Last Sunday (March 1, 2016), Drai’s Las Vegas partied like it was 1978 with the launch of its all-new party experience inspired by the cult film, ANIMAL HOUSE, at Drai’s Beachclub. The afternoon kicked off with a high-energy performance by DJ group Breathe Carolina, followed by a 1.5 hour set by resident DJ duo ZEDS DEAD. The party continued to escalate with an epic Drai’s debut by rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), hyping the crowd with songs like “Ocho Cinco,” “Wild Boy” and “Till I Die.”

During his set, MGK took his larger-than-life performance to new heights, singing atop the rooftop railings before crowdsurfing into one of the club’s many sparkling pools. He concluded the unforgettable concert by showering guests with champagne during The Isley Brothers’ iconic hit song “Shout,” which is performed in the film. After departing the stage, MGK kept the party going, joining friends at a VIP cabana where they sipped on Jameson.

The afternoon included various ANIMAL HOUSE-themed surprises, including drumline performances, COLLEGE-themed t-shirts and more. Max George from pop group The Wanted and members of rock band Avenged Sevenfold were spotted enjoying the daylong party and partaking in the ANIMAL HOUSE festivities.

The party didn’t stop there! Later in the night, Machine Gun Kelly’s drummer – Rook –performed a set on the drums alongside Drai’s resident DJ Franzen. Then, celebrated rapper A$AP Ferg took things to a new level when he hit the Drai’s LIVE stage for his first-ever performance at Drai’s Nightclub. The A$AP Mob standout treated partygoers to a huge set of hits, including tracks from his recently released album, Always Strive and Prosper.

For tickets and more information, visit DraisLV.com.

Las Vegas Girls Beware Of Cale Villano


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Cale Villano is a douche bag who thinks it’s okay to have the girl he’s dating over, and after she leaves has another one come over to penetrate, and then have the girl he’s seeing come back over right after! And he’s done this multiple times to multiple girls. He’s a loser, who tries to play it off that he has money but doesn’t. Apparently he’s wanted by the FEDS. He’ll buy $700 bouquets and can’t make his own rent. He’s the definition of a F*CK BOY. He’s a compulsive liar and will feed you all these lies to get what he wants out of you so watch out for this loser, he’ll make your life a living hell. Cale, do us a favor and go crawl back into the little fucking hole you came from, the world would be a better place with one less f*ck boy.

Sounds like every dude that lives in Panorama Towers.- nik

Anthony Scirpoli Might Marry Angela Jean


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, it’s been a long time but millionaire Scirpoli who has been seen flying in private jets and driving exotic cars, now has a itty bitty hot thing on his arm when he hits the Vegas High Limits tables. Friends say they are planning a wedding for later this year.

Isn’t she too old for his money?- nik

Does Tricia Evans Know Erica Jackson


THE DRITY ARMY:  Nik, this is model Erica Jackson.  Can you believe she blocked me on Instagram just for asking if she wanted to do a sextuple.  Anyways after checking her bio I noticed eerie similarities between her and Tricia Evans. They’re both from Spokane, WA. They both lived in Las Vegas. They both were cyber girls YEARS ago. I remember hearing that Tricia used to be a privates masseuse in Spokane and I have a hunch Erica was her coworker. Can the DA find out if this is true thanks.

Drais Beach Club Introduces Animal House — Sunday, May 1st


No ambition but to party and not do work! Kicking off Sunday, May 1st with Zeds Dead, Machine Gun Kelly, and Breathe Carolina.

Click here for more details!!!

New +2’s, Same Face


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Lexie from Montana has been posted before. She now lives in Vegas and works as a “model”. She has previous arrests for prostituting and ever since she got her boobs done she is even more annoying on social media than ever. News flash, if you’re going to chase purple crayons butt implants would have been a better option, but even that can’t help your face.

What is with the massive weight gain?- nik

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