Crazy drop out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is trash just with glitter and make up just covering it up . She’s banged enough dudes to be known to have an itchy trap. She puts on this imagine of sweet and cute but really she hasn’t graduated high school and she is 22. She has been at Wheable for at least 5 years and can’t pass if her life depended on it. She works coat check rarely at random bars because she can’t get a job. She is a certified bar troll, hoping from click to click when ever the last gets bored of her. Free alcohol and drugs are her favorite and she clings on to people with just that. People just talk to her for her looks but other than that she has nothing to contribute to society and she will soon realize that. So if you’re a guy or a person with alch or drugs it is suggested you stay away from her

Trash Needs to go Out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda and her boyfriend Adam. She moved in with him and is living off of him while banging multiple other guys. She was with my bud last week. This girls p*ss smells like a trip to sea world. She has the most annoying voice and every time her boyfriend finds out about her cheating, he takes her back. Hope for your sake you protect yourself, she’s been with 3 guys in one week. And that’s just who I know of. Very pathetic

Duck Lipped Strong
whore face

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty escort will bang any guy for money to support her 3 kids and one on the way(who she doesnt who who the dad is could be either some pepsi head loser or her baby daddys brother) Gross! She doesnt care if the guy is taken or where from. She loves being an escort and a kusty one at that. She will do anything to get pregnant for another check and she hooks right out of her house where her kids sleep. She already miscarried and kept it in tupperware in the fridge and posted pics on pof. how sick can you be. The ducklips are suiting, they are stretched from how much cock she sucks. Shell sit by the toilet till she pukes to complete the job. Stay away from her unless you want a kid or an drd

JB’s Home-town’s Favorite Mommy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when Justin Bieber goes to his home town, he makes the news, and this is typically why the low lives in his town sometimes tend to get noticed as well. Meet Michelle “Mae” Kirkwood. Known to police department of Stratford Ontario and the Childrens Aid society as well for her poor life choices, drug use. While receiving $800 child support and the kick backs from being a mild prostitute, she also dates one of Stratford Ontario’s lowest forms of life: A me** Dealer. Not just any m**h dealer, but a convicted woman beater who is also an alleged child molester who goes by the name Gary Hamburg. Despite his history or the fact that Michelle was molested by one of her mothers boyfriends, she still brings this creep around her children, and for that reason alone, she deserves to be on the pages of

Homewreckin Ronald

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this witch is nothing but a fake wanna be house wife gold digging slut. She was dating a junkie few weeks ago that left her to be with his ex. If a junkie dumps u then that’s enough said. She hangs out with me’h heads leaving her daughter to go party all the time. She sleeps with anyone who will buy her a beer at the bar in hopes they will be her kids next father. She live subsidized housing in london ghetto. Her fake hair and personality is nothing special but the amount of selfies and music quotes she posts she thinks makes her Canada next top Model. She’s been told many times she has the good old cl’p but refuses to go to the clinic cause here faithful man lol would never cheat. I guess when her stink pu’sy grown gills and fins she might get checked then. She meets guys at bars brings them home and thinks after they sleep together she loves them and calls or texts all hours of the night telling them how much she loves them. This first stage junkie needs to focus more on her kid rather then the men in other relationships.

Sweet Talker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy right here Jamie oneil from Brantford can talk his way out of everything he will rip u off faster then u can believe he meets his girls off of pof and the girl with him is his next victim anyone that knows this guy knows what I am talking about he moves around a lot cause he gets to know you and moves right in but if things don’t go his way or if the girl finds out information look out he will beat the s’it out of you right now he is in the st Thomas area so anyone see him give your two sense he is wanted in two different cities for frauding girls so he is always on the move be in the look out for this no good piece of sh’t

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