Another Legal WIN for

Another Legal WIN for

Air Gingras: Is it legal to post someone’s photo on without their permission?

YES YOU CAN, according to a 15-page decision issued yesterday by a federal judge in Los Angeles. Basically, the judge agreed with our position that using a photograph for the purpose of criticism is protected fair use under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act.

This means if you want to “put someone on blast”, you can do that using a photo of the person, and you don’t need their permission. This is a big win for free speech rights. Imagine if you wanted to post something negative (or positive) about Donald Trump, but you couldn’t include his picture without his permission? That makes no sense, so we’re happy the court agreed with our view of the law.

You can read the complete ruling by clicking here

Another victory for The Dirty Army and another precedent set for the history books (when Harvard Law Googles me one day).- nik

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