Sylwia Jasinska The Hunchback


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a guy who goes out on nights out and when I want some I get some. There was one night I was out in a club in Manchester. I could see a girl eyeing me up. We got speaking and we went to a hotel. She was so easy and I could tell she was dirty. I lost my condoms and she demanded she didn’t want to use one anyway. I was drunk which was a mistake as I banged her a few times. She absolutely stunk. I knew I had made a mistake as she was a whore. Who I definitely wouldn’t take home to my mum. The way she acted was so bland. Of course she was a typical polish girl who was promiscuous. She wanted more sex but she started making me feel sick. Not long after I had realised I should go to the doctors for a test after numerous people had said she was crawling and she sleeps with any guy that gives her the chance. But mainly foreign guys. She had gave me an drd. Now this dirty little slut is going around still opening her legs. She is the type who needs her legs sown together. No wonder she’s nearly 30 and doesn’t have a boyfriend or a kid. Everyone knows she has had every colour of every race inside her. Slags like this give girls a bad name. The thing is she’s a prostitute apart from she doesn’t get paid. Well apart from a pack of cigs (she’s that cheap). She’s letting young and older guys spunk on her face and stomach every weekend. She also hangs around on Piccadilly gardens to see if she can get some black crawling cock for free. She has no neck with a saggy ass n tits so it’s not hard to spot her. To shag her you have to have had a lot of alcohol in you. She’s built like a guy with a hunchback. Total opposite to a sexy model

Sophie Dalzell Used To Look Worse Than Tricia Evans


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I studied in UK and have known about Sophie Dalzell for years now… Yes, currently she is looking like a perfect 10 that is really good at sex. But, years ago when she stated her Porta Potty lifestyle she was nasty and looked like Tricia Evans(circa 2014). Just check out the huge improvement she has made in a short 24 month period. Also, you really need to make her a DC, she loves any attention she can get and always says the dumbest things on her social medias.

Sophie you really need to LaserAway your legal name written under the clavicle. That is only sexy in Australia.- nik





Sophie Dalzell Is A Racist


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Porta Potty Sophie Dalzell, the Brit with the criminal past who escorts in the middle east is actually biting the hand that feeds her! Check out her Facebook posts from pre porta days where she empathizes with the far right.  Her FB is open so enjoy the old pics pre +2’s and the finest British teeth.

Sounds like someone is getting over the poop lifestyle.- nik




The Hoover King of Essex

THE DIRTY ARMY: Peter is a very naughty boy, his favourite hobby is getting down and dirty with Henry Hoover. He has made love to a hot steak bake and burnt his penis in the past, dressed as a lady, eaten his own pubic hair and much much more!! Check him out !!

Hannah Give Out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Hannah! Always so professional and focussed but…with a drink inside her all that disappears! I know of 2 people for sure who managed to get her in the sack on one night stands and personally ive had ‘access all areas’ on a few drunken nights in pubs and clubs. Now shes married but…well lets just say with a week to go, her mouth certainly wasnt practicing any damn vows!

What A Real Ferrari Looks Like


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of seeing these Americans flaunt their 2007 Ferrari’s like they have cash. Anyone can afford a $1500 lease payment. Hey DJ, how about my Rose Gold? Yup. We run run in Manchester.

Sick ride bro. Perfect for all that rain.- nik

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