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EXCLUSIVE: Jake Paul – Threatens Nik Richie, Gets Vulgar And Shows Poor Judgement

The Team 10 leader Jake Paul is losing his mind today. He pretty much confirmed he lied to us in the past with this tweet above. The Dirty reached out again to see who Alissa Violet slept with and he went bipolar.

Jake Paul stated, “Nik you’re a f*cking scumbag. F*ck you. I hope to see you in person one day!”

We reached out to his investors Alexander Debelov, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jared Morgenstern and Tikhon Bernstam for comment … stay tuned.


Logan Paul – Influencers Are Not The Smartest People In The World

If you are new to the social media game, let me introduce you to Logan Paul.

He’s famous for having followers. What I’ve been told – once you hit 5 million on Instagram, you are a ‘real’ influencer. Meaning your likes to follower conversation rate is actually worth a lot of money. Logan Paul, not to be confused with his sharing brother Jake Paul, makes funny videos and picks up midgets … for some reason 12 year-olds love it.

Regardless, Logan proves in this interview … Instagram is the fakest planet in our solar system. How dumb is this guy? And why do people speak for him? Also, don’t tell me he’s Mormon because of the thinning mop on his dome, that is racist!


EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul Caught Sleeping With His Brother Jake Paul’s Girlfriend Alissa Violet – Brothers At War

Update 01/07/17 12:55 PM PST: Statement from Jake Paul – “Alissa and I never dated. She’s still under contract with Team 10 and lives in the Team 10 house with me and the other members. My brother made a YouTube video joking around saying that he was dating her so that’s probably where the info comes from.”

The Dirty did confirm that Jake Paul and Alissa Violet ‘hooked up’ according to Paul, but he insists this was two years ago in Ohio. Our source says – “he’s lying and they have always been hooking up in the Team 10 house, the sex is loud”.

After our article fans noticed the couple decided to follow each other again on Instagram. So it looks like Team 9 is back to Team 10.


The Dirty can exclusively report Alissa Violet, former Viner who was discovered and made famous by her boyfriend Jake Paul. (They actually grew up in Ohio and moved to Los Angeles together a few years back, so we use the term ‘discovered’ loosely).

Jake Paul not only was her boyfriend, he was also her manager. He made Alissa Violet famous during the last two years and helped her grow to almost 3 million Instagram followers. They lived together while Jake managed her and a group of other kids underneath a company called Team 10.

Donut ask questions🍩 @jakepaul

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Jake Paul just released Alissa Violet from the group because Alissa was caught sleeping with Jake’s older brother, Logan Paul. She’s been sneaking out of the house and staying at Logan’s while sleeping with him. Jake was so upset that he released her from his management, broke up with her and now she’s out homeless.

Jake even unfollowed her from Instagram but luckily he has other popular stars signed to Team 10!!