Scam artist Michelle Lefevre Demontiany


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Michelle Lefevre Demontiany is on the Sugar Daddy web sites looking for sugar daddys. as soon as you connect she has stories about car trouble etc. she is good, sends you pictures and does not ask for a lot of $$. she is running a scam with her BF and will call and text and ask and ask. i was dumb and sent her $$ to get her car fixed.

Farrah Abraham Is So Delusional

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Have you seen this interview with Farrah at the AVN awards?! If you can get beyond the initial shock of how jacked up this girls face is now from all the plastic surgery, basically everything she says is absolutely hysterical if you’ve been following her since the beginning. From the lie straight out the gate of never being on a “set” even though entire “sex tape” was completely contrived and masterminded by her. Then the guy asking her what celebrity was in the tape had me dying laughing. Bitch, James Dean is more of a celebrity than you will ever be. And to top it all off this crazy girl doesn’t even know who DiCaprio is?! I think this girl has officially left the planet. I know it warmed your heart watching this video, chalk another one up for The Dirty. The truth will set you free Farrah!

She is a madam now.- nik

Nose Job First Please


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I decided to post this horse face after seeing the other one on a post (Alex-Rose). Sadly they both are cocktail waitresses at the same ghetto club and both need nose jobs badly. Unfortunately, her time chasing black cards and red bottoms didn’t buy her the only thing she needs in life, a nose job. Instead of a free boob job giveaway for Christmas, we should do a nose job giveaway instead, I think it will help the world more.

Couple Arrested For Sex On The High Roller Observation Wheel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this couple Chloe Alexis Scordianos and Phillip Frank Panzica III were arrested after an employee saw them smoking and undressing on The High Roller Observation Wheel. The employee asked the couple over an intercom to put their clothes back on and put out the smokes… they almost listened but continued with their business. People were seen recording the couple with cell phones from the cabins next to them.  Does this count as “The Mile High Club”?

And they got arrested for this? I thought it’s Las Vegas — sex for everyone!- nik

Rapper Future Closes Out Big Game Weekend with Sold Out Drai’s Nightclub Las Vegas LIVE Performance

Rapper Future closed out Big Game Weekend at Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell in Las Vegas with a high-energy, sold out performance. The “Jumpman” rapper took the Drai’s LIVE stage along with DJ Esco to serve up a full-length concert for the packed nightclub, featuring celebrated hits like “Commas,” “Where Ya At” and songs from his latest album, EVOL. Future kept the party going late into the night as he and his crew enjoyed Moët & Chandon Rosè and Ciroc at their VIP booth following his performance. Several big names were spotted taking in the dazzling rooftop nightclub, including R&B singer Ne-Yo, actor Nicholas Cage, NRP co-host Scooby Sunday, Atlanta Falcons player Julio Jones, Arizona Cardinals players Sean Weatherspoon, Gabe Martin, Shaq Riddick, Markus Golden and Kareem Martin, and band members from rock band A Day To Remember.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Mike Kirschbaum/Tony Tran Photography — Video Courtesy: Ridge Production

Sarah Mullins Is A Journalist Now


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, HUGE FAN, first post. This is Sarah Mullins aka the_mully on Instagram, she is supposedly a “journalist” at She has been bragging about it for weeks. She is a washed up reality star trying to make it back into the social eye. I read some of her articles and she talks about her “long-distance boyfriend” [sugar-daddy, trust fund baby], flying first-class everywhere and her “sports car” she has in LA. She needs to go back to working old sleez-bags at Hooters because this sh*t is getting old fast, makes me want to gag! She doesn’t even have enough likes to brag about it! Blocking her immediately!

They say to be a great journalist you need to be an amazing liar.- nik

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