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EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee – I Did NOTHING Wrong By Posting A Video Of My Son Holding Our Dead Dog

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee – I Did NOTHING Wrong By Posting A Video Of My Son Holding Our Dead Dog

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee took to Snapchat last night to post a video of her son holding their dog who had died. Almost immediately, McKee was criticized for the post, with people claiming it was inappropriate, wrong to animals, and more.

McKee exclusively spoke to The Dirty to defend her post.

“Our chihuhahuha had to have a c section,” McKee explained. “They sent us home with both dogs, and one was dying. The vet said to rough it up to try to stimulate his heart, so we did, but he didn’t make it. My son asked if he could hold him and went and prayed over him to heal and pull through. He was obsessed with and attached to this puppy with high hopes. So yes, I let him hold and kiss on him. I in no way think what I did was wrong. I had a dog die when I was a little girl and I remember laying in the grass beside him sobbing and (was) saying goodbye for hours. But I got closure and that’s what I wanted for my son.”

“I remember a time I lost a baby at 14 weeks and delivered and they just came and took the baby,” she further revealed. “It destroyed me and messed me up for a good while and I wish I could have held my baby and said goodbye.”

“What I did was the right thing to do,” McKee added. “After he loved on him we made a doggy box and buried the dog with a funeral and everything. I got to explain to my son that when we die, we go to heaven forever as an angel.”

“Nothing of what I did was wrong,” McKee wrapped with telling us.

I totally get being attached to your dog, as I am completely attached to mine. Perhaps, though, to avoid fans criticizing her, she could have kept this moment private instead of broadcasting it to the world.

EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee – Quinn Tilley Broke Apart My Marriage

EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee – Quinn Tilley Broke Apart My Marriage

The Dirty exclusively reported that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee’s ex friend, Quinn Tilley, had claimed that McKee had cheated on her husband. While McKee denied the allegations, Tilley then told us McKee had threatened her over them. Now, McKee has broken her silence with us exclusively.

While she does note Josh McKee and her had problems in the past, she said things had gotten better.

So what about the cheating rumors? McKee gave us her truth:

“An old friend- well, someone I have known- not exactly a friend (I never trusted her) decided to reach out to my husband and tell him the most down right disgusting lies. She broke apart my whole marriage and family. She wouldn’t answer one of my phone calls but was on the phone with him everyday explaining how I had slept with another man in our home with the kids home.”

“He of course left,” McKee continued. “I would have too. Finally my crazy self showed up at this woman’s house, forced her into telling the truth, and forced her to call Josh telling him the truth. He came home that night and I simply couldn’t stop hugging him and letting go.”

“I had Quinn’s Father and sister reach out to me telling me just how many things like this she has done in her life,” McKee added. “She has a mental illness of ruining peoples lives and they are so sorry for what she did. I’ve always known this girl needed help and never has she ever known how to tell the truth, but never did I think she would go so far to try to split up my marriage. It was the worst week of my life. Passing the kids back and fourth and them screaming when daddy left.”

“I hope she gets help and she will never come near my family again,” McKee wrapped with telling us. “Sometimes being the nice guy isn’t your better option.”

Tell us- what are your thoughts on what McKee shared? Sound off in the comments below.

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee – Threatens To Kill Ex Friend Over Affair Rumors – “She Has It Coming”

Yesterday, The Dirty exclusively revealed that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee’s ex friend, Quinn Tilley, claimed McKee was cheating on her husband. While McKee has denied the allegations and claimed her ex friend has a mental illness, The Dirty can now exclusively reveal screenshots of messages provided to us by Tilley where McKee seems to want her ex friend dead over the affair allegations.

In one screenshot sent to someone else, McKee allegedly wrote to someone, “Do you understand what she has caused in my life? My whole entire family wants to kill her.”

In another one allegedly from McKee to Tilley, McKee writes, “I didn’t do a damn thing Quinn. They are ready to kill you.”

