Native Backstabber


THE DIRTY ARMY: Simone w**** of langley bc is a native back stabbing slut, she has a restraining order on her ex bf and he’s wanted, he ironically lives with her still (cops don’t know) oops guess they do now bitch 😉 she makes budder and rips you off, clams to be a good friend, she will steal your stuff, use you for money, and rides and food, then will ditch you and threaten to get you back cause you don’t give her money. She is 23 and lives at home on welfare with mommy and daddy and her wanted bf and millions of cats. There house smells like a dirty pet store. The cats pee everywhere and they don’t clean up, they allow cr*ck heads to rent rooms from them, not to mention they’re huge Cocaine and drinking problem. This native bitch isn’t to be trusted! Beware !

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Taylor Stranger Should Be Careful on IG


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this bitch right here is named Taylor Stranger and she has to be the dirtiest girls I’ve ever set my eyes on. Her boyfriend broke up with her so now she’s become a raging whore trying to sleeping with any guy that has money. She posts naked pictures of her self when shes drunk then deletes them when she sobers up. She posted this picture on Instagram of her boobs and then deletes it thinking no one will see it? Hahaha think again honey. Her and her little friends Nikki and Kyanna are not far behind her. They all think they look hot running around in clothes two sizes too small. Taylor needs a reality check if shes ever going to go anywhere in life. In pictures taylor will only post pictures of her doing the duck face because her gap tooth. She doesn’t need to free her nipples she needs more clothes.  Click here to see the IG pic she deleted!!!

They look real to me. Taylor you need to get +2’s (larger size) to help even out the stomach and distract from the beak. You can dominate Langley with larger fake breasts… I’m serious.- nik

Hoho The Clown


THE DIRTY ARMY: BWell well well we got a real treat here this old lady is 40 some years old and she thinks its funny to fck everything with a cock between its legs shakes up or not this circus clown don’t care she has drd and loves to spread em. She acts like she’s a bloody teenager goes around threatening young girls harassing her ex stalking them even then try to turn it around like they are the bad guys watch out for this one hoho the clowns on the prowel

Ryan Briscoe the Roid Ape


THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING!!!!! Nice guy in disguise! Dont be fooled by this piece…….. he’s so full of shit. Completly infatuated with himself. Ladies no doubt he spends more time in the mirror than you. Thinks he’s gods gift to women, just cant get enough of himsekf which woujd explain why hes living the single mans dream, 45 still beating his meat inbetween lookin for his next victim on-line and no doubt betraying some sweet woman while he’s at it. Keep clear of this one!! So full of shit not only are his eyes brown but he believes everything that comes outta that filthy mouth of his.

Cam Egan


THE DIRTY ARMY: This here nik is Cam Egan he is the fakest price of crap I’ve ever come across, he is methed out abusive , Sloot who dumped his “fiance” the woman he is siuposed to love out in the middle of the night when she knows nobody and no where too go. Leaves her hopeless without a care, he wouldn’t pay much attention to her, touched his electronics more than her. Then leads her on for a week only to tell her he don’t wanna be with her. The engagement ring was FAKE !!!! Can you believe it?

Silicone Gold Digger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty hin*u rite here thinks every gurl is obsessed wit him an posts him on thedirty wen reality is we r not obsessed wit u we all jus laugh in ur face bcuz wen u decided to have a gf u chose B.C’s biggest silicone gold digger who talks to any roid monkey wit money. She has had so much surgery she looks like a man!!!!!! She can have u bcuz ur nothin but a fat loser urself! Wait until she has ur baby just to collect child support like all white gurls do. White gurls don’t kno how to be good gfs they only kno how to work the streets as a transvestite. Nik don’t u agree that white gurls need to stick to their own race?

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