Kyle Polednik

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kyle Polednik. Many people may know by now how much of a loser this guy is. Hit his ex all the time. Also sends his tiny dick pics to guys, so if you’re interested I’d get on that boys. DO NOT associate with this nut bar. He has no self control. He deserves to be alone forever. Honestly,just steer clear. It’s just dangerous. A waste of time. How did he even get a girlfriend?

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Sadaqat Hayat

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this scumbag is married, father to a son..yet he picks up girls off facebook. Thinks he is gods gift to women. He cant even speak english, picks up girls in his truck and has sex with them. Sits on facebook the whole day writing poems and sending request to girls. Expose him and let the girls of surrey know who he is. He is an unemployed loser that lives off his father and cant even keep a job. these paki guys marry women from back home and sleep with girls here

Destinee Roampinson

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK Nik you have to put this chick on blast dirty Destiny has been whoring around to every city in the valley sucking up trash (emphasis on sucking) and smoking Mth wherever she can find it. This chick hangs out with the most eminem wanna be meth addicts you have ever seen and STINKS from never showering (hard to focus while smoking huge mth hits) Me and my buddy thought she was hot (mostly cuz her titts are big and we are’t that picky)… obviously so we ended up fking when i was pretty mangled and tell my other buddy about it and he is like “DUDE I WOULD HIT THE CLINIC ASAP” I went down there right away (i wore a condom but apparently she has fcked 100’s of dudes) and thank god i am all good!!! wore a rubber or i would be nursing baby junkies, meth crystalized drd, or even worse seeing her every time i saw my kid and guys if you want a total liar who will steal ur shit, smoke truck loads full of jib, cheat on u with any guy of any size and any color, and then get pissed at you when she tells you!!! then folks!!! YOU HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT AND WHAT DOES THE WINNER GET!!! THE FUBU SHIRT THAT THE LAST WIGGER JUNKY SCABBY SKELETON THAT FCKED HER WAS WEARING!!! watch out for this junkie nik, she wanders! i have heard she fights like a man aswell!

Lying, Abusive Jerk

THE DIRTY ARMY: Edward -Curtis is a lier & abusive! He lies about everything & treated his last gf like sh*t & even threw her across a room, ect He sits there & calls his sons mother a slut, hoebag, ect.. behind her back, yet she is the one that takes care of their son & he barley see’s him! He has no respect for women & is very selfish. Stay away!!

The Archivest aka Trevor Venos

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy, is a bum. He hits on and forces himself on to little girls the guys probably 36+ sickens me. I was wondering.if any1 else had any opinions on him? He thinks he’s the best shit out of vancity. The guy loves off his mom and.clearly needs to go back to the psych ward. Kids please be aware! Stay away from this low life. PLEASE don’t fall for his garbage girls he will promise you to meet all the artists and usually it will fall through I’ve seen him a few times at fortune and the vogue and asked around who that guy was and that’s all the stuff I heard. But what came up was a friend of mines lil sister was getting hit on harshly. She is 15. Is any of this true?

Slimeball turned Christian

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this loser lived off a single mother for 2 1/2 years promising to pay her back. Then when her father passed away borrowed way over 5000 to pay off the fines on his Class 1 License, promising to pay her back and help with the estate expenses. He went up to Vanderhoof, BC with her later Father’s Truck, made one payment, got a job, and left her in the dust to marry his 19yr old cousin. Not a dime paid. Oh yeah….he turned Christian alright. Sure repents every Sunday. Left a mother and child in dire straights while him and his new bride own a home and I\”m sure want for nothing.

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