Drais Beach Club Introduces Animal House — Sunday, May 1st


No ambition but to party and not do work! Kicking off Sunday, May 1st with Zeds Dead, Machine Gun Kelly, and Breathe Carolina.

Click here for more details!!!

New +2’s, Same Face


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Lexie from Montana has been posted before. She now lives in Vegas and works as a “model”. She has previous arrests for prostituting and ever since she got her boobs done she is even more annoying on social media than ever. News flash, if you’re going to chase purple crayons butt implants would have been a better option, but even that can’t help your face.

What is with the massive weight gain?- nik

Krysta White Wannabe Escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this girl two weeks ago at a bar on the strip. She gave me some sob story about her husband leaving her and was in desperate need of money. I agreed to help her and take her to my place, let me f**k her and help her out. Well after the sloppy drunk sex she demands $350 (which was never the deal) even threatening to make a call to “a guy that will take care of me”. I kick her out and give her half, telling her to do what she has to. Being infuriated with the bipolar bit**h I did my research and found out SHE’S STILL MARRIED. The dude has no idea that while she’s pretending to be at work she’s sleeping with randomn men she meets at bars for money. Poor guy. Oh and one more thing Krysta, if you really want to fulfill your new career properly please please wash your stinky p**sy, and change your s**t stained underwear. Nik, i think a dingy dowtown bar isnt the best place to meet an escort, lesson learned. Nasty!

Two Timing Villano


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just want to let Las Vegas girls about this piece of sh*t, two timing, f- boy loser CALE VILLANO who thinks its okay to be dating a girl and having her over and then calls another girl after the other one leaves to come over and f**k her . Tries to pull the nice guy, with money but at the end he’s a total f**k boy and f**ks with so many girls. He’s not to be trusted and he’s a compulsive liar. Don’t fall for his bullsh*t. He’s a total loser.


Keisha Grayson Arrested


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Keisha Grayson of Las Vegas was arrested for soliciting prostituion in the amount of $1000. Karma is a b**ch! This hooker and her pimp, June, robbed my apartment when she was living with me and I had kicked her out. Now I’m now laughing my ass off! I kicked her out because she was a dope head who did it everyday, never cleaned up after herself, and made friends with a pimp who is a drug dealer and dresses like a 12 year old kid. I hope that robbing me was worth it, Kiesha, karma is a bitch and I’m going to make sure that people know about your arrest!!! LOSER!!!

Models Beware Of Con-Man David Reynolds


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I want to warn all the female models and pageants girls out there of this douche canoe! His name is David (Dave) Reynolds and goes by @PageantViPParty he claims to work with Celebrities and famous Athletes, oh and the world’s wealthiest people ( lies) He’s been Banned by the Miss USA organization and his parties have been shut down. What he really does is try to Pimp girls out at these so called “parties” and get paid. The worst part is he writes girls obsessively to the point they are scared and have to block him, He makes it seem he’s hanging out with state titleholders to get other girls to believe his con, My gf asked him to stop lying about being with certain girls and he threatened her, he claims he knows “gangsters” that will handle anyone who talks out against him! Ladies STAY AWAY this guy is a joke and a con man and NOT associated with the Miss USA.

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