Carli Young

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carli Renee Young she is 19. She looks and acts like a child. Lets first say she acts like a 12 year old, if even that old. She cant keep a job because shes too lazy. she even refused to fill out her job apps so i got her a job with me and 2 weeks later she got fired. I pay all the bills and she screws me over. All she does is make excuses and relays on everyone else to take care of her. She gets mad when you ask her to do something and starts throwing a tantrum. She makes people feel sorry for her. She doesn’t clean and barely washes her body. if your happy she does everything to make you miserable like her. She lets guys feel her up for cigarettes and money. She throws herself at every guy that’s around, single or not. she kissed my boyfriend. she fakes anxiety attacks. she takes this cheese grader thing to her skin. shes pathetic, spoiled, unhappy, weak and a whole lot more. She need to face reality, this is not middle school anymore and its time to grow up. Putting up this act is only going to get her so far with her “friends” before they realize how 2-faced she really is.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Sarah Dawn Hughes


THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah Dawn Hughes, 18, of Kearney Nebraska is a sickening, vile, revolting whore. Don’t waste your time on her. She is a user, a poser who will pretend just to fit in, and get your dick. She will fck with your friends, she uses drugs, she is ugly as fuck and looks like a goat-alien-bug cross with her creepy ass eyes. She has mental issues. She has no regard for the damage she causes to people. She really needs to be exposed so other guys don’t end up getting involved with this piece of trash. Her vagina looks infected with a million different kinds of drds, is loose, and moldy. She is really, honestly, about the worst woman i ever had the misfortune to come across in my life.

Star Spangled Ass Clown

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Rob and he is one of the biggest douche bags I’ve ever met! He goes around and toys with women’s hearts and will drop you like a hot cake once he gets bored. He claims to be a nice guy and you would assume that from the military background, but he is a flaming piece of shit. One day he will say you’re his all and next pretend that he changed his number. PATHETIC!!

Groupie From Nebraska

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessica. This slutty bitch is fat and calls herself a ‘model.’ But all she is is a fake trashy groupie who ‘works’ for the band Emphatic. But emphatic is a bunch of trashy douchebags too. I guess Pigs just attract a certain type of crowd, and Jessica loves playing with people as fat and gross as her. She also has a boyfriend, but she’s so stupid that she doesn’t even realize that her boyfriend Matt Brooks doesn’t even like her. The only time she gets to see her ‘boyfriend ‘ is when she follows him around tour, and then she just looks like a lovesick stalker. Absolutely pathetic. The best part? She has a kid, but you would never know based on her Facebook. She leaves the kid for Months at a time to go follow bands around and be a skanky groupie whore. And she hardly ever talks about her kid either. What do you think Nik? Trashier than a garbage disposal? Her face probably looks like it went through a garbage disposal without all that caked on makeup.

Kecia Johnson


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is Kecia Renae Johnson…basically the worst girl you could meet. Think her blonde hair, big boobs, and fake sweetness is cute? Think again, once she lures you in she starts playing the victim to get your attention no matter what. By that I mean she once called me at 2am claiming she was robbed at knifepoint. NEVER HAPPENED. THEN she went and had THREE pregnancy scares within 6 months. THREE! ALL FAKE!!! She has a nasty, entitled attitude and thinks that having boobs will get her thru life. She waits tables and lives off her mommy and daddy. She used to be decent, until she gained like 30 lbs. She is a nasty, lying, manipulative piece of garbage. All she does is get wasted and get in trouble but yet is OBSESSED with getting pregnant. And trust, she will TRY to get pregnant. And don’t ever, EVER act like you like her in any way because she will think you are in LOVE with her. I mean, I’m talkin she spit out the “L” word within 2 weeks….and have female friends? Forget about it! Even tho she hangs out with almost all dudes (there’s a reason girls don’t like her)don’t you dare talk to other girls, even if they are the mother of your child. She looked thru my phone EVERY SINGLE NIGHT that she could. Basically, if you get involved with this girl the only way to rid your life of her nasty ass is to either tell her that you absolutely fucking hate her (which sometimes doesn’t even work) or d*e. She is Stage SIX clinger. We dated for 3 months and she acts as if she was IN my family. She doesn’t stop. We call her KKK…Krazy Klingy Kecia. Fellas and ladies—-you have been warned!!!

What Is Wrong With You White Folks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge DA fan here.  As a man with a purple crayon, a few times I’ve wondered what the hell your cr*cker audience is talking about when they say something bad about us black folks and how all we do is steal, do drugs, get girls pregnant and only have ambitions to being rappers or professional athletes.  Well, I do agree with them on that, but at least my kind isn’t taking crazy pictures like this.  This is incest and should not be legal.  Makes me sick.  Thoughts on this Nik?

This family really loves each other.- nik

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