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EXCLUSIVE: Lee Daniels – Victory in $300 Million Legal Battle over “Empire”

The Dirty can exclusively reveal director Lee Daniels scored a huge victory in the $300 million dollar legal battle – in which the he was accused of stealing the idea for his show ‘Empire’ – with a judge throwing out the case after the woman suing was found to be mentally incompetent.

A former gangster named Sophia Eggleston sued FOX and Lee Daniels accusing them of ripping off her autobiography “The Hidden Hand” and turning it into their show … along with claiming the Cookie Lyon character – played by Taraj P. Henson – was lifted from her book.

She claimed she had given a copy of her story to another screenwriter back in 2011. Eggleston claimed the writer told her she was going to pitch the story to Daniels at a meeting … but she claimed she never heard back.

Flash forward to 2014, once she saw the advertising for ‘Empire’ she knew her story was stolen. She pointed to alleged similarities between Cookie – played by Taraj P. Henson – and the female character in her story. She alleged Daniels stole her characters.

The case has been pending for months. Recently, docs were filed stating Eggleston was a defendant in a health care fraud case. She had to undergo a psych exam in the criminal case and it was determined she is mentally incompetent.

Then this week, Daniels and the woman filed a stipulation of dismissal explaining they agreed to bring an end to the case … dismissing all claims against the other … and each pay their own attorney fees.


STAR – Ryan Destiny, Jude Demorest And Brittany O’Grady Don’t Convert

Something is off about the show Star on FOX.

I was so pumped once I heard Lee Daniels was behind it because of Empire … but I’m not hooked. I literally have Star (10) in my DVR and I have zero motivation to watch any of the episodes. I can’t get pasted the first one … I keep falling asleep. Plus, these chicks are normal looking.

And it’s quite obvious they know they have a problem. Production is going through show runners like flies.


Lee Daniels and Jahil Fisher – This Is True Love

I guess I’ve been living under a rock. I had no idea Lee Daniels was part of the gay community.

My favorite show is Empire (which Daniels created) … Jamal Lyon’s gay character finally makes sense to me. Lee is telling his story through Jamal. Amazing.

Of course I went to Google to to find information on his boyfriend Jahil Fisher and just as I suspected … he’s a boy-toy 20 years young than Lee. Gross.


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Empire’ Director Lee Daniels And Debbie Allen – Screenwriter Files $20 Million Lawsuit Accusing Them of Show Theft

Director Lee Daniels and actress Debbie Allen have been hit with a $10 million lawsuit – accusing them of conspiring together to steal an unknown writers show idea — and now the man is demanding millions for the alleged show theft.

A writer named Robert Panton has filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Lee Daniels accusing him of stealing his show idea for “Empire”. Panton wrote a screenplay entitled “Can You Cross Over” back in 1994. The story focused on a black male drug dealer and a black gangster girl making money from drugs and investing into a music studio and record label.

He submitted the screenplay to the ‘Black Screenwriters Competition’ back in 1997. Around this time he became incarcerated in federal prison. While in prison he met an inmate who was friends with Debbie Allen. He sent the inmate a copy of his script for her to read.

Debbie has directed an episode of ‘Empire’ and he believes she passed off his script to Daniels … and they stole his show and never paid him a dime. The inmate told Panton that Allen received his script but never heard back. He is suing for copyright infringement and demanding $10 million in damages from both Daniels and Allen.