and how awesome her tits are. Bitch please, who let you into college? Your tits are as about exciting as a funeral home. Nobody wants to see that shit. Don’t share any secrets with this one, whether you’re pregnant, had an abortion, f*cked some bro, ki**ed somebody, or snorting lines of cocaine. If you tell Molly, the entire Northern Hemisphere will know about it. Eh, but what can I say, that’s what most attention whores from broken homes do. White trash from North Louisiana, I’m surprised she still has all of her teeth! Take that country accent and hillbilly smile of yours back to the sticks where you belong, because Lafayette is tired of hearing about how many dudes you’ve slept with and how many people hate you because of it. What’s with her selfies, kissing liquor bottles? Can’t find anything else to wrap those cold-sore lips around? Nice choice of nursing students, UL Lafayette. I can’t wait to have this drunken sloppy mess give me an IV ….. Not.

I think she’s past her slim fit days.- nik

Trifling Kim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is my EX-Wife Kim. Guys watch out dont let her looks fool you. She is a beast all she is looking for is someone to use and lose. Just within the last year alone she has moved in with at least 3 different men. None of which has lasted over a month due to her cheating on them. So beware if u see her.

Pillow stainer.- nik

Sonjie Henry, Plain ‘ol Nasty

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik The btch name is Sonjie Henry… She lives in Lafayette La, but known to get around. Since the age of 15, she has been trying to get pregers. The baby in the pic is her… CONGRATS :/ but the guy is her “baby daddy”. haha okay, how does two darks make a yellow. Nobody in the family is yellow with dry hair. Anyways… She goes around telling people she’s pregs and she having twins. Btch how far along are you. 2 years??? She has still depends on her mom and grandfather. She “tries” clubbing. Used me and my bf to club hop. Oh did I forget to mention she fcked ngas in the woods by Acadiana High School. She will fck as many boys as she can just to accomplish her needs. Her “baby daddy” says she was around with crusty drd filled underwear bc she fuks that many niggas without condoms. The mom isn’t any better. She still stays with her dad and fcks random nggas bc she cant find a man. The man she had left her for crck. Whats pathetic about this BTCH she lied and said she was adopted… WHO THE FCK LIES LIKE THIS… only Sonjie.

I think its time to retire that outfit.- nik

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