Mental Manipulator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this spoiled princess here who doesn’t know the value of a dollar is Quinn maclean. She’s well on her way in becoming a walking drd stick. She’s bipolar and has serious issues willing to sleep with any man. She doesn’t shower regularly her condo is a disaster, never cleans up. Dog hair everywhere. Her vag stinks terribly, I couldn’t get the smell off my fingers from just touching it once!.!she’s mentally unstable and needs to be hospitalized there is seriously something wrong with her, she will let you treat her like a dog just to get some d1ck. This girl is a complete physco. She craves drama and is known for stalking on social media. This girl will watch your Facebook or have people watching your Facebook and then text you shit like “so you have a a new b!tch come nut in me” she claims to be allergic to condoms. She’s a known b!tch with no friends and relies on her dog to give her love.  I have caught her texting numerous amount of men at a time to sleep with. Send naked pics to any men who texts.  She will f’k anything that gives her attention, and when they don’t she’s will try everything to screws up your current relationship. She is a cheating whor3 and will get any man to bust in her raw. She love getting pregnant and will put responsibility on every man she’s ever slept with just to have an abortion. Be careful men, she will give you a DRD.

Pecker Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Scott Douglas waited 26 year old woman beater. He chocked out a 24 year old female and punched her in the face with his other hand and she gouged out his eye. He is a woman beater. Of verbal abuse to 12 year old girls calls them c’nts & sluts , calls them stupid on a regular basis. And called his partner a whore on a regular basis because of her past before him. Once she stopped having sex with him he started looking at her 12 year old daughter’s like they were eye candy. And found on his messenger were inappropriate pictures that should not have been on his Facebook. He is a scum bag fat piece of s*** lazy no job. His partner paid his way for 7 years. He is lazy fat f***

Gold Digging While Married

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Danielle is a pepsi gold digging whore who cheats on her husband all the time. She has an adult only bathroom. Smokes cra** and weed in there. She will do anything for a buck. She cheats on her husband while her kids are around. She married her husband when she learned that his family is loaded with money and that he owns a few properties. She is just waiting for something to happen to his parents before she collects and runs with their 3 childern. Danielle loves to go to the bar for “free” drinks. Acts like her personality is so bubbly but really she is a fake as dirty slut her poor husband. Hes like 15 years older then her and worships the ground she walks on. Too bad she sits and calls him a fat slob. Got pregnant a month after sleeping with the poor guy. Yes her face maybe pretty but everything else is nasty as f”k.

Hart Bauer Abusive Deadbeat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Hart Bauer has a history with the ladies. All talk at the get go but talk is cheap! After a run in with this loser I learned from many of his exes who showed me proof he was physically abusing them !! Also found out he has a 5 year old disabled daughter who he hasn’t seen since she turned two! Never paid child support once. Stole money from my wallet! He has a serious coke addiction which he denies! He’s all over the online dating sites don’t let him get too close! What type of loser posts this kind of Facebook profile pic anyways!?!

Unstable Witch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone, you all know shawna Henry don’t we? This girl is a complete physco nik. She craves drama and is known for stalking girls she has issues with on social media. This girl will watch your Facebook or have people watching your Facebook and then text you sh’t like “hahaha I’m calling c.a.s” it’s so f’ing creepy. She’s also known to spit on people and f’k anything that gives her attention and even when they don’t she’s so disgustingly blunt about it and makes people feel very uncomfortable. She’s a disgusting mother. She will sleep woth clients while she has her son she let’s her son sit in pissy clothes and when offered a pair for him refuse because “he’s a boy and isn’t wearing pink” she spits in babies faces and picks fights for no reason. She’s a washed up dirty prostitute fat c’nt. She has been harassing and stalking ne and my friends for 4 months now. She’s so dirty too. Posts naked photos all over instagram and is proud of f’ing dirty old men for money. She asked me to watch her son at 11 pm so she could go bang someone & I said no so she said she’d just take him with her. She fights with girls then when her “friends” don’t want to be friends with her anymore cus she’s mental she befriends the girls she was just talking shi’t about.  she’s mentally unstable and needs to be hospitalized there is seriously something wrong with her. She’s a disgusting human being and london ontario already knows all about her but if you don’t. Don’t be friends with her. Shell f’ ur man and try and ruin your life.

Shave your pits before attempting shots like that.- nik

The town Knob

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she’s attention seeking and just uses people exactly like her two little lazy as f’k mommys…..the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, every boy friend she has she sucks there dick let’s them move in allows her moms to suck money from them wall knowing their daughter f’ks them just so they can have more money Hah welfare bums! Taking nudes in every part of your moms house? And posting it? Like that’s disgusting get real you look like a tranny looking f’k make up doesn’t hide that gross face that gross mouth that sucked a tremendous amount of greg….wait didn’t you cheat on Ty in Woodstock ?you aren’t miss innocent …..Oh yea at Derek Richards house sucking Kyle macleods dick for your pepsi great way to lose weight!!!!  She steals from wal-mart an every store in the tillsonburg mall and every where she goes because she’s a broke b’tch. Her one dog Marley got sick from eating her discusting tampons left in her bag from the few days she got kicked out of her house. She has a matching promise tattoo with a pedofile named mike Spanics his apartment is filled with pot she slept over at his house cooked him food of course f’ked him for the weed and mushrooms and other drugs he had. She also saved all the videos she takes of guys eating her out her sucking there dick or just plane f”king she saved some used condom rappers under her mattress and yet again her little black dog ate them and got sick like come on!!

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