And still, in another one from what appears to be Facebook Messenger, someone says, “threatening to kill someone is probably the last thing you should be doing” to which McKee allegedly responds with, “She has it coming.”

Stay tuned to The Dirty as there is sure to be more from this scandalous situation coming to light.

Mackenzie McKee – Claims She Didn’t Cheat On Her Husband Josh McKee

Mackenzie McKee – Claims She Didn’t Cheat On Her Husband Josh McKee

Earlier today, The Dirty exclusively reported that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee’s ex-friend, Quinn Tilley, claimed that McKee had cheated on her husband. Tilley also offered up some alleged proof via text messages.

Now, McKee has taken to social media to respond to the story.

Mackenzie tweeted that, “The truth came out & I was correct and clean about everything. Quinn, you need help..#ilovemyhubhubs #sohappythetruthcameout #myworldisback.”

Then Mackenzie McKee Retweeted Gary Shirley – When a fan further inquired asking what the truth was, she stated, “You will never see a day I touch another man.Idc to talk about this,articles were told to by someone with a mental illness It was all made up.”

We have a feeling that this is not the last that we’re going to hear about this, so make sure to stay tuned to The Dirty.

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Douthit McKee – Ex BFF Confirms ‘Mackenzie Cheated’

Last week, The Dirty shared a screenshot that had been circulating from Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit McKee’s husband, Josh McKee. The screenshot seemed to imply that Mackenzie had cheated on Josh, but nothing was directly confirmed. Now, one of her ex-friends, Quinn Tilley, has exclusively spoken to The Dirty to confirm that Mackenzie definitely cheated.

“My friend Maddie told Josh Mackenzie cheated and I confirmed it when he asked as well,” Tilley exclusively shared with us.

“She cheated with a man named Dylan that she met at a bar when she told Josh she was going out tanning,” Tilley continued. “Dylan just so happens to be Maddie’s ex-husband.”

“When Mackenzie talked to Dylan, she told him that her and Josh were not together,” Tilley added, “even though that was not true, as he was home with their three kids.”

While Tilley sharing this with us was interesting enough, she was able to offer up what she alleges are screenshots of texts between Mackenzie and Dylan. In them, Mackenzie claims to know “Josh and I are moving on from one another” and also claims “I hate divorce… but I’m not sure he will ever be the leader I need him to be and that is so important to me.”

Check out the screenshots (slide right on image) and be sure to stay tuned, as The Dirty has more explosive and exclusive information regarding this cheating scandal coming your way this week.

Mackenzie McKee – Is Teen Mom 3 Star Cheating On Husband

For the Teen Mom girls, there’s always rumors swirling around about them, even if their show is not on anymore. Take Mackenzie McKee, for example, who was on Teen Mom 3. Although her show hasn’t aired in years, she still frequently finds herself the subject of tabloid fodder. Recently, though, a screenshot from her husband’s Facebook surfaced in some online Teen Mom groups, and it has people questioning if she cheated.

“Found out something very interesting yesterday,” her husband Josh McKee’s post begins with.

“If you have a strong gut feeling that something is going on don’t be blind,” he continues. “Well for me at least.”

“And this post is not to get sympathy or any of that s**t,” he adds. “But my so called wife always feels like it necessary to go on her social media and post s**t that makes her look like a god damn princess and she has no faults and wants everyone to see her petty excuse and soothe her with comfort.”

“First things first,” Josh then states. “That’s bulls**t. I have… been going to work and I kept getting a lot of red flags that something was going on while I’m gone.”

“Come to find out I have always been right!” he wraps with saying. “Enough said!”

While he doesn’t directly claim that she is cheating on him/that he caught her cheating on him, the message is definitely implied.

We reached out to him for a comment, but he advised that at this time he doesn’t want to say anything.

As for Mackenzie, she has kept mum about this on social media, and recently claimed her husband is her “biggest fannnn.”

Should anything more arise from this, we will be sure to keep you posted, so make sure to stay tuned to The Dirty.
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