EXCLUSIVE: Lauri Peterson Breaks Silence On Lydia McLaughlin’s Return

EXCLUSIVE: Lauri Peterson Breaks Silence On Lydia McLaughlin’s Return

Although we exclusively reported it, we were surprised when we learned that Real Housewives of Orange County alum Lydia McLaughlin was returning.

We reached out to one of the original OC Housewives, Lauri Peterson, who shared her thoughts with us regarding McLaughlin’s return.

“I really like Lydia,” Peterson shared.

“I think her biggest challenge will be to balance her Christianity and being able to maintain her ground with the other women,” she continued. “Reality TV only works if you speak your mind. If you think it, you must vocalize it in order for the viewer to understand your position.”

Peterson wrapped with telling us that, “As Christian’s we are taught to turn the other cheek! In other words we generally keep negative thoughts to ourselves as to not hurt anyone.”

We agree with Peterson that the best reality television definitely occurs when people vocalize what they are thinking. While McLaughlin was sweet on her appearance on the show years ago- and we’re sure still is- we are hopeful she’ll be a little more outspoken this time around to add to the drama. People tune into reality TV because they want to see the fighting, so McLaughlin may have to put some of her religious beliefs on the back burner and get into the ring if she wants to prove to people why she deserves a seat at the table.


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