Balding Cheating

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Tony Geisler is a cheating husband, actually he’s my ex husband now. He cheated and then demanded a divorce. He had the nerve to bring his new girlfriend to a wedding but I heard he left her pregnant. In Japanese I often call him a baita (whore) or ano yarou (that bastard). Don’t go near him. He seems harmless but he’ll just blame you.

Wannabe Biker

THE DIRTY ARMY: from city to country Bret Marini has played everyone he can. claiming to be a single biker and he doesn’t even own a bike plus he is engaged and has a lil boy with his unaware fiancee’. poring it on thick at first he will try and befriend you and act like he cares but all the time its a joke like him and his 4 wheeling stories. he is vicsous and will attack women once they say NO just to get what he wants. no one should interact with this mouch let alone give him any personal information. he scams people outta money and has no remorse. the violent outbursts this guys has towards woman is enough to warn them ALL! Bret Marini should be in jail but i’m sure that’s coming soon enough. his fiancee’ will know the truth then! Stay away from this Wanna be Biker Boy or you too will end up face down in the dirt with him on top of ya like many others have. he is very unstable mentally! no Marini on fb or dating sites! he stalks women then hurts them. first hand account told here.

Courtney Is A Lemon

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl (girl in green) is one of the most disgusting human beings I could ever meet. I mean we’ve all met some messed up people but this girl takes the cake, the girl has no respect for anyone including the dead. Recently she broke into her old employers home after the women had died (the employer owned a cleaning service).Then tried to cash check shes had stolen from inside the dead women’s house (mind you she isn’t the smartest cookie either…it was broad day light outside when she broke into the house and all the neighbors saw her and her boyfriend). She has a really bad drinking problem! If someone comes to clean your house and her name is Coutney Lemon don’t let her in she might steal your stuff.

Constantinos Marketis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Constantinos Marketis. Fast talking, big smiling, shit spitting, con artist. Lives his life running one false business after another until he owes everybody thousands, then files bankruptcy, shuts it down and opens up a new one. Currently owner and operator of X-press Contracting, he runs a small time home improvement/painting outfit without a MHIC license or any “legal” help. They no speak english… I started my dealings with him a few years back and was under the impression that he was a decent guy. Never thought twice to look him up. Now 4 years later he owes me over $8000 and I get a letter stating that he’s going to file bankruptcy AGAIN?! Since I’ll never get my money from him, I decided to put him out there. He’s easily found on along with all the people trying to get their money back from him. It’s about time he’s exposed for the rip off con artist he is. Not a man by any means, he will shake your hand, smile in your face and take your money and run. Always talking about God and church and doing the right thing. A straight up hypocrite is what he is. Don’t be fooled. Look him up and see for yourself the long list of people he’s taken advantage of. We all had to learn the hard way.

Mike B. Morris

THE DIRTY ARMY: women beware! Michael Morris originally from Maryland grew up in Florida and is currently residing in Virginia. he is a convicted felon and has quite the extensive arrest record that you can check out on he lives at every turn he is the epitome of a sociopath.he dates women pee really for their money and to manipulate them he has a current girlfriend Amanda who he met before he even broke up with his X him he was living with. Poor Amanda the the nurse from Maryland really has no clue who she’s dating. All I heard out of Mike’s mouth about Amanda for the first 4 months was how much money she made and how he doesn’t know what to do with himself dating someone that makes so much money and is so willing to spend it on him without him even lying. Oh not to mention that he has a daughter down in Florida that he completely abandoned. He slams his baby mama and says that she’s a mess head and their daughter almost re Meth one time but where were you? You chose this meth head. After being a dead beat dad for over 2 years he is now paying child support but worked less during his review so he won’t have to pay as much. Wow…what a top notch dad. He constantly manipulate people into giving him money and will rip you off at a moment’s notice. He even purposely moved in with an elderly woman to persuade her to pay his over $3000 that to get his license the way when he abandoned his daughter even tell you he told his baby mama to bring her and her son she has with someone else up to Virginia and not bring anyone else. On her way he contacted her and she is a minute to having her sister with her and all because she simply had her sister with her he told her to f*** off turn back around it was over. Right then and there he abandoned his daughter because he didn’t get his exact way. the reason he didn’t want anyone else coming with her is because him and his buddy at the times stole a bunch of equipment from people they knew and former bosses to drive up to Virginia and work on cutting trees. I could write a book on this guy and point out all the little things that make him a sociopath but hopefully nobody will ever have to come across him now that this is posted. You can even Ask his quote unquote friends say he’s known all of his life they’ll tell you that he is our user and a loser.

Should be in San Fran by the looks of him.- nik

Brandee Nikole

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandee nikole parlett..aka. Nikki lynne…aka nikole parlette… Aka. Who gives. A fuck… On the dirty finally for. Abusing her kids.. Doing a numerous amount of drugs and sleeping with mariied, lowlife, and easy men.. Facts are she used to b a prostitute with her lil clique the east vanners… Tried to kidnap a guy by having his babies… 3 of em to b exact and he still left her dirty ass… Word onthe street is she gave some diseas and is still passing it on if u so much as kissed this bitch you might wanna get checked… The daughters a whore and so is her neice… Pimping the 2 off to strange men to pay the bills so she can gamble and run loose… That must say enough about the family considering the tricked brangee out at age 14… Guess trailer parks. Low scum and chump brillo smoker run threw the family… More dirt coming soon…

Those jacks would be nothing without her stomach.- nik

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