Javier Ibarra Jr


THE DIRTY ARMY: Whore of Monrovia!! Javier is such fifth it’s almost classified as contaminated! He is the biggest whore of Los Angeles. He fcks women for money (not to mention other filthy woman). He fcks anything that moves! It may be common for men to sleep around, but male escorts, not so much. Not only is he a man whore, he is a low life loser who has nothing to show for himself. He’s 25, no degree, waiting tables, lives with mommy and daddy, on a couch. He feels entitled because he was in the army yet, degrades this country with his NONcitizen parents! Go back to Mexico you peasants. Any one who comes close to this filth, BEWARE. He’s dirtier than dirt.

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Eric Wang is a Pedo


THE DIRTY ARMY: A while back, I was doing extra work with this guy named Eric Wang. We were on set for a project that involved actual 15 year olds. I heard him talking about a girl and I told him, “dude, she’s like 15!” Still, he continued to take pictures of her and the 15 year old kids. I reported him to the people in charge of the extra and nothing was done. I finally have the evidence proving that he took pictures of 15 year olds from a former Facebook friend of his. This guy has to be stopped!

High on Lies


THE DIRTY ARMY: After meeting this LIAR in person I must say, You are NOT hot when it takes photoshop, hours of photoshoots and professionals to make you look like you weren’t scraped off the bottom of a shoe. If you’re going to photoshop yourself be consistant with your unfortunate body shape. One day this chick has a bubble butt and the next it looks like a soggy flat diaper! Only “underbutt” videos which can make a piece of paper look thick. Please explain how you can have a boney flat butt 50 weeks ago but now it’s round as a peach 4 weeks ago, either surgery or editing….I’m going to say PHOTOSHOP IS FOR LIARS…. Since all we know she doesn’t have the money for actually fixing it with surgery. Tell me I’m not the only one who sees a face of a dwarf? Mix that in with the -2’s and its a complete disaster. Hit the gym and get a job instead of crawling around in your crusty underwear for likes.

Abel – South LA’s Messycan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Abel is what I would call a pathological liar, sociopath and narcissist. He is a total slut and lives his time on gay phone apps talking to random men. I met him a few years ago online. The first night he sucked me off and caught my nut in his face and mouth. I suspect he was an escort however, because he only seemed to call me during late hours when he was stranded on the street or needed a ride. Fast forward to now, he claims to be a Christian, and a heterosexual, but all of his pics are shirtless and he stays on the same apps at crazy hours. I can’t stand Abel. He is unable to tell the truth. He is unable to show respect. He is unable to be a real man. And honestly, he is probably unable to pass an H** test either. #AllTea #AllShade

Brandon Brown and Sidekick


THE DIRTY ARMY: BRANDON JEFF BROWN of Santa Clarita and his lil sidekick Mendy! Beware Brandon Brown he will charm you and then ruin your life. He has no money, no car, no clothes, no home, no family, abandoned children, no license, record a mile long. His own family calls the cops if he date show up. Brandon will come into your home and meet your friends and family and then rob you blind. Things start disappearing, electronics, tools, anything worth money, your wallet, and when you go to sleep your car. He will go to your friends and fanilies homes and steal from them, no one is safe. All this stealing for his girl and her Meth. She rules all. Whatever he gets his hands in she gets it. Brandon brown will play you for a fool he uses his cousins name, his brothers, made up names. He will take all your fiends information and pictures behind your back. He will try to fuck every girl around you, he will call everybody secretly withhold million pinger numbers and thousand email address. He might call himself John, Joe, Brian, Sean, Chad.. he is on facebook praying on sympathy to loan money for his family. He will go to his own high school friends house and hang out just to steal phones or tools when they look away. He is on every meet and fck site Horneeb, Brand4455, Shadyb, the biggest whore it goes hand in hand with the meth and his sidekick that supplies. From Palmdale to Santa Clarita to San Fernando watch out for this whore.

Nina Lux Underrated Hottie on MFC


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nina Lux (username Nina_lux) is an up and coming cam girl on My Free Cams. Nina joined MFC January 2015 and what a blessing that was. Her shows are entertaining and most certainly sexy. This MFC hottie is extremely underrated as her following is quite small with her random cam schedule. However, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll check this chick out.

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