Side of Stopanski


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, If everyone doesn’t already know this is Anissa Stopanski Medicine hats Biggest whore. This chick will literally sleep with anyone, you want it call er up she’ll suck anyone’s dick for a dubble cheese and frys. She has two kids and had no idea who eaither of the daddy’s are her first one could be anyones from Jeremiah Foesier, Jesse Lines,Grimm, or a number of other guys and her second kids dad could be Chris Naumchucks or his dad’s Daniel Rand(who’s 42 and being charged for cild luring) she dosnt even take care of her kid her mom does because anissa isn’t mentality stable to. She’s so disgusting if your brave enough rap it twice and wash it after just in case. I banged this chick in a bush after she told me she was clean and ended up with the c”’!


NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Gone Into Hiding


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty little blondie is Laura May Forsyth, lately been hiding motel to motel the past few months after deleting all her social networking after getting a little buggered from her ways of stealing peoples money, talking mad sh’t about others and not to mention her little f-boi Karsten Jensen whos been feeding her loads of money even though theyll never get enough of life with there stealing and taking money from his mommies soar wallet. This chick has gone to extreme lengths with the rep shes got here in the hat and now I think its time someone take her out for a walk. What you think boys?

Aleigha Yasin One of Many


THE DIRTY AMY: Nik, another ex of aleigha yasin 1 of many. She don’t got huge tits lmao funny to see all her friends standing up for them but not her lol. She wears bras that are all super small but all padded as f’ so they push her tits up. That’s why u can never see her bras in her pics. She drinks and gets high on pepsi all day everyday, and it only takes her about 2 coolers to get drunk and before she’s easy as f’. Actually u don’t even gotta get her drunk or high she’s easy to begin with. Guess karma is finally getting u aleigha with all these funny ass posts lol that’s what you get for being a shitty person. Ur never gonna find a guy to stay with u cause u can’t stick to one guy and you jump from one to another to another within weeks so you have to live off mommy and daddy. You are a useless person with a shitty and fake personality, all she does is talk smack behind her friends backs and sleeps with their boyfriends too…. cheating skank lol what good have u ever done for anyone .. Do ur parents know how much u sleep around???

She’s got a hand-full of breakfast sausages…just saying.- nik

Aleigha Yasin Will Do Anything For A Gram


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik lets keep this going bro! Im another “ex” of infamous Aleigha Yasin, the girl who will do anything if you have drugs or booze. I was seeing her for a month cause she was easy as hell and ended up dumping her ass cause she got arrested and I didnt even know she was on probation lol!!! The first time I f’ed her I took her bra off and socks fell out, then she was flat as a board lol! As you can see from the pic shes nothing when it comes off! Word is that while I was seeing her she let four dudes run **** on her cause they had a big bag and she can never say no to that lol. The few times that we went out she spent half the night in the bathroom and the other half of the night sniffling. Aleigha switches from Lloydminster to Medicine Hat every other week cause she cant keep a stable place to live due to stinking them all up with that nasty p”y. Dont stick it in unless youre wrapped tight and you wash your greg good after! Ladies, stay away from her too cause she smack talks all of her “friends”! Nik keep putting this pepsi lover on blast so all Alberta dudes are warned!!

Up Skirt North


THE DIRTY ARMY Nik, meet April North, the slore of medicine hat, literally. She advertises herself, she will do anything to get a fix of either m’*h or c”k. She steals and scams from anyone she can. Even when she is proven to have stolen, she can’t tell the truth, she wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and punched her in the face. She’s even stolen from her own expecting daughter. She scams anyone, no matter what it is, if she sees something she wants she will do anything to get it, including stealing jewelry from a mother, that she received from her young children as a mother’s day gift. She also scams people for their money, just to get a fix. She loves going down to the Cecil with her friend Christina Wells, that’s her best business. She was busted giving a random guy a blow job in the men’s bathroom for money. Watch out for this one boys and girls, just looking at her could give you a disease.

Aleigha Yasin is the worlds bicycle


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see shes already on here. Shes my ex, have fun tryna find out who posted this aleigha, since you moved on from a guy to me, and from me to another guy. No one including herself knows how many guys this dirty bitch has dated, seen, slept with. Whatever. Do ur friends know u talk sh’t about them all the time behind their backs? No 1 sleep with her, shes nasty!! I got the cl** after I did… Go get checked u nasty b’tch, probably never have and you just lied ab it.. O and quit with the dumbass duck face it aint cute it makes you look even dumber than u actually are. Bar star, if it wasn’t for ur mom and dad feeding u from a silver platter and filling ur bank acct youd be living in the womans shelter.

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