Red Means Stop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hide ur boyfriends, dads, uncles, brothers~Anything that has a dick. This disturbed redhead will put anything in her pussy and mouth that resembles a dick. Recently found out she was sleeping with my bf during our relationship which has thankfully ended. Now I feel the need to go to a clinic to get checked out considering this gross chick has f’ed everything in every county around her. Your so disgustingly twisted Teighlor– Your whole ‘tough chick act’ and ‘not caring what anyone thinks of you’ is getting old n immature. You play it off that you are here to help everyone than once my backs turned you bang my boyfriend. That just shows me ur severe lack of confidence. This slut has zero respect for herself and do not trust her. Your a trashy whore Teighlor. You act like one of those ‘daddy issue’ bi**hes that think your so cool but ur an embarrassing lil girl with no confidence. Reality check is ur not in high school anymore and need to grow up and work on ur alcohol problems. Your an embarrassment to yourself n ur face deserves to be up here for the world to see. Who knows maybe you will find guys on here to fuck. Ahaha Go work Dundas street ur already playing the part just not getting paid but I’m sure that is soon to come with your track record.

Jay Johnson the Deadbeat Dad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he’s quieted down now that he is in his thirties, but Jason Littleton fathered between 10 to 20 kids, with about as many baby mamas. Littleton as he was once called in EOV, was known to find dumb teenagers to do dirty, and have support his lazy ass, and if the girl got pregnant he soon moved onto the next girl who was younger and more idiotic from the last. He of course never supported any of his spawn and has now settled down with a woman who has many mental disorders. They have had two kids by now and when the are usually in CAS. Beside being a wigger, he tries to be a rep himself as some kind of biker, but this c’nt is so poor I cant imagine what respecting club would let him even pledge, unless there is a bike gang that lets people ride stolen mountain bikes.

Backstabbing Friend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the dirtiest trap in london ontario. Her boyfriend was a good buddy of mine, b**ch cheated on him multiple times, got knocked up by multiple other men and has a frequent buyer card at the abortion clinic. Macked my (no longer) boyfriend, pretends to cut herself for attention blaming it all on her father, sleeps around with anyone who gives her a second look and will buy her a pandora charm. Easy pickings boys, just don’t get the drd a b and c from her hairy c”t. Used to work at Kelseys on wellington, works at a pub in worthy village now. Her chubby Cheeks are great for holding multiple gregs at once, just give this bitch a glass of cheap wine and her legs will spread wide open

Nasty Looker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Cuban escort is Yuderlquis or barbie as she likes to call herself as she prostitutes. This thing is the definition of dirty. All the men she’s f’ked all the women she’s f’ed and all the drugs she’s done it’s a wonder how she’s alive. She ruins lives and is proud of it. She’s pregnant right now and lord only knows who the father could be. She needs to move back home and stop polluting Canada.

A body photoshop can no longer help.- nik

Mental Manipulator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this spoiled princess here who doesn’t know the value of a dollar is Quinn maclean. She’s well on her way in becoming a walking drd stick. She’s bipolar and has serious issues willing to sleep with any man. She doesn’t shower regularly her condo is a disaster, never cleans up. Dog hair everywhere. Her vag stinks terribly, I couldn’t get the smell off my fingers from just touching it once!.!she’s mentally unstable and needs to be hospitalized there is seriously something wrong with her, she will let you treat her like a dog just to get some d1ck. This girl is a complete physco. She craves drama and is known for stalking on social media. This girl will watch your Facebook or have people watching your Facebook and then text you shit like “so you have a a new b!tch come nut in me” she claims to be allergic to condoms. She’s a known b!tch with no friends and relies on her dog to give her love.  I have caught her texting numerous amount of men at a time to sleep with. Send naked pics to any men who texts.  She will f’k anything that gives her attention, and when they don’t she’s will try everything to screws up your current relationship. She is a cheating whor3 and will get any man to bust in her raw. She love getting pregnant and will put responsibility on every man she’s ever slept with just to have an abortion. Be careful men, she will give you a DRD.

Pecker Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Scott Douglas waited 26 year old woman beater. He chocked out a 24 year old female and punched her in the face with his other hand and she gouged out his eye. He is a woman beater. Of verbal abuse to 12 year old girls calls them c’nts & sluts , calls them stupid on a regular basis. And called his partner a whore on a regular basis because of her past before him. Once she stopped having sex with him he started looking at her 12 year old daughter’s like they were eye candy. And found on his messenger were inappropriate pictures that should not have been on his Facebook. He is a scum bag fat piece of s*** lazy no job. His partner paid his way for 7 years. He is lazy fat f***

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