Pornstars Are Getting A Union


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, pornstars, human toilets who live in denial of being hookers and live in a fantasy world believing that they’re celebrities, are now becoming a Union! I don’t understand why prostitutes need to become unionized to get paid for sex on camera and continue to live in a false reality that they’re not celebrities, they’re hookers with really good advertisements for their prostitution services?

Does She have a Price


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nayely Martinez is a dirty homewrecking whore who works at [removed] in Las Vegas, NV at planet hollywood. She is super fake with a horrible boob job and spreads her legs for anything that walks. Feel free to email her I’m sure she would be willing to bang you.

Every girl in Vegas has a price.- nik

Elizabeth Sutton Thinks She Is The Queen Of Las Vegas

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everyone know this girl? Las Vegas, Elizabeth Sutton. You’ll see you’re on Instagram constantly posting pictures of her tits and shaking her ass just for the attention. She always uses terrible hashtags like #BowDown #ImTheTalent.

Easy on the filters yo.- nik

Dusty Davis


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is too much. He’s married with 2 of the cutest most awesome kids in the world and although his wife isn’t a looker anymore, she’s a nurse and is very cool. Not to mention they been together since Highschool and she waited for him while he was in prison a few years eventhough her family wasn’t a fan since her mother was the chief of police!!! So he owns a tattoo parlor and is a stencil artist and bangs just about any girl he comes in contact with. He’s f’ed with 3 of my friends and I just can’t grasp wtf is wrong with everyone! He is gonna give his nice wife a disease from all the women and men he f’s with. Oh ya, he swings both ways. please put his ass on blast. It kills me seeing his wife and kids with him and he is doing all this grimy shit behind their backs and I can’t say anything. It’s humiliating and disrespectful. Not only on his family but even on the girls he f’s with. He shows us these broads pictures and most have no idea he’s married or even what his f’ing real name is. He gives them all different names so if he gets caught up, he will know who snitched on his ass. This is an older pic but you can see his lady was a nice looking girl and after you have kids and get older that fades, but 20 years of loyalty should get more respect

Scam artist Michelle Lefevre Demontiany


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Michelle Lefevre Demontiany is on the Sugar Daddy web sites looking for sugar daddys. as soon as you connect she has stories about car trouble etc. she is good, sends you pictures and does not ask for a lot of $$. she is running a scam with her BF and will call and text and ask and ask. i was dumb and sent her $$ to get her car fixed.

Farrah Abraham Is So Delusional

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Have you seen this interview with Farrah at the AVN awards?! If you can get beyond the initial shock of how jacked up this girls face is now from all the plastic surgery, basically everything she says is absolutely hysterical if you’ve been following her since the beginning. From the lie straight out the gate of never being on a “set” even though entire “sex tape” was completely contrived and masterminded by her. Then the guy asking her what celebrity was in the tape had me dying laughing. Bitch, James Dean is more of a celebrity than you will ever be. And to top it all off this crazy girl doesn’t even know who DiCaprio is?! I think this girl has officially left the planet. I know it warmed your heart watching this video, chalk another one up for The Dirty. The truth will set you free Farrah!

She is a madam now.- nik

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