Alander Pulliam – Fake Hollywood Producer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alander is running all over LA touting he’s some powerful man when in fact he isn’t paying his employees, he’s gone through hundreds of people because they see his BS and then finally run. I worked for him personally for a while and he just gave so many people the run around, took their money, lied to everyone and made it so convincing it was masterful. He is an incredible fake. Fake stories, fake background, totally full of shit! If you run into this man do not do any business with him unless you are ok with wasting your time and money. He will take everything from you in a second, and he’s real good. Talks a huge game and actually believes his own BS. He also has been very well known to have MOB connections. You have been totally warned.

Serial Abuser
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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met Matt in 2007. I was a full-time tattooer, as well as working two other jobs. He was dating a girl named Jill at the time (who I knew through mutual friends from Iowa). Jill and I was acquaintances but not exactly friends. I told her I was thrilled she finally had an awesome dude & she told me to add him on MySpace. I used to post a ton of dumb surveys on MySpace like anyone else, mostly with vulgar titles to get people to look at them. One in particular was titled BIG DICKS ONLY, which he responded to and proceeded to flirt with me saying he and Jill had broken up. This was his very first lie. We talked all day everyday. Since I was apprenticing, I got to tattoo myself frequently. He drew a picture I really liked, and tattooed it on myself (only to find out years later it was something he drew for Jill). He “dared” me to tattoo his initials on me, which at the time was no big deal because I could get it covered whenever if I really wanted to, being a tattooer and all. He eventually bought me a plane ticket to come visit him in California. I had never flown on a plane, or been treated this way. I was hooked. He had me completely invested. Little did I know, the money he used to buy that ticket was money he owed Jill for her driving to see him constantly from AZ. He pulled out all the tricks: spent an exuberant amount of money treating me to dinners, Disneyland, whatever I wanted. After I went home, maybe a month went by and he asked me to move to CA. For a tattooer, this was an amazing opportunity & I always wanted to live there since I was little. After a month of living there, he begged me to have a child with him. Sending me long emails detailing how bad he wanted to have a child and start a family. I got pregnant 3 months after being together. We moved back to my hometown because he and I both feared I wouldn’t be able to be covered under CA state healthcare or the process would take too long and I needed prenatal care. His dad gave us $12k to move back to WI to start our lives with the baby. When we moved, that’s when everything went bad. I found out he had been talking to his ex, Nataly, all along including other exs (Heather, Brittnay, etc) telling them where our apartment was, telling them to call him… all while he swore up and down to me that they were lying. I figured they were just bitter about the life we made together. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a warning of the monster he truly is beneath the surface. We moved into my parents house while we looked for our own apartment. He started numerous arguments with my parents and entire family, forcing them out of the picture. We got our own place and I cut the entire world off, just like he wanted me to. Fast forward to 7 months pregnant. One day out of the blue he refused to hug or kiss or even speak to me, his child’s mother. I spent days crying and not knowing what was going on, wondering what I did. It wasn’t anything I did. It was him. He asked me to move out of our apartment when I was 8 months pregnant. Didn’t help me move, didn’t pay for a moving truck, nothing. He started sleeping with our neighbor, taking her on dates while he refused to see me or go to doctor visits. I couldn’t understand. Our love was so strong, or at least that’s what he made me believe. He kept asking me to hang out all week. I thought things were getting better and this would all pass. I couldn’t have been more wrong, again. He asked me to meet up with him and we would be trying to work things out, together. HE TOOK ME TO AN ADOPTION AGENCY, TO TRY TO HAVE FOUR WOMEN GANG UP ON ME SAYING I NEEDED TO GIVE MY CHILD UP FOR ADOPTION. He wanted me to give away our child we planned. I refused to see him for a while after this. He would continue to present paperwork of families he picked out for me to give my son to. He begged me over and over to see him, telling me he wanted to be together. While he was telling the neighbor he was screwing that I was “crazy” and I was over at the apartment in my name because I “needed a place to live”…my parents lived right down the road where I was staying. I also had an engagement ring on my finger still because he kept telling me to leave it on and this would work itself out. I believed him until the day he ditched me, after planning for an entire week to see each other. I showed up at his work to confront him after his shift. I called him while I watched him climb into his car. I proceeded to follow him, my sister being the driver. He told me he had to work overtime, that we couldn’t meet up. I followed him to a bar (he was 19 at the time) where he met up with this girl named Megan. Megan was known to hook up with this dude named Chuck, who had multiple drd’s from hooking up with strippers. I confronted him in the bar he shouldn’t have even been in being underage. He lost his mind & stormed out of the bar, me following behind with my 9 month pregnant belly.  He turned around and shoved me into a street that is know to have a lot of traffic. I was astounded. I think that’s when I realized it was truly over. Long story short, he cheated on me with 13 girls in WI alone, his direct words. [rest of story removed-keep it under 10,000 words]

Narcissist Queen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been getting on my nerves for so long. She is delusional as hell. She’s a 30 something UNDERGRAD at UCLA and she thinks she’s beautiful. Aside from that she is just plain mean, and has a giant ego. I saw this recently and had a good laugh, so of course I wanted to share with others.

Fernando Cope2 Carlo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Fernando Carlo Jr , aka Mr. Cope2 has been sexually harassing underage girls online for several years. He has even gone as far as to threaten raping them. The police are well aware of his actions, and he has been arrested…but to date has not yet convicted. So until such time, he is free to roam the streets freely. In his spare time, this 50 year old man likes to paint graffiti. He also reproduces other peoples art and sells it to unsuspecting art galleries as if it was his own. This art fraud has been doing this for years as well. This pedophile been known to carry weapons and is considered highly dangerous.

Warning to the good women out there

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Please Please do me a huge favor and post this guy, I really need to warn all the GOOD women out there about him. His name is Perrin Taylor and goes by several other names; Tay, PJ, JT, but his real name is Perrin. Ladies please beware of this man, he’s on every dating website out there and the biggest liar ever. Lies about where he lives and what he does, claims to be a basketball player and cop, but he’s a security guard. The best is that he will have no shame asking a woman for money. He was posted on here before and I saw he’s asked at least 3 other women for money and gave a girl DRD. I seriously hate this guy and can’t wait for him to get what he really deserves, I have never met anyone more delusional as him in my LIFE. Thanks Nik, if it wasnt for this website there would be no way to spread the word about this loser.

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Books Models takes 50% of wages

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been a model and actress in a LA for a while. Leila, the owner and agent of Regaza Models approached me for work. I worked one job for her and I was lied into a porn shoot. Leila lied about the condition of the job and she took more then the 20% as a model agent. She took close to 50% of my pay. Liela booked me for a TV show and said I had to wear a nice dress or bikini and play the pretty girl next-door. The pay was at $200. When I arrived to the studio, the directors were treating me like a porn actress! They wanted me in a bikini while eating a banana and bending over! I was so upset, I almost cried. I told Leila (the agent) that I would not do the job, and she told me that if I wont do it, that a million more models in LA would! She is a horrible agent. She treats her models like objects and is disrespectful. She should have been honest on what the job was for, instead of putting me in that horrible situation and treating me like a animal. Then, the director told me that he could pay me the $500 the same day after the shoot. Leila told me the pay was $200. She lied to me and was pocketing $300 of my pay. I have no idea why she is in business. Her company “Regaza LC Models” is not registered as a Union agency or as a agency allowed to work in Los Angeles. She abuses models and actors. Her website looks nice but her jobs are not! She takes all your pay and wants you in porn. I model all the time and no one has ever told me to bend over and eat a banana for a serious tv shoot.

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